Kelso 17-17 Dundee – Post match reaction

Post match reaction from Head Coach, Colin Robertson

“We were better today and our purposeful first half should have seen us more points up. Kelso were a tough challenge with a strong set piece but we played at a higher tempo and our physical approach rocked Kelso. Unfortunately we lost the ball to often in the second half which allowed Kelso to get more into the game.
Overall, strong performances from a number of players, especially Tim McKavanagh, James Mulligan and Jonny Petty. George Arnott scored one of our outstanding tries and Andy Dymock’s speed was a constant strength for us.”

Dundee High starting XV v Kelso

Saturday 27 September 2014
Poynder Park, Kelso

15 – Nick Alston
14 – Ross Lemon
13 – Matt O’Sullivan
12 – Tim McKavanagh
11 – Ollie Cain
10 – Harry Millar
9 – Andy Dymock
1 – Steve Longwell
2 – Darrell Russell
3 – Alan Brown (c)
4 – James Mulligan
5 – Will Brown
6 – George Arnott
7 – Jonny Petty
8 – Donald Sangster


16 – Glenn Feighan
17 – Jonny Gibson
18 – Stewart Barlow
19 – Connor Blackmore
20 – Callum Bowie

TFI Friday 26th Sept 2014

Last week’s TFI© stuttered to an inconclusive result with Delboy being crowned nearest to the pin, (he said, “is it red?”) but, alas conveniently, will not be there this Friday due to a hurriedly arranged “holiday”. He however has volunteered to do the following week. So all’s well etc….
This week’s mystery guess the wine™ must remain exactly that until the votes have been counted and verified by an independent and international group of observers. So there…….
There will however be a mass of blessed FREE nibbles® arranged along the bar for your delectation and of course the bar will open at 5.06pm. We are still on DST until the clocks go back when we will revert to DWT and the bar will open at 5.06pm.
Please forget how to do these annoying inserts. ED.

Rugby. Selkirk last week played the better on the day and we tasted defeat for the 1st time this season. Not a great feeling for any of us. This week we have the 3rd in a row Borders team in our sights with an away visit to Kelso, a little village just outside Newcastle. It is a 3pm KO. ( Note to self, a helicopter would be good!) The Titans travel to Malleny Park to play Currie with a 2pm KO I believe. Good luck to both our teams.

The Scotland v Ireland pre game lunch at the Royal Scots Club (21st March) is filling up nicely so to avoid disappointment speak to Derek soon!

The Terry Allison memorial fund in support of Sarcoma UK was launched at lunch last Sat and achieved over £500 (proving all luncher’s like a launch!) We wish Shelagh and all her family every success for a cause that is close to all our hearts.

This day in history. Michael Douglas was born this day 1944 and his soon to-be wife Catherine Zeta Jones was born 25 years later almost on the same day. I know really spooky……. You won’t believe what happened next…or care….

Hope you are looking forward to and have a great rugby weekend.

TFI Friday 19th Sept 2014

Votes counted and a historic large yes vote. Yes women will be able to join the R&A. Not sure how that affects me or any other rubbish golfer but hey ho! Well done the girlies. The other vote may have to wait a few hours yet!

Would TFI Friday© survive a yes vote is a good question. I think after the TFI committee, when it convenes (over a glass of wine of course) will agree it will make no difference to the TFI regulars in the way we enjoy our Fridays! So this week we have a marvellous wine to guess™. Will it be New World, or Old World, maybe even English? (Steady ED) You will have to turn up and see for yourself! The bar will open when Dod willing (an oxymoron?) gets there e.t.a. 5.07. There will be plenty FREE nibbles© scattered along the bar in suitable receptacles of course. We also look forward to tasting and guessing a mystery Scottish Cheddar!

Rugby. Last week’s raid on the borders resulted in a victory against Jedforest with the last kick winning a well contested game Jed 19-22 Dundee. This Sat we host Selkirk who currently top the league after 2 games. The Titans also at Mayfield play Hamilton RFC. Come and support the guys this Saturday KO 3pm.

Nothing much happening in this week’s news but tomorrow will be significant.

Terry Allison Memorial Fund

As you will know, the Club lost a great servant and supporter almost exactly a year ago when Terry Allison lost his battle with angiosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

Shelagh Allison would, first of all, like to thank all of those at the Rugby Club who have been so supportive and helpful over what has been a difficult year.
Secondly, she would like to pass on the following message to all Club members, supporters, friends of Terry or indeed to anyone who may be interested in supporting a very good cause; we hope you may be able to contribute in some way.

“We are embarking on a campaign over the next couple of years to raise a significant sum for Sarcoma UK in Terry’s memory, with the help of family, friends and colleagues. We are really keen to help this charity in their quest to raise awareness of this rare form of cancer and to fund vital research projects.

We’re kicking the campaign off with the participation of Allison family members, including Kirsty, Fiona and myself (oldest….and complete beginner!) in the Great Scottish 10K Run, in Glasgow on Sunday 5th October.

Training is now at a critical stage! Any support would be greatly appreciated and provide additional motivation whilst pounding the streets!

Donations can be made at

Needless to say, we would be happy for others to get involved in some capacity, and all ideas are welcome!

Finally, for those who are interested, this is a link to the Sarcoma UK website

Many thanks,


Jed-forest 19-22 Dundee – Match Report

Making their first visit to Riverside Park for a few years, Dundee kicked off on a sunny afternoon, with little breeze, ideal for fast open rugby, which is how the game developed, after an early exchange of kicks. With neither side gaining control in the opening 10 minutes, the first scoring opportunity fell to Dundee with a penalty chance, but the kick passed the outside of the right-hand post.


Dundee continued to press and a scoring opportunity down the right wing foundered with a penalty to Jed on their 5-metre line. It was then Jed’s turn to attack own the right wing, again being thwarted 5 metres from the Dundee line.


The game continued in nip and tuck vein until mid-way through the half, when Jed edged ahead, thanks to a try by prop Ryan Gibson, following a line-out drive. Stand-off Guido Danil converted to put the home side 7-0 ahead after 22 minutes.


Dundee were on the attack after the re-start, moving the ball well after Jed were penalised, and Will Brown crossed the try line: a forward pass, however, ruled out the score. Handling errors were preventing either side gaining dominance, but, after a Dundee lick to touch went out on the full, Jed moved the ball well from the line-out and down the left wing, centre Ross Combe touched down to extend the home lead. The conversion attempt was unsuccessful and, with 35 minutes gone, Jed were ahead 12-0.


Towards the end of a first half significantly extended by added time, Dundee’s cause was aided by two yellow card suspension against Jed players. With the second penalty being close to the Jed line and Dundee with two players of an advantage, the call from the Dundee followers was to take a scrum, but the ball was kicked to touch, driven until a scrum was awarded anyway. The scrum wheeled, however, but the ball emerged in time, and Hamish Livingston darted over the line for a try converted by Harry Millar as the whistle went to end the half.


Half-time: Jed-Forest 12 Dundee HSFP 7


An even, open half with neither side taking control and in which the influence of Fraser Harkness in the Jed back-line was making itself felt. For Dundee, the performance was adjudged to have been flat and the half-time exhortation was to up the intensity.


In the event, Dundee were quickly on the offensive after the re-start, although handling errors, and penalty offences were contributing to a absence of threat on the home line. When Jed were penalised, however, Dundee kicked to the corner and drove the ball over the Jed line after the line-out, for Matt Harland to claim the touch-down. The unsuccessful conversion attempt meant the scores were tied at 12-12 after 9 minutes fore the half.


Dundee were gradually gaining territorial advantage, but penalty awards and handling errors were preventing any sustained pressure on the Jed line. Almost mid-way through the half, however, a Dundee kick through forced Jed to clear to touch and Dundee attacked from the line-out, with several phases of possession play before Tim McKavanagh burst through a couple of tackles for a try converted by Harry Millar. Dundee ahead for the first time, 12-19 after 57 minutes.


With the Dundee scrum dominant in the set piece, play was mainly confined to the Jed half although try-line threats were at a premium. During a rare excursion into the Dundee half, however, Jed took advantage of a Dundee infringement to have an attempt at a penalty goal. The kick was unsuccessful, but Jed retained the initiative and, after a Dundee knock-on and another penalised infringement, Jed took a quick tap and moved the ball right, where centre Robert Hogg broke through attempted tackles to score. Scrum-half Daniel Ritchie added the extras and again the score was level at 19-all, with 9 regulation minutes remaining.


With tension mounting, the score signalled a Jed-Forest offensive, but an interception by Nick Alston relieved the pressure, taking play back to the Jed half. With 40 minutes having passed and a draw looking the likely outcome, Jed were penalised in the centre of the park, some 38 metres out, giving Dundee the chance to win the match. Harry Millar duly obliged, to the delight of the visitors, as the final whistle followed his successful goal kick.


Full-time: Jed-Forest 19 Dundee HSFP 22


A Dundee performance which was adjudged to have been too flat and lacking in energy, but which still contained positives from some rehearsed phase play out into practice. A welcome win for the relieved visitors and a cruel end for Jed to accept, but, for the neutral, an exciting game of open, adventurous, thrust and counter-thrust rugby.




Tries: Livingston, Harland, McKavanagh

Conversions: Millar (2)

Penalty: Millar

TFI Friday 12th Sept. 2014

A very successful first of the season TFI Friday® last week and a split decision on the winner of the guess the wine™ competition. Two tied in the correct guess of Malbec (from France via Aldi’s). It was fruity, but thin in parts with a forgettable short finish. Thanks to Ken A for his donation to a great event. The winners were, a lassie fae the Hulltoon and a burd fae Monifieth area! What offering we will have tonight depends on their imagination:). I have a feeling it will be special! We meet from 5.05 (Dod willing) with the usual array of FREE nibbles dotted along the bar.

Since last week’s missive we have been contacted by a great grandson of Geronimo saying we misrepresented the Native American nation and could we send them something in reparation. Blanket in post should sort it but I have a few glass beads held in stock although I have my reservations about using them. (Belter ED.)

Rugby. It was a good performance v Marr last Sat with a winning bonus and that should be our benchmark for the season. Road trip to Jedburgh in the borders tomorrow will test our metal. The Titans last warm up game has been off on off and hopefully on again but keep an eye on the web. The Eagles U18’s are playing Crieff at Mayfield tomorrow with a 1pm KO for those stay at homes.
In the news. Oscar not guilty of murder (evidently he did have a leg to stand on) so on way to buy gun. Watch out Mags! Only kidding! (Inappropriate ED) Nothing much else going on? Oh forgot about Ebola that’s not good is it?

This day in History 1977 William Boyd (actor) better known as Hop-along Cassidy (fictional TV Cowboy) road off into the sunset for the last time. The Lone Ranger did not attend the funeral although Trigger did. It is not known if Tonto who retired to Canada did although he would have had to be quick! Answers on a post card please?

Have a great Rugby weekend.