1st XV to Face Howe, Duffus Park, Saturday 1st April 17, KO 3pm

Team to play Howe (A) on Saturday, for the Rankin Rosebowl, 3pm KO:


15. Danny McGinn
14. Ronan Joy
13. Ross Lemon
12. Fraser Mckay
11. Christy O’Donnell
10. Josh Rutnagur
9. Kaleem Barreto

8. Alasdair Mackie
7. Dayle Turner
6. Struan Gartley
5. Jack Anderson
4. George Arnott
3. Alan Brown
2. Niall Hall
1. Jonny Gibson

16. Angus Campbell
17. Lewis Mclean
18. Euan Grewar
19. Struan Robertson
20. Andrew Burgess

Meet at Mayfield 12.30pm
Usual attire pre- and post-match.

Kicking Cup 2017

Kicking Cup Result:

The most prestigious award of the year has been decided. And the winner is a lad who couldn’t kick a donkey’s erse the year before….. But when he has a shoulder knock and can’t play kicks like a worldy! Only joking Dunc, well done.

1st Place: Duncan Leese

2nd Place: Yousif Alagilly

3rd Place: Ross Lemon

The trophy will be presented at the end of season ball.

The wiley old veteran Ross Lemon rolling back the years and dispelling rumors of retirement.

TFI Friday™ 31st March 2017

TFI Friday™ 31st March 2017 NB. This is the last TFI Friday™ for this season.

The skiing season for some has sadly come to an end for this year. I think this is a positive step as I have seen some of the photographs and “that” video!!! What were you thinking??

At least they had a wonderful time and all returned safely while we had the two biggest Saturdays the club has ever had. Not that we live in a blame culture.

TFI Friday has continued in their prolonged absence and this Friday is no different. There will be FREE nibbles© on the bar which by popular opine opens at 5.30pm on the dot. Guess the wine© has been a bit disorganised due to previous winners forgetting, not bothering and then of course there was some man flu. This week we return to the last nominated winner which is DelboyJ from the East End. He knows a thing or two about wine which no doubt he will demonstrate on Friday.

RUGBY. We still have 4 Rugby games starting with the Howe on Saturday on the dark side in Cupar. Then we have a break for the Melrose 7’s on the 8th April and then Aberdeen 15th April at Riverside as is GHA on the 22nd April and finally Jed Forest on the 29th April will be at Forfar Rd at Morgan RFC. All KO at 3pm.

The Grand Spring Ball is on Sat 29th April at the Apex Hotel which includes the Club and players awards. If you havnt booked yet then get a hurry on and speak to Ken McKay without delay. The Neebster is waiting for your call.

The Clubs first Premium Lunch was held last Saturday and was very well received with many not able to attend because it had been fully booked since December!

Finlay Calder was very entertaining and our grateful thanks to him. We will repeat this so watch this space. We still have an Ian Cooke special Carvery Lunch to look forward to is on the 15th April prior to the Aberdeen game. Speak to Ron McHoul, Derek Lawson or myself.

Lots of new and exciting things happening at the Eagles (P1-P7) and at Dundee Rugby (S1-U18) including for next season Tier 3 and now with girls Rugby at U16 and U18. They need and deserve our support. Rugby in Dundee is our mission. Volunteers are needed for both the Junior sections and Iain Landsburgh iain.landsburgh@gmail.com and Ben Dunn benldunn@aol.com respectively will be delighted with your help. As will the senior Club and you can contact me. gerry@ppinvest.co.uk

So, a lot happening starting with this Sat in Fife contesting the Ian Rankine bowl v Howe.

There is the Club Spring BBQ after the game back at Mayfield and attendance is compulsory.  There might even be a court!! Of course as soon as you announce a BBQ you risk the wrath of the rain gods but we don’t care!!! Bring it……that’s all. Taps aff and drinks promotions you cant risk missing this one.

Hope you have a great Rugby weekend.




BBQ Season starts at Mayfield

Spring has sprung and the taps aff season is just around the corner. What better way to spend a Saturday evening than brining, smoking, charing and grilling our way into the night.
That could be you, this Saturday night with the first Dundee Rugby Club BBQ of the year.
A selection of drinks promos will be available at prices as special as Gav Hughan’s little black book.
Some come on down to the Mayfield BBQ pit after Dundee’s trip to play the Howe at Duffus.

Girl’s Rugby in Dundee announcement

Laura Steven in action for Scotland, Laura was a student in Dundee!

Dundee Rugby are starting girl’s rugby next Wednesday night at Morgan Rugby Club with training starting at 6pm. This is open to all girls from S1 to U18. They will be split into two age groups – U15 and U18.

The main girls coach is Eilidh Moir email is, eilidhmoir@gmail.com and Colin Sangster, Dundee High Rugby Head Coach will be assisting her.

Colin is also the Development Officer (DO) for Dundee Eagles and Dundee Rugby. Colin can be contacted on 07778805626 or email, rugbydundee727@gmail.com

Colin said, “We are looking for as many as possible to come along and enjoy a sport that is growing at an exceptional rate. It’s a great way to keep fit and a great social sport to be part of.” We would encourage everyone to get behind all Rugby in Dundee.

Dundee Rugby Achieve Tier 3 Status

Dundee Rugby have succeeded in their goal to elevate the junior club to Tier 3 Status. This jump up the ladder means more teams playing over the different age grades, meaning more kids playing at a more competitive level. 

This is the culmination of alot of Dundee Rugby’s volunteers’ hard work. 

Colin Sangster

Dundee Rugby Development Officer and current Dundee HSFP head coach Colin Sangster had this to say; Tier 3 is what we have been working towards all season. It means better quality rugby and more of it with 5 teams playing under the Dundee Rugby banner next season. This will attract more players to the club as well as developing our existing players.  It’s a great boost for junior rugby in the city! “

1st XV to face Stew Mel, Sat 25th March 17, Mayfield, KO 3pm

Team to play Stew Mel at Mayfield, 3pm KO:

15. Danny McGinn
14. Ronan Joy
13. Ross Lemon
12. Fraser Mckay
11. Christy O’Donnell
10. Ewan Fox
9. Andy Dymock

8. Alasdair Mackie
7. Dayle Turner
6. Struan Gartley
5. Jack Anderson
4. George Arnott
3. Alan Brown
2. Cameron Mathieson
1. Jonny Gibson


16. Neil Dymock
17. Lewis Mclean
18. Euan Grewar
19. Kaleem Barreto
20. Andrew Burgess

Meet at 1.30pm

Fleming the Centurion

James Fleming scored his 100th International try for Scotland 7’s in the recent Vancouver 7’s March 2017 v France. Have a look at the Perthshire Flyer go! 

James came to Dundee Rugby from Perthshire Rugby club and represented Dundee for several years before joining the ranks of Scotland 7’s. James has also represented the nails (Heriots) but we don’t want to focus too much on that……

On the back of this milestone we thought we catch up with him for some 7’s chat and some Dundee Memories.

DR: Of your 100 tries which one stands out?

JF: Number 79 stands out for me, in the final at Twickenham 2016, always nice to score in a final and that was a pretty special day!

Keg: Your video of try saving tackle versus England went viral in the Wellington 7’s 2017 Semi-Final, but what is your favourite Internet video of all time?

Ross Lemon (R) , the internet’s Barry Norman

JF: There are a few internet videos out there I enjoy.. I still keep in touch with a few of the Dundee boys and Ross Lemon is really helpful in keeping me up to date with some of his favourite internet videos. 

Here’s James’ viral video

DR: You tour a lot, who is the worst person you have roomed with in any rugby tour?

JF: When I first came to Dundee we went down to Newcastle on a pre season tour to play Westoe. We stayed in a hostel and I can’t remember exactly everyone in the room. I do remember being sh** scared of JJ though and then on the Saturday night, Barry Jones and Rob Gray had a wee altercation. Broken nose, broken band. Pretty disruptive roomies.


DR: What’s your best Dundee Rugby night out and why?

JF: Thats a hard question, been a few memorable ones. All of the best night’s out always involved starting in the clubbie. Double denim mystery skite bus to Kirkcaldy was very good. Or Halloween dressed as a dalmatian with a bottle of Malibu goes down in memory too! The majority nearly always ended with a Zombie walk home back to Lev’s flat.

Shota (L) was a big believer in Garlic as a home cold remedy

The worst hang was definitely waking up with Shota the Georgian watching me sleep whilst chewing raw garlic to help his cold. 

DR: Your quite good at 7s who is the worst 7’s player you have had the displeasure of playing with?

JF:  Hard (and cruel) to pick out an individual as the worst 7’s player i’ve ever played with. The majority of the Dundee teams I played with at Melrose were all pretty poor (myself included), I think the excitement of a long day on the beers and the bus trip home normally got the better of us. 

James is too kind, so this will appear as an online poll at a later date.

DR: Scoring 100 Tries in the World series and representing your country is pretty awesome. Playing for Perthshire, Dundee, Heriot and Scotland Club XV is also cool. But the biggest honour a Scottish rugby player can have bestowed upon them is being asked to represent the Dundee Demons. Would you consider an invitation to represent the Dundee Demons?

JF: The thought of a Demons invite fills me with fear, has anyone ever turned them down?

The answer is no James, no one turns them down. Based on that, you’re not Demons’ material, you’re on the scrap heap now beside Thom Evans (who coveted an invitation but was rejected)

James in Action for Dundee v Ayr

DR: You were part of, arguably, Dundee’s most successful period. What is your favourite memory of playing for Dundee?

JF: Probably beating Heriots at Mayfield in 2009/10(?can’t remember). They were pretty loaded with a good side filled with ex Dundee and Perthshire players so a fair few match ups across the park. I can’t remember the score but we were well into the bonus points and it was a pretty convincing win.

It’s good to see a former Dundee Player doing well on the World Stage. From all at Mayfield a big congratulations to James on reaching 100 Tries, we’re sure there will be many more to come. 

To all those Eagles aspiring to be like James, don’t attempt to copy that running style!


TFI Friday™ 24th March 2017

TFI Friday™ 24th March 2017

Well that’s the 6 Nations over for another season. Do you have any resolutions? It is getting a bit more severe than New Year! The Ides of March slipped by with a few birthdays celebrated.

Some Club members enjoying Souper Saturday


Souper Saturday was great fun in a crowded Clubhouse. So back now to TFI Friday™ business.

This week we are back to Delboy for the guess the wine competition© as he forgot last week! Yes he forgot……just as well we don’t live in a blame culture. The bar will open at 5.32 and of course there will be FREE nibbles© for your delectation.

Stewarts Melville Double header this weekend

Rugby. Saturday’s game is a scheduled BT Nat 1 game and “Smellies” are 3 points ahead of us in 7th position in the league but have played 3 games more than Dundee (8th) have. So we have a chance to go ahead on points and one league position but it won’t be easy! The Titans also play Smellies both games KO at 3pm. C’mon Dundee.
Social. Date for your diary is the Spring Ball and awards ceremony at the Apex Hotel 29th April. Ken McKay is the man with the plan so contact him for tickets.
Volunteers. Volunteers are always welcome to come and join our merry band of existing ones and you can email me at, gerry@ppinvest.co.uk for the senior Club or If you want to be involved in Junior Rugby with the Eagles P1-P7 or with Dundee Rugby S1-U18’s then you can contact respectively, Iain Landsburgh, iain.landsburgh@gmail.com or Ben Dunn, benldunn@aol.com .
I hope you have a great Rugby weekend.

Also this Weekend.

We all like a fairy tale and when coupled with a comeback is irresistible. This one is right up there with the best of them. Return of the Jedi, Frank Sinatra (He had a few) return of King Kong but nobody expected the return of DOD for one night only on Sat. Some, (well 2 people) called him the best barman ever at Mayfield but a warm welcome awaits for gorgeous George Cathro the new comeback king for one night only. Tickets available from behind the bar. Dod willing.

Souper Saturday 18th March 17 Round Up

This Saturday saw over 60 revelers enjoying Mayfield’s hospitality for the last weekend of the six nations.

Treated to Pâté on arrival and a table littered with Vino tinto and Carlsberg, the madness began.

The results went as hoped and Scotland pulled off a Bonus point win to the delight of all. During the game, the masses were given half time sustenance of scotch broth and bread as crusty as Geo’s eyelids from his St Patrick’s day celebrations the night before.

Geo pulling through

At full time an excellent spag bol  and garlic bread lined the tank for the final Grand Slam game. At this stage things started to get fuzzy.

If they were guns they’d be smug machine guns.

The England Chariots’ Wheels came off with a Barnstorming Irish win at the Aviva, haulting England’s record breaking win streak. This was the result, all but one, were hoping for at the Arbroath Road clubbie.

Linton and the Moose are still smug! And just in case you didn’t know the score was Ireland 13 England 9.

To round off the day of indulgence, the six nations cheese board  was polished off.

The merry making continued into the night, and we only had one cream puff.

Well done to the Strachan’s celebrating their one year anniversary in the the Mayfield Club rooms with a company of reprobates, who said romance was dead?

The day was a great success and a bargain at £15. The clubbie has never sold so many alchopops either, with “relentless next” being one of Chicken’s better life decisions.

Well done to the organizers and volunteers, we are already looking forward to next year.

Also McIver please text and let us all know if your ok? You’ve gone soft since moving south.