All Dogs go to Heaven

The new season is ushering in some change. Much has been said regarding the outgoing president and changes on committee, however some reflection on the playing side is also needed at this juncture.

A ship is only as good as it’s captain, and a list of great captains (Captain America, Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Morgan) now surely has to add Alan Brown to the list.

AlanBrown Outbound Skip Alan BrownCaptain jack Another great

After a period of transition for the club and many players retiring or moving on, some stability was needed to lead a young group of emerging players. Alan Brown stepped forward as captain and has lead the team back to a position to challenge for promotion back to Premier 1.

It is no surprise that Alan has made a success in his role of captain in a long spanning career which has seen him change positions from number 8 to tight head prop.

gc_10 Broonie, in his no.8 days, links up with back row colleage Geo Ommen

A word from incoming club President Gerry Tosh:

“Alan Brown aka dog and several other names, has served the club well over many years and the last 3 as captain. In the few years I worked with Broonie I have been impressed by his undoubted commitment but also his analysis of rugby. He is a top bloke and for his stint as captain we owe him a debt of gratitude. Alan will continue to play a huge part on the field and off it.  Meant to add this. One of my most memorable moments with Alan was when I went Bath to see him being capped for the Baa Baas v combined services. A very proud moment for Alan his family and for the club.Thanks Alan.”

Broonie BaaBaas Broonie on BaaBaas Duty

Another Club member wished to ask what alot of people are thinking, will Alan continue to play next year. The answer was an emphatic yes.

In the words of Jim Scott “Jolly Good”

It is less sure, however, what will happen with the players Dog Tax, hopefully this will be cleared up in the near future.

I’m sure all associated with Dundee Rugby would like to thank Alan for some wonderful memories of him as Captain, and wish him well in his role as a senior player for another year. Well done Captain fantastic.


New Presidents Message


Attention all members, sponsors, fellow volunteers, players and friends of Dundee High Rugby!

Having taken hold of the reigns after Fraser Clarksons great year as president I would like to encourage wider support for helping around the club! We are in great shape with a ten man committee bursting to make a difference! If you can spare an hour or two most weeks then please get in touch with your favourite committee contact or if you don’t have a favourite then please use me. We will have the best coaching team in Scotland this season coming and much more support for the Titans! It’s a great time to be a volunteer. Come and join us.

Gerry Tosh


AGM Round Up, A New Pres!

This years AGM was memorable for mayny reasons, firstly this report is being posted at 10pm, which means the discussions/arguments are not still ongoing.

Finished off in record time, it was a very positive general meeting which showed the club in rude health in all fronts, especially financially.

Great credit was given to the club committee,in particular, out going club president Fraser Clarkson.

To say the finances of the club have been turned around is an understatement, and accounts are available to all club members from Club Secretary Robin Lunn.

This was due to a number of very successful fund raising events, where the organisers in chief have been given recognition.

Head Coach Colin Sangster outlined his report of the season and noted positives and his plans to improve for the next season. Paramount to this was improving the Titans and becoming a two team club. It appears the money is also where his mouth is, with recruitment already underway and the back room staff for the titans in place with a team manager, forwards and backs coaches selected.

The main event of the night was the appointment of office bearers for season 16/17. So out with the old and in with the new, sort of……

Club President


Gerry Tosh, Back to the future for the club stalwart, big boots to fill, following on from Clarkson


Vice pres


image Sandy Mac, back in the Fray






The man that puts the Sec in Secretary


Teasurer – after an emphatic year Matt Scott keeps the reins.

Rugby Convenor


With more terms than Sep Blatter, Ken Andrew continues as Rugby convenor.

Eagles convenor – Iain Landsburgh

General Committee

Retiring President Fraser Clarkson

Del Boy, the fox back in the hen house to stir things up?


Derek Lawson

Gavin ” Wee Al’s Apprentice” Robertson

Dougie Gray

Minutes of the rest of the Meeting will be published, but the overall feeling of this year was positive, and if the new committee do half as well as the old it’sgoing to be one hell of a year.

On the playing Side, two new appointments for the comming season

1st XV Captain

AndyDymock Andy Dymock will lead the 1st XV


2nd XV Captain

OwenDyerOwen Dyer (Captain Crogger) Titan’s Skip

Following on from a successful Club AGM was the ever entertaining AU AGM.

After some accounts, the vote was on to replace the outgoing Marc Trusswell as AU president. No replacment has been found, but a thanks to Marc for his efforts throughout the year! The search goes on for his replacement.

AU President and Sec for next year will be Derek Lawson & Gav Garden.


A special mention has to go to Harry Nicol’s comment of the night ” I don’t like Belhaven Best”, thanks for that Harry.


Unfortunately the Beez for Pres movement fell short, there is always next year Beez! #BFP


We Love Volunteers

It may come as a surprise to some that Dundee High Rugby is not a professionally run  outfit. That is to say that it is run very professionally, but no one is being paid for this, we rely entirely on volunteers!

Everything from the fixtures, coaching, accounting, bar and playing is done by our volunteers in their spare time. We believe that we are one of, if not the most, welcoming club in Scotland and we hope that our members and visiting teams enjoy the “Mayfield experience”.

If you think you would like to join our group of volunteers in running our great club, why not come along to our AGM and offer your services. No matter what you think you can help with, you will be welcomed with open arms! (Look at Wee Al, only kidding…..)

wee al Wee Al (Middle)

The AGM is this Thursday 26th May 2016 1900hrs.

More on the Election front:

BFP Beez on Right

BFP has released a surprising manifesto, which is very left wing…..

The race to club treasurer:

_DSC5041 Danny Lev  crime Crime

Two candidates have been mentioned due to their fiscally conservative nature. Although both lack experience at this level (and it is hard to take these suggestions seriously) Henry “Crime” Sampson and Danny Levison have been mentioned in dispatches. Lets see what happens next……..

It’s Rabbit Season….. Sorry Wedding/Voting Season


It’s that time of year when young lovers tie the not, and Dundee Rugby is no exception.

LevisonsDaniel & Georgie RussellsDarrel & Dale


Over the next couple of weeks, club stalwarts Danny Levison and partner Georgie Castro will make it official as will fan favourite Darrel Russell and Dale Bulloch.

Knowing these two characters both events should be very lively and hugely enjoyable.

All the best to Georgie and Dale for choosing a Dundee Rugby player as a spouse, it is a popular choice.

Here are some well known Rugby Club Wags who wished to remain anonomous:

“ My life has totally changed, what have I done!”

“Your inviting me to the rugby club this Saturday, again, how lovely”

“Of course you can invite your team mates round for an aperitif after the game”


In other news, in the lead up to the AGM a surprising candidate has emerged for President.

650b178d9b6d056ee17ed1ae315ffb43 BFP

Canvasing has been disastrous  so far, with a Friday night hustings ending poorly. However the story BFP (Beez for Pres) is said to be gathering some momentum amongst the younger faction of the club.

More on this story as it unfolds.

AGM & Club Photo Reminder

NReminder that the Club AGM takes place this Thursday, Mayfield at 19:00hrs. This will be happening immediately after the team photographs for the 1st XV and Titans (18:30hrs).



At times like these, we should remember the 7 pees, proper prior preparation, prevents p*** poor performance. Lets get a good attendance, to both, to start the preparation in Ernest for season 2016/17.  Why not share the event on FB or state your attendance? Go on you know you want to…….


See you all there.

Summer Graft……happened so fast

The hard work has begun.  Only a few weeks have passed since the last 7’s tournament for the team and the preperation for season 2016/17 has got underway.


image S&C fitness testing Mon 16th May

The players are firming up those beach bodies with Strength and conditioning taking place at the infamous “bear pit” every Monday and Wednesday 6pm – 7.30pm. Those that missed out on the first round of testing can get involved this Wednesday 18th May 2016.

The “Fat Club” is also rumoured for a return, however one player and former captain has taken the wrong meaning from this and was engaged in the wrong kind of training…….




With this kind of preperation and a healthy protein diet, the lads will be looking in great shape for the new season. Even after a fairly hefty stag experience in the nations capital.




Stork arrives with new club member

The stork stopped in Invergowrie today, with the arrival of Ruan Brady. John Brady is happy to welcome Ruan into his family and report both mum and baby boy are doing well.

We hope to see Ruan down at Mayfield soon, and hopefully pull on the red and blue, some day like his old man.

Too early to confirm if the family trait of firey red hair has been hereditary or not. Good luck wee man….

Well done the Brady’s and congratulations from everyone at Dundee Rugby.

AGM Thursday 26 May 2015 at 7.00 pm

This year’s AGM is to be on Thursday 26 May 2015 at 7.00 pm. Please make every effort to attend and make sure you are part of the discussions and decisions that are made regarding the future of the Club.

As is now customary, the Athletic Union AGM will be held immediately afterwards.

Agenda for Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday 21 May 2016 at 7.00 pm at Mayfield

1. Apologies
2. Minutes of 2015 AGM and Matters Arising. (copies available on request – see below)*
3. President’s Report
4. Captain’s Report
5. Treasurer’s Report
6. Subscriptions for 2016-2017:


Season Ticket Member £150

Full Member £120
Playing Member £90
Student and U-21 member £55
Affiliate Member £65
Lady Member/Spouse £35

7. Honorary Life Memberships and Honorary Vice-Presidents
8. Election of Office Bearers & Post Holders (currently):

President – Fraser Clarkson


Vice President – Gerry TOSH as of January 2016



Secretary – Robin Lunn
Treasurer – Matt Scott
Rugby Convener – Dougie Gray
Junior Section Convener – Iain Landsburgh
Committee Member – Ron McHoul
Committee Member –

Committee Member – Mark Trusswell

Post Holders

Club Captain – Alan Brown

Club Vice-Captain –
2nd XV Captain –

9. Appointment of Hon Auditor
10. Other Competent Business
11. Open Discussion

* Copies of 2015 AGM minutes available from Robin Lunn email: