1st XV to Face Jed Forest, Sat 11th Feb 17, Mayfield, KO 3.00pm

Team to play Jed (H) on Saturday, 3pm KO:

15. Fraser Mckay
14. Ryan Fairweather
13. Blair Cochrane
12. Duncan Leese
11. Ross Lemon
10. Ewan Fox

9. Andy Dymock
8. Alasdair Mackie
7. Dayle Turner
6. Colin Strachan
5. Peter Redmayne
4. George Arnott
3. Alan Brown
2. Angus Fraser
1. Jonny Gibson


16. Cameron Mathieson
17. Lewis Mclean
18. Daniel Levison
19. Kaleem Barreto
20. Ronan Joy


Pacione’s do the Double in January Mayfield Lotto

Here are the lucky winners for January:
Top Prize  £100    I T Rankin
2nd Prize  £50       F Allison
3rd Prize   £30        M Pacione
Rankin Rosebowl
Ian Rankin is said to be donating his share to the boys after beating Howe in his eponymous Rose Bowl, Well done Ian!

In second place is the Fiona Allison

Mafia connections?

Last place is Mo Pacione who’s husband secured second place in December. This sparked rumours of the Pacione’s giving an offer the Lotto team couldn’t refuse to keep it in the family.

TFI Friday 10th Feb 2017

Are you romantic? Does your heart flutter thinking about St Valentine’s day fast approaching? Is there a special person in your life? Does your wife/husband/significant other know about them? If so this week’s TFI Friday is especially for you. We will have a romantic wine to taste and most of the FREE nibbles will be aphrodisiacs. The cheese will drive you wild. The bar will open early at 5.29 to facilitate all the love that’s in the air.

Rugby. The visitors to Mayfield this week are Jed-forest RFC. They are 3rd in the league and a few points ahead of us but this will be a tough encounter and one we will deffo want to win. The mighty Titans are off to Edinburgh to take on B/Muir. Good luck to all our players. We have another FULL lunch club on Saturday!

The Irish Lunch at the Royal Scots Club on Sat saw a record turnout and a great speaker in Oor Fergus Slattery introduced wonderfully by Oor very own David Leslie and Oor bestie Roger Baird. They jointly met Oor Wullie and even got their photo taken with him. See proof here (Insert Photo) This must have been the mojo Scotland were looking for as they only went and beat the Oirish at Murrayfield!!! The Grand Slam almost guaranteed now.

This week in history. In 1983 an Irish race horse, Shergar disappeared. This is still a mystery and rumours that an international burger chain were involved has been vigorously denied. In 1587 Mary Queen of Scots lost the head. In 1950 McCarthyism raises its head In the USA. An early demonstration of post truth and alternative facts perhaps blaming a biased media. Oh dear!


In 1990 Nelson Mandela was released from prison so he could watch the game Dundee High FPRFC were playing that weekend.

There is a story going round that I wear a bath robe and watch TV and tweet in the early hours. This is fake news I don’t even own a bath robe. Totally made up despite the photographs, photoshopped! #mediabias, #fakenews, #geesabreak. 3.42am.

Hope you have a great Rugby weekend.

Leprechaun Lunch Hailed a Sucess

The Leprechaun Lunch was hailed a success by the club.

The Royal Scots Club was again excellent and sold out by the High School faithful, who enjoyed being entertained by David Leslie, Roger Baird and Fergus Slattery.

Thank you to all who attended and made the event a success, the speakers, Andy Lothian and Insights and particularly Oor Wullie.

Here are a selection of Photos from the Day:

Some people asked why it’s called the Leprechaun Lunch? It’s not because Scotland played Ireland, but because most attendees look like this on the Sunday. 

TFI Friday 3rd Feb 2017


Sorry for late notice but just to confirm that TFI Friday is very much ON this Friday. The bar opens at its usual time of 5.31 and usual rules of engagement apply. The FREE nibbles will feature strongly and a guess the wine offering will be supplied by a local wine expert from near the Stobbie ponds.

Fergus Slattery

Rugby. No Club involvement as this is an International Saturday and the Club moves on block to the Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh for our Leprechaun Lunch prior to the game at BT Murrayfield against Ireland. It’s a sell-out crowd and the main speaker is the legend that is Fergus Slattery. The Rugby Oor Wullie is looking forward to meeting Fergus.

Much fun to look forward to and lets hope we get that best of starts with an overdue win against Ireland.

C’mon Scotland

Hope you have a great international Rugby weekend. C’mon Scotland.