Ayr 45 – 18 Dundee High Rugby – Match Report (kind of…)

Match report not available (in normal format) as normal contributors were doing non rugby things inexplicably during the season. 😎 But I have a few observations…

This group of young men are as committed to the Club as has ever been the case. They tried their best and tried very hard and for that we are very grateful. Thank you all!

They are also coached very well headed up by the only level 4 coach north of Edinburgh and a team of coaches as good as we have ever had at the Club. At the final whistle they were gutted as were the coaching team and Dundee supporters. They gave their all as some of the injuries will attest. This season is different with the introduction of the amateur Super 6 teams and no one really knows or knew how this will pan out. The volunteers who run our Club need more support not sniping from the sidelines. I nearly said touch lines but that would be wrong! We don’t need people paying lip service to a one club structure but acting differently. How long can the same people be expected to continue? One committee volunteer member said candidly, “not long!”

So what happens next? This Club is run extremely well and we have many recent initiatives that are successful. We have a vision for the Club that will be implemented. BUT we need more people to come on board and contribute. What we don’t need are armchair critics who do nothing. Our volunteers do an amazing job donating thousands of hours to running the whole Club.

Please get in touch and volunteer whether you have 2 hours a week or more to donate there is a position for you. The match report concludes with this thought. We approach our 140th anniversary as a Rugby Club. To ensure we have a longer future we need more volunteers including people to take on senior positions within the committee. Its easy……get in touch. Ayr beat us on the park on Sat but they are also beating us off the park as well. Discussion anyone?

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