Best Sports Website in History of World?

Unbelievably we are approaching 1.5k followers on FB, not including Nick Alston,what a time to be alive.

The mix of quality journalism from Fraser Clarkson in the match reports and Gerry’s TFI updates, as well as our Gonzo style puff pieces are tickling the taste buds of the local sports fanatics.

The Beard has even appeared on social media just to look at the banter! “Hupp!”


Behind the scenes we have our website expert Paul Reilly, of PR Systems,  pulling the strings. Good work PR.

According to the latest stats, we are the best website in the history of websites in the non adult/xxx category (which takes up 99.9999% of all internet traffic)

We are thinking of moving the website in that direction, good or bad idea?

So unlucky BBC Sport and ESPN, there is a new king in town.

But seriously we are great, and haven’t even resorted to posting any cat videos…..


Thanks to all our followers

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