Please sir, can I have some more?



Free Juice in the Clubbie after every training session! Not snoop dogs gin and juice, but the Wolf’s juice.

wolf cooking

As well as this the wolf will offer up a bowl of pasta for £1 every Thursday, with his own homemade “special sauce”. Ideal for free loading students and those of you who can’t cook, and if you hang around long enough you will get seconds.

It’s a such a good deal even Henry Sampson is keen to pay a pound, so you know it’s good value!

So players get yourself along to enjoy the free juice and £1 pasta.

It’s a great chance to socialise after training and you can sip away and discuss the weekends action or RoJo’s strange jumping action.

TFI Friday 2nd Sept 2016

TFI Friday 2nd Sept 2016

An excellent turnout last Friday for TFI Friday© with two Canadians a load o’ locals a plethora of players and a “burd fae” Argentina! There was a bit of a stooshie over the eventual winner of the “Guess the wine competition™” but Neebs of budgie smuggling  and dodgy moustache fame begrudgingly accepted the prize and the plaudits as this week’s champion.

Rab Pullar (Right) Unlucky to miss out having correctly named both the wine and the cheese

Rab Pullar (why do they call you that??) your time will come again! All puns intended! The wine was from Puglia Italy and the cheese a mature Gouda (Holland) and a nutty Compte from France despite the Burkini ban. There was also a 20 year old  Grand Cru St-Estephe to be tasted which was very drinkable! What surprise of a vinicultural variety will there be this week? Come along and see! All contributions gratefully accepted. TFI Friday™ is an institution like the Bank of England, the UN or Stovies. You can’t ban an institution!

The best nibble on offer, best described by a TFIer as "Scottish Poppadoms"
The best nibble on offer, best described by a TFIer
as “Scottish Poppadoms”

This week the FREE nibbles® will be just as good or even better and scattered about the bar in gay abandon. (“scattered ad hoc” for the benefit of Neebs!) The new opening time of 5.31pmproved very popular and will be repeated this week again.

There is a FREE for all cleaning group this Sunday at 1pm at the Clubhouse and you are very welcome to mop, brush, hoover and wipe with fellow vols! Auntie Lynda is in charge!

Rugby. Last Sat Cup game at RHC Cougars 12-71 Dundee High Rugby shows we are in a good place on the playing side with about 8 or so players still to come back from injury or holiday. This week the Club takes the road to Hamilton for our first league game. All support will be appreciated by the players. KO is 3pm. The Titans travel to Aberdeenshire for their first outing. All the best to all our players and coaches.

Events. Sportsman’s dinner is 14th Sept. Ladies Lunch is 15th Oct. The famed Xmas lunch is 10th Dec on the day Hamilton visit. Get booking through your favourite channels.

Jack The Reavley, oops Ripper
Jack The Reavley, oops Ripper

This week in history. Jack the Ripper claimed his first victim in 1888 just 8 years after the rugby club was inaugurated.  The game that day was poorly attended and a regular player was missing! No names of course but a local Bobby was seen in Nesbitt St asking questions! Just sayin’! This day in 1939 Britain and France declare war on Germany. France was quite keen on us in these days before Brexit, Calais and Burkinis!


In 1886 the last American Indian surrendered after only 6 years of the rugby club. Geronimo a promising open side never played again for us said then President JC Scott, “he was a real loss to my game”. Adding his sub remains unpaid from that season. Matt still has this as an agenda item!

Hope you have a great rugby weekend.

Titan Focus: New Leadership

With the Titan’s season about to start in earnest, we had a sit down with the new forward’s coach to find out more about him and all things Titans.

clint 1
Coach Clinton

Name: Clinton Davie
Born: 29/7/1977
Place of Birth: Port Elizabeth, SA

Favourite Food: Cheeseburger

Favourite Song: Eye of the Tiger

Perfect First Date: Cameron Diaz

Clinton arrived with family, Caren, Eric & Travis,  fresh from Port Elizabeth, South Africa in December 2008. Not one for messing about Clinton was enrolled in the club, and his boys in the Eagles by February 2009.

NMMU Badge
Nelson Madela Metropolitan University Badge

But it has been a while since Clint had played, going back to his University days at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. So why Dundee HSFP?:

CD “We approached a few clubs after our arrival, and Dundee really were the most welcoming. A lot of other clubs grumbled a bit, whereas Dundee were like, yeah come on down!”

Clint for the Titans
Clint for the Titans

From then on, Clint could be seen pulling on the crown for the Titan’s week in week out. Establishing himself in the team and going onto a nomination for Titan of the year, at last year’s end of season ball.

Clint balances his family life, with work in Credit management,  as well as coaching the Eagles and has now come on board to help Head Coach Doglas Gray, as Titan’s forward’s coach.

Why coach the Titans?:

CD “The Titan’s is a great breeding ground for young players. I’m all about player development and am looking forward to bringing some youngsters through to take the club forward”

What has been your favourite Titan’s memory?:


CD”Definitely pulling on the jersey with my brother” 

Who are your favourite Dundee Players, Past, Present & Future:

David Leslie

Past – David Leslie

Present – Andy Dymock

Future – Sean Gauld

Favourite Club Night & Why?:

Clint & Caren at the End of Season Ball

CD ” The End of Season Ball, a great night with all club members getting involved, having a good drink and celebrating our club. Wives, Girlfriends, supporters and committee, not just a mess about with the boys.”

What are your ambitions for the Titan’s season ahead?:

CD ” To get the Titans back to a formidable force, with all players working hard to challenge for a 1’s position. “

So if you haven’t played in a while, or are new to the area or are out of the Eagles or other Junior rugby clubs in the area, why not follow Clint’s lead. Join the Titan’s and see what happens…….

Contact: or phone 07778805626

Your Rugby Club needs you!




Your Rugby Club needs you!

If you are fit enough to work a sponge or squeeze a mop or hoover a carpet then

YOUR Club needs you for 1 hour 53 mins. If you are not fit enough to take part then come along anyway and lend your support. You could always mak a cup o’ tea for the rest! Bring your own rubbers (gloves!) and be prepared for action!


(Toshy junior is always ready for action when the snap of a marigold enveloping a wrist can be heard)


The Clubhouse deserves a Summer clean as it missed the Spring one. Remember it is YOUR Clubhouse!

Homer & Lynda

The one down side is you have to endure what Neebs does…..which is…do what Auntie (the boss) Lynda says!

When: Sunday 4th September

Time: 1pm


Remember be on time…. the last to arrive gets the lavvy brush and Hamilton are serving Lamb Bhuna next week.

PLAYERS remember you had a part in the sullying so be part of the cleaning. Other categories of membership are also welcome. Auntie knows best so,
Contact Auntie by email or text to 07764448560.

Match Report, RHC Cougars v Dundee, BT National Cup Round 1, 27th August 16

RHC Cougars v Dundee HSFP

BT National Cup Round 1

27 August 2016


Making a first appearance at Union Park for several years, there was a new look to the Dundee squad which contained a number of players making their competitive debuts on a day of benign weather conditions.

 Cougars kicked off, with Dundee playing up the slope, and it was the visitors who showed first. After an exchange of penalties, a good run by Dayle Turner would have led to a try by Blair Cochrane had Dayle not put a foot in touch. After a second penalty against Dundee, Cougars tried to run the ball out of defence, but were themselves penalised and Dundee kicked to the corner. The line-out ball was driven over, but held up for a Dundee scrum. With the Dundee scrum appearing under a bit of pressure, a re-scrum was ordered and Dundee lost the ball.

 After 12 minutes, however, another Dundee kick to touch after a Cougars’ penalty did produce a positive line-out drive, resulting in a try for Dayle, converted by Ewan Fox and Dundee were in the lead, 0-7.


A period of scrappy play followed, with Cougars making their first foray into Dundee territory after some 15 minutes of play. A loose ball was kicked through five minutes later and pounced on for an unconverted home try, with 20 minutes on the clock. 5-7.


Dundee resumed the attack at pace, but it was another 8 minutes before the score changed. Another penalty was kicked to touch and another line-out drive led to a second try by Dayle, again converted by Ewan Fox. 5-14 after 28 minutes.


Dundee continued to press, but failed to find scoring opportunities. Another line-out drive gave Scott Doig a chance, but there was an inconclusive outcome. Further Dundee drives led to a yellow card for a Cougars’ player and a Dundee scrum in front of the posts, five metres out. Although being pushed backwards, Ryan Milne picked the ball from No 8 and drove over, leaving Foxy a simple conversion, just on half-time.


Half-time: RHC Cougars 5 Dundee HSFP 21

 Played almost entirely in the Cougars half, this was a scrappy spell, with Dundee struggling to find good shape and penetration, although well in control.

 The second half began with some sustained pace and pressure by Dundee and, after 4 minutes, Blair burst through from the 22 to score under the posts. An attempted drop goal conversion by Foxy was blocked, leaving the score at 5-26.

 Dundee continued to exert pressure and, after a quickly taken penalty, Dayle touched down for his hat-trick of tries, this time converted by Foxy. 49 minutes played and 5-33.

 Dundee were moving the ball well, although not entirely securely, but it took only another two minutes before another score, this time by Blair again, and again Foxy converted. 51 minutes on the clock and 5 – 40.

 Dundee were building momentum, but were halted by a penalty to Cougars who moved the ball well, passing it out left, where a three-man overlap led to a try by their stand-off, converted by the scrum-half. 57 minutes and 12-40.

 Dundee resumed on the offensive and, with orthodox possession and driving, a try for Darrel Russell followed, Foxy again adding the extras: 12-47 after 60 minutes.

 Two minutes later, after Dundee had run back the kick-off with pace, a great break by Foxy led to a try by Ice, converted by Foxy, and Dundee were 12-54 ahead.

 Cougars failed to secure possession from the re-start and the ball was kicked through, but Dundee were penalised. Cougars lost possession and the ball was flipped to Blair, who burst through from 50 metres out, to score under the posts, for his own hat-trick. This time, Struan Robertson did the needful with the conversion. 65 minutes played and 12 – 61.


A slightly scrappy spell followed, with penalties robbing Dundee of momentum, until a Cougars line-out ball was taken by Dundee and, after some good handling by the team, James Buchanan burst over for the touch-down. Struan’s conversion attempt was unsuccessful, making the score 12 -66 after 76 minutes

 Dundee were immediately on the attack from the kick-off and a good break by Kevin Franco led to the ball being passed right to find Blair moving at pace down the wing to score a fourth try. Fraser McKay’s conversion attempt was just wide and with 2 minutes remaining, the score was 12 – 71.

 Dundee were again on the attack after the kick-off, but were unable to add to the score.

 Full-time: RHC Cougars 12 Dundee 71

 More or less one-way traffic in the second half, in which Dundee showed greater intensity and commitment than in the first period.

The Albatross rounded off a fine afternoon


The success did not end there, however, with Dundee triumphing in the Man-of-the Match celebration. Those chosen had to down a half pint and sprint, topless, from the clubhouse, down the pitch, round the posts at the bottom end, and back, before drinking a second half-pint, against the clock. Chosen substitute Blair blew away his Cougars’ challenger, with a record-setting performance rounding off a satisfactory visit.


Dundee scorers:

Tries: Blair Cochrane (4), Dayle Turner (3), Ryan Milne, Darrel Russell, Ice, James Buchanan

Conversions: Ewan Fox (7) Struan Robertson

 Back Seat Warriors

Dundee Man of the Match: Chris Cummings (Left), Chris also made his long overdue return to the back seat of the bus. Go you back seat warrior. 

Up for the Cup

Up for the Cup



The announcement of the fist squad of the season is always an interesting annual occurrence. After a hard pre-season and several fixtures the players find out if they are in or out. This brings a mixture of emotions, some players happy and some, naturally, are disappointed.

But what a way to kick off the campaign, with a BT Cup match against RHC Cougars, and with some big players not included this weekend, performances are needed for the incumbents of the jersey, to ensure they keep hold of them for next week.

That should be motivation enough, but for those new to the club, it is worth looking back over our rich history in the competition to focus the mind.

Dundee have reached two cup finals, and one shield final, between 2003 & 2005. Having won the shield comp in 2003, we went on to become runners up the following two years.



All of those cup runs sparked memorable moments, but the semi final against Hawick at Mayfield in 2004 was a cracker. Davie Mason, Dundee’s answer to Maverick from Top Gun, drove over for the winning try and saluted the glass house in a “fly by style” he was accustomed too. Dundee where led tremendously that day by Colin “look at me now” Whittaker.

Colin was seen skulking about Mayfield last week, with the spark in his eye that suggests a comeback. One more season CoCo, you know you want to? Ryan says he’ll be dead nice if you come back out to play.


Follow the links for match reports of those famous days, see if you can spot some old favourites in there like the morocco mole, clyde and the dancing bear.


cupfinal_2004 (1)satchcupfinal_2004


1st XV to Face RHC, Saturday 27th August 2016, Union Park, 3pm


After a fine win against Aberdeenshire last week, Dundee name their squad for the first competitive game of the season, in the BT Cup.  Please note that this game takes place at Union Park, Corstorphine not Union Park!

Team to play RHC on Saturday:

15. Blair Cochrane
14. Matacagi Ice
13. Callum Bowie
12. Stuart Barlow
11. Fraser Mckay
10. Ewan Fox
9. Henry Sampson

8. Ryan Milne
7. Dayle Turner
6. Kevin Franco
5. Chris Cumming
4. Ian Robertson
3. Lewis Mclean
2. Darrel Russell
1. Scott Doig


16. Scott Strachan
17. Brenton Bekker
18. James Buchanan
19. Struan Robertson
20. Ronan Joy

Meet at Mayfield at 11.50am for those traveling on the bus.

TFI Friday 26th Aug 2016

TFI Friday 26th Aug 2016

Welcome to another season of fun and games! Yes our game is Rugby and you are getting this message because

A. your spam filter isn’t on the highest setting or


B. you are a supporter of Dundee High Rugby and that’s a good thing!

Players in Great “Nick” Better than Big Brother’s Nasty Nick or Nick “The Beard” Grant

The players have played 3 pre-season games and are in the best “nick” they have ever been due to the extensive strength and conditioning program over the last 8 weeks or so. Some new faces, some old and some returning stars of the past carving out a new tomorrow. Not sure what that means but it is very good.

Captain Andy Dymock

On the playing front, the guys (Captained by Andy the 3rd Dymock to captain the club) are looking forward to entertaining you throughout the season. All they need for success is a little support. That’s where we come in. It is also great to see head coach and top bloke Colin Sangster back to full health.

TFI Friday is a way you can support the Club in a modest way while enjoying a short time in the Clubhouse on the way home on a Friday night. Talking or blethering as we have experienced in the past is not compulsory but many find it is the best self-defence tactic. Entrance is FREE and always there is a guess the wine© to taste and a tie breaker of a modest cheese to guess. The price for this compulsory test of your taste buds is held at only  £1 for the 10th consecutive year.

A true bargain! Also FREE are the FREE nibbles scattered along the bar in an apparently haphazard but interesting way. The bar opens at the new time of 5.31 dod willing although Dod may be on our side of the bar now!

El Beavros (Latin name for the Beaver)
El Beavros

Speaking of personalities we have engaged the services of Canadian and former member Jon Grant (aka Beaver) to open TFI for season 16/17. It might be great to see water expert Beaver again!



Sat 27th Aug the Club travel to play Royal High Corstorphine Cougars for the first round of the Cup. It’s a 3pm KO. The first league game is 3rd Sept away to Hamilton and the 1st home game is against Selkirk on the 10th. There are still spaces for this and Ron McHoul the best to book with but Derek Lawson or me are almost as efficient. A special price for the first two home games is available.

Volunteers are always welcome so contact any committee person to start the process. The prestigious Gold Club is also recruiting new members and there are many benefits while supporting the Club. Go to,


Our Lotto is still the best way to win a fortune for a very modest amount if you have a standing order why not buy another ticket? You have to be innit to win it innit!

Sportsman’s dinner at the Invercarse Hotel is the 14th Sept. Book now via any committee person.

Ladies Lunch is 15th Oct with the usual refinements! Mags VD Esch or Lynda McKay for info.

Raffles are a great way to support the Club and if you are approached to buy a strip please support this fully. Raffle items. If you have a bottle of something in your cupboard that is surplus to your requirements please just hand it in to any committee member. NB. No Liebfraumilch. Any Bacardi has to be delivered directly to 415 King St B/Ferry!

Krakatou East of Java

This day in 1883 three years after the Rugby Club was established Krakatou East of Java exploded and delayed the game v Selkirk RFC. My bestie, John Rutherford was playing his first game. You can ask him about it on the 10th Sept. Still looking no too bad…for a Jap!

Hope you have a great season shouting encouragement from the side lines (no you Harry!) and get a bit more involved supporting the Club. Have a GREAT rugby weekend.




1st XV to Face Aberdeenshire, Saturday 20th August 2016, Mayfield

And we’re off. The first home game of this season and the last pre-season test before competitive rugby gets underway. After a good outing last week in Morpeth, some players have been rewarded with a place in this week’s starting XV. Kick Off is 3pm, with all players meeting at 1.30pm.


The Squad to play Aberdeenshire is as follows:

15 Fraser McKay
14 Christie O’Donnell
13 Blair Cochrane
12 Stuart Barlow
11 Matacagi Ice
10 Josh Rutnagur
9 Andy Dymock
8 Brenton Bekker
7 Hamish Livingston
6 Dayle Turner
5 Chris Cumming
4 Ian Robertson
3 Neil Dymock
2 Darrel Russell
1 Scott Doig


16 Scott Stracan
17 John Brady
18 Ryan Milne
19 James Buchanan
20 Kevin Franco
21 Ewan Campbell
22 Danny McGinn
23 Ronan Joy