Fairwell to the Constant Gardener

 It’s not easy being Beezy.  A big character on and off the pitch Baz Al Ghoul has had a roller coaster ride in his senior rugby career at Dundee.

It all started in 2008 with a flush and is set to end in 2016 with no flush. But what about in between?

Stuart Barlow came into the club straight out of the High School of Dundee, as a streamlined inside centre. After a tour in Belfast, he quickly established himself as a team player, obliging to flush after each senior player when requested.
Baz in DHS colours
He then forced his way into Ian Rankin’s first team plans and featured for the 1st XV before the end of the season.
It wasn’t long before the human thumb was selected for one of the many rep sides in his career (on the wing no less) The Dundee Select and their tour to Washington D.C.
Reports back from stateside noted that Stuart represented his club, town and country exceptionally well on tour.
Mowing the grass
Off the field, Big Bad Baz moved out of a brief foray into further education and settled as an apprentice gardener with Dundee City Council, rather apt considering he was a well known grass cutter prior to his appointment. It was during this period that Baz inexplicably doubled in muscle mass and mandible. Does any have his S&C programme?
What followed for Baz was a period in the wilderness. Unable to manage his new bulk in the midfield, “The Traumatiser” went for a positional shifts to the forwards.
It took some time for a positional shift to bear fruit, but unperturbed by early set backs the great man pushed on. Once settled in, Al Ghoul enjoyed more man of the match awards for the Titans than anyone else before or since. But with no return to the First XV, Beez took some sage advise and moved to a simpler form of the game RL.


RL Beez


This resulted in a meteoric rise to international recognition, not seen since Theo Walcotts inclusion in World Cup 2006. The selectors were impressed by his physique and off loading abilities dubbing Big Stu , “The Scottish Willie Mason”.
Further rep Rugby followed, this time in the shortened format of the game, and it yielded  silverware to the human thumb. The Crown 7’s triumphed across the country and Big Stu played an integral part on and off the pitch.
One of Beezes undoubted highlights off field at Mayfield included sharing the stand with Hansel and an aquatic mammal. This stemmed a fascination with all aquatic animals and in particular the television series River Monsters.
Baz & Burt
The 2016/16 Season was a new dawn for Barlow, and he forced his way back into the midfield at Dundee, with long term partner in crime Burt. Some crunching hits and first phase carries were the hallmark of a successful return. This has carried into 16/17 , which will be cut short all too soon.
Pablo EscoBaz and Wee Jase
Pablo EscoBaz departs to NZ with his partner Hazel, quote ” to hunt pigs, play code and hit the piss hard with wee Jase”. Dundee’s loss is NZ’s gain and we will all miss him immensely, except Hector who is happy he doesn’t have to fit anymore door hinges and finally gets 10kg of mince and bread off his shopping list.
Good Luck Baz and Hazel, all the best from everyone at Mayfield. Come say goodbye at this Saturday’s Halloween party.
Here’s a selection os some of Baz’s best moments.
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Titans Squad to face Edinburgh Accies, 29th Oct, Mayfield, 3pm KO


Titans Squad to face Edinburgh Accies, 29th Oct, Mayfield, 3pm KO is as follows:-

Forwards: Scott Strachan, Niall Hall, Lewis Mclean, Scott Doig, Struan Gartley, Cameron Mathieson, Andrew Clarkson, James Buchanan, Michael Owen, Clinton Davey

Backs: Henry Sampson, Andrew Burgess, Danny McGinn, Fraser Paterson, Noel Carrion Llorens, Ewan Campbell, Cameron Gray, Gordon Gray, Ceillem Stewart.

1st XV to face Edinburgh Accies, 29th Oct, Mayfield, 3pm KO


Team to play Edinburgh Accies at Mayfield, 15:00 KO

15. Christy O’Donnell
14. Isoa Matacagi
13. Callum Bowie
12. Fraser Mckay
11. Ronan Joy
10. Phil Godman
9. Andy Dymock
8. Ryan Milne
7. Dayle Turner
6. Kevin Franco
5. Chris Cumming
4. Neil Turnbull
3. Alan Brown
2. Darrel Russell
1. Jonny Gibson

16. John Brady
17. Neil Dymock
18. Jack Anderson
19. Yousif Alagilly
20. Kaleem Barreto

Meet at 1.30, earlier if strapping required
Usual attire pre and post match

Vinyl Night at Mayfield

Friday 11th November 2016, Mayfield, 7.30pm till late. £5 Entry
Girl put your record on, play me your favourite song! Corinne Bailey Rae might not make the cut, but you decide what does.
Come along to this club social with your two favourite vinyl records and get your favourite tracks played. (Bring LP’s or Singles and fot the young uns LP is an Album)
Please note that Justin Beiber or Cliff Richard LP’s will not be accepted on the evening and the management reserves the right to scratch some sick mixes over the top of anything they like.
The night costs £5 and includes some stovies and a glass of wine.
Soft drinks available for the non-drinkers.
Friday 11th November 2016, Mayfield, 7.30pm till late. £5 Entry

TFI Friday™ 28th Oct 2016

Last week’s TFI Friday® went with the usual efficiency but no winner of the famous “Guess the wine competition©.” So the provider this week is the wine expert of Clepington Rd wee All.

Wee Al providing the Wine

Allan we await with breath bated as the (English) bard alluded to. Nibbles FREE at the point of use will be situated along the bar which in itself will open at 5.32pm».


Rugby. Last week’s game at GHA will linger long in my memory no matter how much I try to forget it. Cruising in to half time with a 20 point to nil advantage it seemed a bit more of the same would suffice and then……uncontested scrums and the rest is history. This week’s game against Edin Accies at home will be a different game altogether as they are joint top of the league a bonus point behind Jed-Forrest RFC. A tough game in prospect. The Mighty Titans are also at home against the same Edin Accies.

Social stuff.

Scary Stuff
Scary Stuff

The annual players Halloween Party is this Saturday Night after the Edin Accies Fixture. Details on the club FB page, but it sure to be almost as scary as waking up next to Robin Lunn. Starts at 7.05pm till late.

A vinyl night is being organised and you are invited. It’s Friday 11th Nov and for a fiver you can eat as much as you can wrestle from your fellow revellers and listen to peoples favourite two vinyl records you will have brought with you. Wear something that says something about your records! Not compulsory but a bit of fun. Softish drinks for players and drivers at ridiculously advantageous prices.


This week in history. In 1881 only one year after the Rugby Club was formed there was a shootout at the OK Coral. The Earp brothers at Tombstone Arizona offered a square go to the Clanton- McLaury gang from Fintry. The fight went to uncontested scrums and the winners were the Earps ably assisted by Doc Halliday. In 1956 Israel invaded Egypt thus starting the Suez crisis .Israel have perfected the art of invasion since mostly on Palestine. Maybe Palestine should go to uncontested scrums?

We hope you have a great rugby weekend.

TFI Friday 21st Oct 2016

TFI Friday™ 21st Oct 2016

Well at last week’s TFI Friday™ we had a new first time winner for the guess the wine competition© a wine connoisseur from Clepington Rd and he will provide the wine for the 28th Oct as he is on another wine trip elsewhere this week. He also identified the nibble correctly as cheese. This man know his stuff no mistake. The bar opened successfully last time at 5.32pm» and that is the anticipated time for this week. There will also as usual be FREE nibbles® spread along the bar for your delectation. The bar will be a bit quieter than last Sat of course because the 328 ladies have all gone home! My ears still nip.


Rugby. Well that went well didn’t it? Two bonus point wins against Musselburgh was deserved reward for the efforts of all the players and coaches. Well done to you all. This week we take all our playing resources to Glasgow. No it’s not a punishment it’s to play GHA Rfc. Two more bonus point wins will do nicely thanks.


Social events. Halloween in the Club after the Edin Accies game will deffo gie you a fleg! The NEW Vinyl night is scheduled for Friday 11 Nov so keep that date in your diary. Idea is to bring your favourite 2 LP’s and spin those disks on the appliance provided. There will be other surprises but keep that date FREE in your diaries.


This week in history. In 1962 the Cuban missile crisis nearly led to a 3rd world war but was eventually sorted out with a fine cigar and a brandy. Maybe we could do the same in other hot spots.

Trump and Clinton continue to grab the headlines in America as 3 more women come forward to complain they had not been molested but just in case left their Zip Codes and Mobile numbers.

Let’s hope for two more victories this weekend and have a great RUGBY weekend.


1st XV to Face GHA ,22nd Oct, Braidholm, 3pm


Team to play GHA (A) on Saturday, 3pm KO:

15. Anders Dymock
14. Isoa Matacagi
13. Callum Bowie
12. Colin Strachan
11. Fraser Mckay
10. Ewan Fox
9. Kaleem Barreto

8. Ryan Milne
7. Dayle Turner
6. Kevin Franco
5. Neil Turnbull
4. Ian Robertson
3. Alan Brown
2. Darrel Russell
1. Jonny Gibson


16. John Brady
17. Scott Strachan
18. Chris Cumming
19. Tim Mckavanagh
20. Ryan Fairweather

Pasta at 11am, Bus leaves at 11.30am sharp
Usual attire pre and post match

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Cyndi Lauper said it, Girls just wanna have fun, and as if we needed anymore evidence, the Ladies took over at Mayfield on Saturday.
3 4 5 6 7 13 1 214
Always a popular event, this year was a resounding success. A great effort by all concerned, but particularly from Mags Van der Esch as chief organiser and Mrs Broon for organising the Vodka Jellies. Overall the night raised over £500! What a great effort, well done ladies.
Brockmans drank dry
Of course this doesn’t include the Mammoth Bar takings, with the bar being swamped all day and night, seeing the first monthly guest Gin (Brockmans) drunk dry.
Some Dutch Courage for the waiters
The day features a lunch with wine ,served by our own topless waiters. The lunch was MC’d brilliantly by Hamish Livingston and saw the speaking debut of the Bald Eagle.
Bald Eagle Entertaining the Lasses

We haven’t received any complaints about the Eagle’s speaking, although there is still time.

As the festivities went into the night, some of the players even showed their femine side….


We’re already looking forward to next year, well done again to all involved!


Some more pics from the evening:


Match Report Dundee v Musselburgh, 15th Oct 16, Mayfield

Dundee v Musselburgh
15 October 2016
The return of the curate’s egg saw a Dundee performance which mixed the best with the ordinary, but which saw the job done in as much as there was a return to bonus point, winning ways.
The rain which had dominated the weather for the preceding 24 hours, relented before kick-off and the pitch, while soft, remained firm. The visitors kicked off and, after an early exchange of kicks, it was Dundee who showed first. Handling errors prevented any real opportunity, however, and it was Musselburgh who had the first scoring chance, with a penalty effort which was unsuccessful. Dundee kicked to gain the Musselburgh 22 and, after a strong rumble, Dayle Turner ran clear to touch down under the posts, leaving Ewan Fox a simple conversion opportunity, which he duly accepted, and Dundee were 7-0 ahead after 10 minutes.
A spell of Musselburgh possession led to little progress for the visitors, until a series of consecutive penalties against Dundee allowed Musselburgh to attack the Dundee line with line-out drives, the last of which ending with Paddy Brown claiming a try, which was unconverted. 7 – 5 with 21 minutes played.
Dundee had the better of the next spell, scrummage dominance helping the cause, and were next to score. On the attack, Dundee moved the ball from the right wing to the centre of the field, where Ice popped up to skip through two tackles to score by the posts and again Foxy had a simple conversion opportunity. 14 – 5 with 28 minutes on the clock.
Having developed an extra man situation, Musselburgh reached 10 metres from the Dundee line and when the home side was penalised, Musselburgh gained touch 5 metres out. The drive was held for a Dundee scrum, which enabled the lines to be cleared, but returned possession to Musselburgh. Dundee were the penalised in front of the posts, some 30 metres out and Musselburgh stand-off Danny Owenson slotted the kick to reduce the deficit. 14 – 8 after 35 minutes.
The advantage was restored five minutes later, however, after Musselburgh were penalised giving Dundee only their second penalty of the half, which Foxy converted, to bring the half to a close.
Half-time: Dundee 17 Musselburgh 8
Too frantic in attack and requiring more discipline in defence, Dundee needed to find another gear in the second half. Such open possession as Musselburgh enjoyed had appeared to contain little threat thus far.
In spite of Dundee exhortations, it was Musselburgh who showed first after the resumption. When Dundee were penalised, Musselburgh kicked to touch, won the line-out and moved the ball right for a score by full back Jack Burey. The conversion attempt was unsuccessful and the gap was narrowed to four points: 17 -13 with 2 minutes of the half played.
Dundee were straight back into action from the kick-off and, with a kick looking the best option, with the Musselburgh defence ranked before him, Ice managed to burst through several attempted tackles to score under the posts. Another simple conversion from Foxy and the lead was stretched again: 45 minutes gone and 24 -13.
Dundee pushed Musselburgh off a scrummage ball following the re-start and, with a great break out from defence, reached 10 metres from the Musselburgh line. Then more pressure led to Neil Turnbull bursting over and, again, Foxy landed the conversion to put Dundee further ahead at 31 – 13.
A great breakout from the Dundee half by captain Andy Dymock took play to the Musselburgh 22: the ball was shipped right for Fraser McKay to touch down out wide and Foxy’s fine conversion increased the lead to a comfortable 25 points: 38 -13 with 56 minutes played.
Musselburgh were far from done, however, and hit back almost immediately. When Dundee were again penalised, Musselburgh kicked to touch and drove the resultant maul over for a try by Conor Slaven, which was unconverted. 38 – 18 after 59 minutes.
The remainder of the game went rather flat as a spectacle. Further penalties against Dundee resulted in a series of kicks to touch and line-out drives by Musselburgh, one of which saw them over the Dundee line, but the ball was not adjudged to have been grounded. Eventually, however, Musselburgh did manage to breach the home defence, prop Jamie Walker being credited with the try, which was well converted by Jack Burey. 38 -25 with three minutes of regulation time remaining.
Full time: Dundee 38 Musselburgh 25
A game which rather petered out in the final quarter, but job done for Dundee, and there was some satisfaction in the opening 20 minutes of the second half where Dundee showed increased tempo and commitment. A very skewed penalty count, 12-3 against Dundee according to this observer, contributed to Musselburgh ending with a try bonus point.
Dundee scorers:
Tries: Isao Matacagi (2), Dayle Turner, Neil Turnbull, Fraser McKay
Penalty: Ewan Fox
Conversions: Ewan Fox (5)
Dundee Man of the Match: Neil Turnbull

1st XV to Face Musselburgh,15th Oct, Mayfield, 3pm


Team to play Musselburgh on Saturday, 3pm KO:

15. Blair Cochrane
14. Isoa Matacagi
13. Callum Bowie
12. Colin Strachan
11. Fraser Mckay
10. Ewan Fox
9. Anders Dymock

8. Chris Cumming
7. Dayle Turner
6. Kevin Franco
5. Neil Turnbull
4. Ian Robertson
3. Alan Brown
2. Darrel Russell
1. Jonny Gibson


16. John Brady
17. Scott Strachan
18. Jonathan Petty
19. Josh Rutnagur
20. Kaleem Barreto

Meet at 1.30pm, earlier if strappings are required