Beer Pong Round Up

New Season and New Social Calendar!

Ronan at last night’s event

This year we have a new social sec, the sultan of skite, the master of disaster and the sergeant of sesh, our own little Marcus Rojo.

The festivities started with the age old tradition of debutants lungs, for Hammy and the Fairweather twins (now old enough to have a drink). This was to have a profound effect on young Ryan later on in the evening.

Hard to explain

Then onto our beach themed beer pong championship. It’s fair to say that this was a bit more like Arbroath Beach than Miami, but hey you can’t have it all.

An array of hopeful challengers stepped up to the ochey, in teams of two, facing off for the right to compete in the final, for the coveted inaugural beer pong trophy.

The Championship table, no health and safety concerns here………

The 30 enthusiastic competitors whittled down to two teams who fought out a grueling final match.

Monsieur Clarkson communicating with his fellow competitors


Redmayne unable to participate in the afternoon, but full of vigor in the evening.

Christy & Shaun, (Team Snape &  Weasley), faced

Geo & Tony (The Brains Trust) in a full cup final. This went down to the final cup each with Snape & Weasley emerging victorious.


Remember Tony & Geo, L is for Love

The winners with their trophy

Here’s more snaps from the championship.



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