Kicking Cup Result

As is tradition the team’s goal kicker bottled it for the kicking cup.

Despite regularly converting on a Saturday Harvey Young did not take the prestigious trophy! It’s been great to see English rugby men capitulate this year, hasn’t it?

But let’s not focus on the ridiculous and instead on the divine.


The winner this year, with a paltry 4 conversions from a possible 6, is the Raven Haired Weegie, Dr Josh Rutnagur.

Richard will be haring down the dual carriageway with a hotwing between his thighs to congratulate his laddie.

Josh, we salute you, well played sir!

Let’s see who gets the other players awards this year and remember to vote for Neil Dymock as most improved, as a player, journalist, person etc etc etc

Kicking Cup at Mayfield Tonight!

The most hotly contested competition of the year takes place at the start of training tonight!

The competition format is 3 place kicks and 3 drop goals, one from each side and one straight in front.

Last years’ 1, 2 & 3 were Duncan Lease, Yousif Alligilly & Ross Lemon. Who will take the prize this year?

Our favourite winner in recent history is Scotty Jeffers AKA Kit God, rumour is hes making a comeback tonight to compete.

Scotty too Hotty in action

TFI Friday™ 30th March 2018

TFI Friday™ 30th March 2018

It’s a GOOD Friday well they all are! So we hope you have a great Easter break if you are off someplace nice. So hello Fellow wine buffs and gastronomy enthusiasts. Doesn’t seem like a whole week (but it is) since we gathered together at Mayfield to enjoy some of the above. This week we do it all again so here are the details. Bar opens at the earlier time of 5.30 this week due to the lifting of the speed restriction on the Tay Road Bridge.

There will be FREE nibbles on the bar for your deification. Guess the complexity of an aged wine and append your opinion as to age, area, alcohol strength and several other factors and you will be marked according to your success or otherwise. Simple eh?

Rugby. Last week saw us visit Musselburgh with a lack lustre first half costing us dear. We did get 2 bonus points and it was close at the end but not great in all honesty. Musselburgh now safe from relegation and Stew Mel look like departing downwards from Nat 1 with Falkirk. Both good Clubs with good guys running them. I am hopeful we will see them back up soon.

Aberdeen Current holders of Dallas Allardice Trophy

This week we have Aberdeen Grammar visit us and the Dallas Allardice trophy up for grabs. The Titans have a trip to Marr. Best of luck guys. KO’s on Sat are 3pm.

No pillow talk this week at least that we know about! All laundry seems to have worked well and no marks on trousers or pillows that are that obvious. The Italian job is now closed.

Hope you have a great rugby weekend.

Gerry Tosh

Postumi della Sbornia

What’s the Italian for Hangover……. What a cracker of a weekend of six nations rugby.

We have some footage of some Dundonian Scotland Supporters in the Olympic Sadium in Rome on Saturday on what was a quiet affair.

Wee Greig saved the day on the pitch but there was never any doubt that the Dundee contingent would enjoy themselves.

And just for the hell of it here is something to cheer up all our supporters, who no doubt enjoyed this weekend’s rugby viewing… just have a look at fith place.

But all good things come to an end and we must turn our attentions back to the domestic calendar and both our teams are away to Musselburgh

It might not have the romance of the eternal city but there are crucial league points up for grabs, especially for the Titans, so hopefully we will get a good travelling support.



Souper Saturday @ Mayfield

This Saturday the Six nations comes to a conclusion, with Ireland seeking a Grand Slam on St Patrick’s Day after already securing the Championship. 

That should be a quiet night in Dublin and will probably go along similar lines at Mayfield.

This is always a popular day, and after being sold out last year looks set to be again.

All three games are being shown and for a meagre £20, revellers will enjoy a three courser and a complimentary drink.

With the KFC Chicken shortage, what else are you going to do for a feed on Saturday afternoon?

The place is looking pretty full but there is always room to squeeze people in if you fancy joining us. The Clubbie will be open from 12pm



Watch Ireland v Scotland @ Mayfield


In response to quite a few queries, we can confirm that the clubhouse will be open on Saturday for the those who wish to watch Scotland continue on their unstoppable march to the 6 Nations championship!

Where else would you possibly want to watch this?!  (Ok, in Dublin maybe but apart  from there….)

Kick off is at 2.15  but the club will be open from 1 pm to give everyone a chance of that important pre-match warm-up.

Catering: there will be food available for those who wish – and at a very reasonable cost! There will be a pot or two of Irish Stew on the go, followed by a Scottish cheeseboard + oatcakes etc. Unfortunately the wine will also be either Irish or Scottish.*

There might even be a Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake!

All are welcome to come along – but we would like a bit of heads up, particularly as regards the catering, so please let Gerry or Derek know if you are thinking of coming: or

We hope to see you there on Saturday.  Keep the faith!

Gerry Tosh

Derek Lawson

For Dundee High Rugby

* only kidding…

Beast from the East decimates weekend Calendar

TFI Friday 2nd March update….. now cancelled

The Beast from the East has won and unfortunately we have taken the decision to cancel TFI Friday on health and safety grounds. There will be no nibbles and the opening time of 5.35 has been put forward a week. Please make your own arrangements re wine!!

The Volunteer night also scheduled for Friday has been cancelled for the same reasons.

The game on Sat v Jed Forest has also been cancelled for very similar reasons.

This is the first time since 1880 that TFI Friday has been cancelled. Momentous.

Volunteers Evening Friday 2nd March 2018

Dear fellow Volunteers (and potential Volunteers!)
This is an invitation to come along to the Mayfield Clubhouse on Friday 2nd March at 7pm for 7.30pm so we can, on behalf of the Rugby Club, offer some very sincere thanks for your contributions.
The Rugby Club, including of course both our Junior sections Dundee Rugby and Dundee Eagles, has over the years established very good reputation – both on and off the field – and we recognise that this has been achieved thanks to the sterling efforts of you and of all our other volunteers.
Volunteers help us to provide the best Rugby experience to all our players regardless of age, gender or experience, and we do appreciate (but perhaps don’t always acknowledge!) the huge role that you and others like you play in this.
So we would be delighted if you (and your significant other) can come along and enjoy a glass or two of wine and some small eats. We anticipate being ‘done and dusted’ by about 9 pm but who knows? We won’t throw you out right away!
If you know of someone who might also be willing and able to help in the Rugby Club then we would encourage you to invite them also, but please let us know so we can cater properly and keep an eye out for them.
RSVP please to: or Derek Lawson
Many thanks again for all y help and I do hope that you can come along, even for a short while, on Friday 2nd March.
Best regards
Gerry Tosh
President, Dundee High Rugby

Dundee Occasionals Ride Again

Dundee Occasionals hit the road again tomorrow to take on Glenrothes Rugby Club

The team features some well known players and the squad assembled by Jimmy the Pig (JTP) includes :

Ross Lemon, Kenny Watt, Ewan Grewar, Alan Hay (Gruff), Mike Brown (worst dressed), Dougie McLaren, Neil McGregor, Neil & Andy Dymock, Dougie Gray and Thommo (Gaz).

The game Kicks Off in Glenrothes tomorrow evening Friday 23rd February @ 7.30pm in Glenrothes.

There is a full squad with subs, but any Occassionals looking to suit up are welcome, so get the studs looked out and let either JTP or Skipper Lemon know.

This is the first time Lemon has skippered a side since Gala 7’s in 2008 and we all know how that turned out……. There will be refeshments taken in Clarks Bar Dundee after the game where you will be able to listen to Watt Beast tell you how good he was. 

Georgia on my mind……

Georgia is located in the Cuacasus region of Eurasia and it boasts vehicles, ferro-alloys, fertilizers, nuts, scrap metal, gold, copper ores as their main exports. But the experts have it all wrong.

Their biggest and best export is without doubt Shotkina Tskobrabashvili.

Shota, was part of the successful Dundee team of Season 2008/2009 where Dundee achieved promotion to Premier One, coming straight back up after relegation in the 2007/2008 Season. He was also the first Georgian to play for Dundee.

We thought we’d catch up with the Georgian Bear to reflect on his time in Dundee and see what he is doing now.

DR: First of all how are you, and where are you now?

ST: I’m great, I’m back home in Tbilisi having recently moved from France.

DR: Brilliant, are you still playing rugby now?

ST: Yes I’m still playing for Junkers RC, and I think this will be my final club. Having moved around a bit and played professionally.

DR: What is your proudest rugby moment

ST: Playing for Georgia will always be the best for me.

DR:  What about your time in Dundee, did you enjoy that and who was your favourite player?

ST: For me it was so friendly situation and I remember everything from that year. It was very important in my rugby career. I learned lot of from Dundee club and this experience helped me very much to move onto the next stage in my rugby career and I’m very grateful for the opportunity. I was very grateful  for the friendly acceptance and encouragement I received and  which I will never forget.


My two favourite players were Alan Brown and Andy Dymock.

DR: Well it’s clear you have absolutely no taste what so ever, what about Clark’s bakery what was your order of choice?

ST: I can’t remember to be honest, but I loved the pasta we got after training.

DR: And do any nights out live long in your memory?

ST: I loved every night out with my team mates, but one just before Christmas when we were surprised with Santa’s helpers was the best!


Although not making a living from Rugby anymore Shota, 30 years old, is now a PR manager for a local company in Tibilisi. He is also now a family man with a wife and two young boys, Nugo-Tarash and Teiumuraz.

He’s come a long way from hitting the D Floor in Newcastle with Big Red and chewing Garlic, to remedy his cold, on the sofa of Alcatraz.

It’s great to hear from Shota, and to hear he has fond memories of his time in the city of Discovery and who knows hopefully he’s not the last Georgian to play for the crown.