AGM Review

Well it’s another year done and a new one in the planning.

And the general message from club this year was one of thanks for the previous year to all of the many volunteers that make our club work.


Club President GT, as well as praising our volunteers, was keen to highlight two players retiring through injury Daz Lindsey & Ian Robertson and thank them for their service. Daz goes on to be S&C Coach, Ian hasn’t got a role yet, so we’re thinking club’s communications officer………

Also high on the agenda was acknowledgement of two club stalwarts from the coaching side, who will be stepping aside or onto new pastures, J J Van der Esch and Dougie Gray. Both with over 20 years service and commitment, as players, coaches and committee, we owe them a huge debt of gratitude and the loss of both (although JJ will still be around!) will be felt keenly by the club.

Gerry was also proud of the Eagles and Dundee rugby’s continued progression (including Dundee Rugby reaching tier 3 status) and thanked all involved including the two conveners Iain Landsburgh and Ben Dunn.

Andy Dymock’s captains report was positive and praised the support from the coaches, players, medical staff and volunteers. As well as this he felt that the introduction of youth to the side this year was a key aspect of our success on the field and something that we should be rightly proud of. The future looks bright! Andy said that being captain was a source of great pride, something that he had been building towards and passed on his gratitude for all the support he received in the last year.

Matt Scott reported that the club was in a stronger financial position that it has been in over the last few years. This due to continued efforts of club members and committee with fundraising and the vital support of our sponsors. We can be proud of the efforts in this area and we are in good health. Well done Matt!

One thing that needs to be highlighted is that the Mayfield Lotto has had to set up a new bank account, more to follow on this but we need to ensure that all current enrolled change their standing orders! And what’s more, we could do with a few new members. Get that extra Hundie in your Hippie. This is a crucial initiative which has brought in almost £3K to the club this year! Well done, but lets keep it going.

Minuets of the AGM will be circulated in due course, but the other item highlighted for change is to limit our personal liability by making the club a limited company. This author is an idiot and can’t explain it better, but for any questions speak to your favourite committee member.

The office bearers on the whole remain unchanged, however there are some new introductions. Ben Dunn is Dundee Rugby convener and joins the general committee. Well done Ben.

Lynda McKay becomes the AU Vice Chair. Well done Lynda, that’s our favourite appointment

Phil Godman is appointed 1st XV back’s coach and Clinton Davie takes the Titan’s tiller, with Sangster staying on as 1st XV head coach and forward’s coach.

It is also with great pride that we announce the newest 1st XV captain, Duncan Leese. Duncan is a former pupil and an ever present player. Congratulations Duncan.

Most importantly of all though, a new social convener has been appointed, he is also keen to get involved at committee level. The man to put the party back into the clubby, Mayfield’s new Pary Liaison Ronan “Greenhorn” Joy.

The club was in absolute raptures with this appointment, so in the words of Delia Smith “let’s be ‘avin you”.





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