Beer Pong-a-Palooza Update

The competitive edge at Mayfield was evident at the end of season fixture versus Peebles, with some big hits scintillating tries and big power plays.

However, this was a mere curtain raiser to the main event. The player’s annual Xmas get together and the greatly anticipated Beer Pong-a-Palooza!

After a few libations at the Kangaroo Court, the players where in a festive mood. With high spirits and a song in their heart, “afternoon delight”, the face offs began.

The roster included:

Ken “Homer” McKay

Duncan “cool hand” Leese,

Alan “The Dogg” Brown,

Cammy “Rhino Jet” McCrimmond,

Allan “Harold” Thomson

Marhall “Oxford Comma” MacLeod

And a deadly tag team of The Fantastic Mr Fox and Coach Sangy

Many other the bill, but the above where the top performers.

Remaining unbeaten throughout the night, the combination of Ross “Lemonade” Lemon and “the Dogg” made it all the way to the final and lifted the inaugural Mayfield Mega Bowl.

Currently a stewards inquiry is being undertaken, as to the suspicious circumstances which saw the organiser winning a competition where not all of his score cards where submitted correctly? And should Dogg Tax always apply to the entry fee? More to follow on this story.

To all involved, a big thank you, and we look forward to many other Mayfield Mega Bowl competitions.

Please note, no crows where harmed in the making of this competition.


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