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Happy Christmas from Dundee High Rugby

Dundee High Rugby including of course the High Flying Dundee Eagles would like to wish all its members, players, supporters, sponsors, friends and volunteers a very happy Xmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. Please remember the Presidents New Year’s day party in the Clubhouse when you have an opportunity to first foot […]

Selkirk 22 – 21 Dundee High

Dundee frighten the life out of Selkirk in the Borders. Post match reaction from Head Coach , Colin Robertson “What a performance from the youngest team in the league. We were ahead with 3 minutes to go then Selkirk got a very debateable penalty and win by a point. A gutting defeat. We frighten the […]

Dundee lineup v Selkirk

Saturday 20 December 2014 Kick-off – 3pm | Bus leaves – 10:30am 15 – Nick Alston 14 – Ronan Joy 13 – Duncan Leese 12 – Tim McKavanagh 11 – Matt O’Sullivan 10 – Harry Millar 9 – Andy Dymock 1 – Neil Dymock 2 – Darrell Russell 3 – Alan Brown 4 – Ian […]

TFI Friday 19th Dec 2014

What a week that was! Are days passing more quickly than normal? Last week’s TFI Friday© was inconclusive with the nearest guess the wine® just about getting the colour correct. This is not good enough and I would plea for those participating to try harder. There will be wine and cheese Merlot and Cheddar this […]

Dundee lineup v Jedforest

Saturday 13 December 2014 Kick-off 2pm – St. Andrews 15 – Nick Alston 14 – Ronan Joy 13 – Duncan Lease 12 – Tim McKavanagh 11 – Mat O’Sullivan 10 – Harry Millar 9 – Andy Dymock 1 – Stevie Longwell 2 – Darrell Russell 3 – Alan Brown (c) 4 – Mat Harland 5 […]

TFI Friday 12th Dec 2014

Last week’s TFI Tenerife™ did have FREE nibbles® but were restricted to olives and tapas on the beach at Costa Adeje next to the Palace. The wine was correctly guessed by a Senor Toshito but as he had chosen the wine he was banned from winning the prize. It was a pretentious white a bit […]

Club Ties

Dundee High Rugby Club Ties are now available for £10 each. These can be purchased from the Mayfield Clubhouse – Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm Saturday (when there is a match being played)

Mayfield Lotto winners – November 2014

1st prize – £100 – M Petrie 2nd prize – £50 – D Ogilvie 3rd prize – £30 – I C Taylor The Mayfield Lotto makes it easy and fun to support your local Rugby Club. Subscription costs from just £5 per month and all proceeds are used to support YOUR club – Dundee High […]

Dicko back in Dundee

Alisdair Dickinson, the Scotland prop will be back at Dundee to work with the squad in his second visit to support the squad. The session on Tuesday 9th December will focus on defence and some specific attack work. The session starts at 6.30pm with all local coaches from local club welcome to attend. Head Coach […]

Marr 3-11 Dundee High

Post match reaction from Head Coach, Colin Robertson “Winning back to back games away from home in the West is a big step for us. In terrible conditions we played very well against the elements in the first half, creating a lot. Second half we showed our character and the only little frustration was not […]