TFI Friday 24th Feb 2017 and TFI Friday 3rd March 2017

TFI Friday 24th Feb 2017 and TFI Friday 3rd March 2017

The more observant will see that this TFI Friday notice covers the next two TFI Fridays©. There is a very good reason for that which I must tell you about sometime. The bar this week opens at 5.31pm but moves forward a tad the following week to 5.32pm. Something to do with GMT or PMT perhaps. On both occasions, there will be the usual FREE nibbles© but the bowls will be arranged left to right this week and the following week will be right to left. The guess the wine competition™ last week was a stunner from Ribera del Duero (Maria?) supplied by “Delboy” and adjudged perfectly by a wine expert from NI. Lets call him “Muss”. Muss will supply the wine for this week coming and will probably be a Derry Berry from the South side of the Lisburn Valley. No more clues from me.

Rugby. Last week we travelled to Musselburgh and only came away with two bonus point wins! Great bus journey and fun and frolics back at El Club. No games this weekend as its back to International duty for Scotland as they host Wales at Murrayfield in the 6 Nations. The game will be on at Mayfield Clubhouse, doors opening at 1.45pm. On the 4th March we host GHA RFC at Mayfield with both teams in action with a 3pm KO.


Two social dates for your diary. The Club’s Spring Ball is at the as it was last year and please get your tickets and tables sorted ASAP from Kenny McNeebs. Its on the 29th April.

The other date that needs booking is the SOUP-ER Saturday  on the 18th March starting with Scotland v Ireland at 12.30 bar opens at 12 mid-day. Three Internationals with 3 Courses and 3 glasses of wine for only £15. Yes only £15 it is too cheap but hey ho that’s the price. Three wide screens supported by our multi-screen HD surround sound cinematic brilliance. This needs booking asap. E mail Derek Lawson or myself NOW or at least in 20 minutes or so. ANDY NICOL is considering leaving the BBC because of this offer to allow him to be at Mayfield describing it as an OUTSTANDING event. He knows a thing or two about Rugby and will be mentioning SOUPER Saturday in his commentary!

Only one cowboy story this week.

I hope both weekends bring you boundless fun culminating in two wins v GHA on the 4th March.

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