Everyone wants to be a cash money baller, do you have the swag?

Oh S**t, Gerry did mean that kind of ball, my bad…..

Actually your all invited to our really really good event at the Apex. It’s our end of season ball and playing awards for the club and junior sections. Highlights in previous years have involved a plant pot and a salt ring, as well as an ABBA tribute band.

I was sold at ABBA, Mama Mia is a great flick.

There are spaces still available, and if you have nine friends why not book a table, if you don’t have 9 mates we’ll find them for you.

The price is£42.50 pp (Students £37.50) and that includes a three course meal and live music. That’s a bargain, you cannae get anything else decent for £40 can you, except this chocolate fountain I’ve just seen it online and it’s a cracker. Imagine having a chocolate fountain in your house, that’s what dreams are made of… Hugh Heffner didn’t even have it that good.


If you want to book, go on you know you want to, contact a senior club official or preferably Ken McKay

I’ve also heard that some of the players have dates, to avoid disappointment on seeing who actually managed to get a date, get your bookings in as soon as possible.

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