Monthly Archives: August 2016

Please sir, can I have some more?

  Free Juice in the Clubbie after every training session! Not snoop dogs gin and juice, but the Wolf’s juice. As well as this the wolf will offer up a bowl of pasta for £1 every Thursday, with his own homemade “special sauce”. Ideal for free loading students and those of you who can’t cook, and if […]

TFI Friday 2nd Sept 2016

TFI Friday 2nd Sept 2016 An excellent turnout last Friday for TFI Friday© with two Canadians a load o’ locals a plethora of players and a “burd fae” Argentina! There was a bit of a stooshie over the eventual winner of the “Guess the wine competition™” but Neebs of budgie smuggling  and dodgy moustache fame begrudgingly […]

Titan Focus: New Leadership

With the Titan’s season about to start in earnest, we had a sit down with the new forward’s coach to find out more about him and all things Titans. Name: Clinton Davie Born: 29/7/1977 Place of Birth: Port Elizabeth, SA Favourite Food: Cheeseburger Favourite Song: Eye of the Tiger Perfect First Date: Cameron Diaz Clinton […]

Your Rugby Club needs you!

    Your Rugby Club needs you! If you are fit enough to work a sponge or squeeze a mop or hoover a carpet then YOUR Club needs you for 1 hour 53 mins. If you are not fit enough to take part then come along anyway and lend your support. You could always mak […]

High School of Dundee v Portora

More Rugby tomorrow Mon 29th at Mayfield when the High School of Dundee play host to Portora School from Enniskillen in NI. KO is 4.30. Come along and support these great young rugby players.   Ally Keys former Captain of Dundee HSFP has two sons playing in this game for Portora. It will be great […]

Up for the Cup

Up for the Cup   The announcement of the fist squad of the season is always an interesting annual occurrence. After a hard pre-season and several fixtures the players find out if they are in or out. This brings a mixture of emotions, some players happy and some, naturally, are disappointed. But what a way […]

TFI Friday 26th Aug 2016

TFI Friday 26th Aug 2016 Welcome to another season of fun and games! Yes our game is Rugby and you are getting this message because A. your spam filter isn’t on the highest setting or B. you are a supporter of Dundee High Rugby and that’s a good thing! The players have played 3 pre-season […]