Thorntons Solicitors Double Down


Dundee Rugby are delighted to announce the continuation of Thorntons Solicitors as our main sponsor for this year.

Thorntons were keen to double down on their support this year to help preserve our sports club, that shares their own values and to give back to the rugby community.

Thornton’s unwavering support will allow us to keep offering the same opportunities and training schedule that our members have become accustomed to, despite having no competitive rugby in season 20/21.

Without our sponsors we simply wouldn’t be here.

Colin Graham

Thorntons have supported Dundee Rugby for over 20 years and have been integral in our club’s growth in this period. Some of the Thorntons team have even donned the shirt on occasion, including their illustrious current chairman and currently the famous Danny McGinn.


Danny McGinn crosses the whitewash

Thorntons “we do what’s right” has never felt more appropriate.

President’s update November 2020


As you are all no doubt aware the SRU has cancelled the whole of the formal league season for this year. They are,however, encouraging friendly fixtures when allowed by the Scottish government and we will be looking to do this as soon as possible under government guidance. Training will therefore continue under our coaching staff led by Director of Rugby, Colin Sangster. Both the Eagles and Juniors are continuing to train  at Mayfield and Forfar Road as allowed by guidelines.
Off field we are making progress to draw together everything we need to start the next season as one club. Neil Dymock, Rugby Convenor, is leading a working party on branding also involving former captain Gordon Low as we look to establish our identity. Sandy McDonald and Derek Miller are wrestling with a new Constitution  which we hope to have ready in the new year.

Our Vice President, Billy Gartley with Treasurer Darren Kane, Derek Lawson and Ally Geddes are making sure our financial side is in good shape for the challenges ahead.
We are fortunate to enjoy the wholehearted support of Morgan with President Chris Webster and his Committee fully engaged. When we add on a similar commitment from Nial Hegarty and Ben Dunn with their Committees at Eagles and Juniors allied with our revitalised Ladies section I am both excited and hugely optimistic for our future.
It still remains our ambition to be the best amateur club in Scotland with all our teams playing at the highest possible level and that we represent our Community and City in the best way possible.
To this end we are continually looking to upgrade and improve our facilities both on and off the field. Currently Morgan are in discussion with Sports Scotland and the SRU with regard to match floodlights at Forfar Road and we are hoping to upgrade our scrummaging machines at both Mayfield and Forfar Road.
These are challenging times and the support of all members and sponsors is essential to see us through. I am happy for any member of sponsor who feels they can offer advice or help to contact me directly as we move forward in our ambition to make our club the best in Scotland.

Derek Black (President)

It’s goodbye and good luck from me and its cheerio from him!

Dear all,

I chaired my last general committee meeting tonight with mixed emotions after 11 years or so as President and a bit longer as a committee member. I pass the baton as President on to Derek Black who has all the experience and wisdom needed to take our great club forward into a crucial phase which will be dealing with the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic and hopefully the recovery phase of reintroducing club rugby to our members and players. It will be a challenge and we need to give all the support possible to the new committee.

I wrote in my Presidents report to our AGM that it had been a pleasure most of the time and a privilege all the time to serve this great Rugby Club. The support from the vast majority of the club has been heart-warming to me personally and for that I thank you sincerely.  Of course some things didn’t go as well as they might have! We all make mistakes!

The support from a few people need special thanks.

Sandy MacDonald


Sandy MacDonald has served this Rugby Club well as player, committee member, President and Vice President.

Ken Andrew

Ken Andrew has served the Club magnificently in the same capacities as Sandy.

I thank them both for their endless great work ethic and their friendship and wise council over many years. Quite simply put I could not have fulfilled my President role without them both. I also thank all the ex Presidents who are still involved in running this great Club. They still do a fantastic job as volunteers.  Sandy, Ken and myself would like to continue our involvement going forward in a number of ways.

Rob Lunn

I must also make mention of Rob Lunn’s great stint as secretary. He has done a really good job so many thanks Rob. Two specific areas we will help with going forward.  One we will form a new offline committee chaired by Billy Gartley.  This will be called the hospitality group and will look after all the lunches and dinners that the Club organises for the next 2 years and most of the fundraising.  The other main task will be to establish a Charitable arm that raises money for Rugby in Dundee.  This is intended to put our Club in a more sustainable financial position in years to come. More details on this as we move forward but please keep in mind this needs support of all of us including the much wider community and business.  If you think you can help in this endeavour, please get in touch. On another personal note I have been elected to the SRU Council as the rep for Nat 1 which is another challenge in difficult times.

The support of our Club sponsors has been amazing over all the years that I have been involved and for that I thank them all. I must single out Thorntons for special thanks.  Thorntons who are a real local success story have supported us superbly. Many, many thanks to them.  Thanks though must go to all our regular sponsors, members, friends of the Club and supporting members who support the many functions the club organise.  It’s a great wider community and the Club has worked very hard over the years to foster that good will.  The successful appointment of our Business development manager Bill Campbell has been phenomenally successful and will continue to build a new commercial dept at the Club. One of Bills initiatives is the Foundation Membership which has the prospect of funding the Club for many years.  Please support this great initiative when given the opportunity!

The new committee will have its challenges so please offer your support in any way you can.  That might be through volunteering and if you can that is an amazing, rewarding way to be involved.  You might find other ways to help such as supporting club events and initiatives.  You could also pay your sub timeously and that would be much appreciated.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the next lunch club and on the touch line as we give the referees the benefit of our combined knowledge. Until then many thanks.


Gerry Tosh


Dundee High Rugby.

Be our Team Manager!

We have recently announced two members of our coaching team for season 2020/21, in Head Coach Alan Brown  & Backs Coach Andrew Hamilton 

However, the dream team is yet to be completed. We are on the hunt for a team manager to be involved with the 1st XV and work closely with the Coaching Team, Director of Rugby & Rugby Convenor.

We need someone dynamic to be involved at training and on match days, who has the same work hard, play hard mentality of our enthusiastic coaches and playing committee.

Social Facilitators in action

Ideally a social facilitator, who enjoys a cold one after the game on a match day.

Key aspects of the role include organising all the players needs at training and supporting the coaches with everything to allow them to focus on what’s happening on the pitch.

This is a really rewarding role that will allow someone to be a lynch pin behind the scenes.

If you are interested why not complete the form below or drop us a message on Facebook!


Andrew Hamilton joins Alan Brown’s coaching team

More good news coming from the Mayfield Rugby factory.

Andrew Hamilton

Head Coach Alan brown has wasted no time in appointing the hugely popular Andrew Hamilton as 1st XV backs coach.

Hammy arrived in Dundee 3 years ago, from an accomplished Falkirk team, who won promotion from National 2 into national 1. Since his move to Dundee, Hammy has been a 1st XV regular at his favoured inside centre and occasionally in the back row.

As well as this Hammy tasted winning ways at his first club, Hillfoots, where he achieved promotions both as player/captain and as head coach. Further honours include representing the Caledonia Reds at Under 20 level.

Hammy has already garnered coaching experience in recent times, fulfilling the role of S&C Coach for the last 2 years at Mayfield and has imminently started coaching at the regional performance centre, with some of the best local young talent as well as helping out with the Caley Squads.

We asked Hammy his initial thoughts on being offered the role:

“It’s a huge honour to be asked to be the Dundee backs coach. I was lucky to play in Big Broony’s last season and when he asked me to coach I couldn’t say no.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Ross Aitken for his work  last year and good luck in his future coaching career.

After arriving in Dundee 3 years ago, I’ve learnt lots from Colin Sangster and his coaching team. Even at an older age, you can still learn more from the game. “

Andrew then went to describe his philosphy for next season:

“For the upcoming season, I want the lads to enjoy what there doing.
Giving up your Tuesday/ Thursday and Saturdays to play a sport should be enjoyable.
I like to think I bring a bit of fun and banter, but know when to keep my head down and work hard. Hopefully this will rub off on the lads.

We wish Hammy all the best with his coaching this year and hope this is the best Dundonian double act since Gav and Scotty.


Any players that want to play rugby in Dundee next season and be part of the work hard play hard philosophy, why not complete the form below and a member of the coaching staff will be in touch.


The Revolution will not be televised

Light the Taper, Dundee are in Nat 1 for another year.

And what a year ahead, Dundee have made their intentions clear by naming Alan Brown as their new head coach for Season 2020/2021.

This is a homecoming for Broonie, that many of the Dundee faithful have been calling for and the planning starts now.

New Head Coach Alan Brown

Who is Broonie:

Alan is a genuine product of Dundee Rugby, having started at Dundee Juniors in Primary 6.

His senior career started with Morgan at the tender age of 17, and after not even a full season he was encouraged by then coach Tom Dymock to move across the Kingsway to Dundee High Rugby, where he stayed for the rest of his senior playing career.

Alan enjoyed some ups and downs throughout his stint with Dundee, of which his highlights are playing in two national cup finals at BT Murrayfield.

Due to his undoubted ability Alan achieved many representative honours which include but are not limited to.

Every age grade of Caledonia Rugby, including wininng the the senior mens interdistrict championship with the likes of Matt Taylor.

Every Scotland Age grade from U18-21, which indluded one U19 World Cups and two U21 World Cups and the Students World Cup where the side came 4th.

Alan giving advice from the the touchline during his tenure as Strathy head coach.

Since retiring Alan has enjoyed two enormously successful seasons as head coach with Strathmore RFC, which included a promotion in his first year.

What are his plans for the season:

“With the recent news announced, that we are to stay up in Nat 1, it is a massive boost to the club and we have to make sure we are doing all we can to firstly stay up and  ultimately push for promotion. In order to do this the club needs a big recrumemt drive. I am calling on any quality players in the local area who fancy the opportunity to step up and test themselves to get on contact with us.”

“We want to have an enviroment that is competative, but also about fun and enjoyment both on and off the pitch. The team that gets on well off the pitch, gets on well on it and that’s the culture we want to build here.”

Do you want to be part of it? Of course you do, every player no matter what your experience will be given an opportunity to be part of the Brown revolution (must think of a less turgid name….).

Please complete this form if you would like to be contacted to be part of the playing squad for season 2020/2021 and the rugby convenor will be in touch or contact

We are setting out our stall to challenge in Nat 1 next year, we have a new vibrant set up on the coaching side and a few enthusiastic new committee memembers with a shared vision. The good times are back at Mayfield.

Dundee rugby clubs’ partnership set to grow rugby in the city

Dundee rugby clubs’ partnership set to grow rugby in the city

Dundee High Rugby and Morgan RFC are joining forces to strengthen the Dundee Titans and Morgan teams and to ensure more players in the city get the opportunity to play competitive rugby.

Sitting in BT Caledonia Reserve League 2, Dundee Titans will create a bridge between Morgan in BT Caledonia 3 and Dundee High Rugby in BT National 1.  A fourth development side is also being planned.

The innovative partnership has the backing of Abertay University who will provide sports science assistance, including nutritional advice, sports coaching, fitness testing, match analysis and in strength and conditioning expertise. This game changing support will help provide a clear pathway for players to progress within the sport in Dundee. Abertay University provide more sports degree awards than any other University in Scotland and are at the cutting edge of Sports Science.

Dundee Director of Rugby, Colin Sangster said: “Joint training will be the catalyst for improvement of all players with a focus on creating a common playing style and culture across this citywide initiative.”

The combined coaching team, led by Colin Sangster and including Phil Goldman, Ian Robertson and Iain Lockhart, will work hard to implement this ethos backed by a robust strength and conditioning programme that will allow players of all levels to reach their potential.

Sangster continued: “We are looking forward to working with the expanded pool of players and to welcoming new players keen to be part of this exciting development for rugby in Dundee.”

The partnership kicks off with an open training session at Dundee High’s Mayfield ground on Tuesday, 26 June (6:30pm). New players are welcome to attend or can email for more information.



Dundee High Rugby:
Gerry Tosh (President)

Tel: 07894658800  Email:

Colin Sangster (Director of Rugby)
Tel: 07778 805626  Email:
Morgan Rugby:
Derek Black (President)
Tel: 07745 156754 Email:

From left: Morgan President Derek Black, Abertay University Head of School of Social & Health Sciences Andrea Cameron and Dundee High Rugby President Gerry Tosh (Photo: Graeme Bletcher)
From left: Morgan President Derek Black, Abertay University Head of School of Social & Health Sciences Andrea Cameron and Dundee High Rugby President Gerry Tosh (Photo: Graeme Bletcher)

Lotto ch-ch-ch changes

We all love bankers, don’t we. They are forever making life that bit easier……..

For reasons known only to the Royal Bank of Scotland, to maintain a cheque facility, it has become necessary to change the Lotto bank account from a Club Savings account to a Club Business account.  The reason given was “new regulations”.  Unfortunately this means that all members Standing Orders will have to use the new account details.  I know it is a real pain-in-the-backside but I hope you will stay with us as this is an important fundraiser for the club, as well as a bit of fun.

To make things as painless as possible we have prepared Amend a Standing Order form  that the Bank assures me is accepted by all banks (this is for £10 per month, so should be changed if you are paying a different amount at the moment).  I have completed sections 2 and 3 that apply to your Standing Order.  You should complete section 1 and sign and date section 4 and then deliver the form to your bank.  The change to a Standing Order can also be done online for members who use this facility.

£10 per month (1)

Both accounts will remain open until the changeover is complete and monthly draws will continue as normal.

The new bank address is  Royal Bank of Scotland, 288 Brook Street, Broughty Ferry, DUNDEE, DD5 2AP

We hope that you get your changes made and this encourages club members not involved to try it out.

So if you fancy an extra hundie in your hippie why not give it a shot.



International Tickets Season 2017-2018 – Season Passes Available

International Tickets Season 2017-2018 – Season Passes Available

Season Passes to see all of Scotland’s Autumn Tests at BT Murrayfield and the Six Nations Home Matches against England and France are now available through the club.

The match details are


Scotland v Samoa                             Saturday 11 November 2017       KO TBC

Scotland v New Zealand                Saturday 18 November 2017       KO TBC


Scotland v Australia                         Saturday 25 November 2017       KO TBC

Scotland v England                          Date and KO to be confirmed

Scotland v France                      Date and KO to be confirmed

Season Passes are priced as follows:


Gold Sections                     Adult £310           Under 18 N/A

Silver Sections                   Adult £222           Under 18 £137

Bronze Sections                Adult £155           Under 18 £110


Any member wishing to purchase season passes through the club should contact the Ticket Secretary, Harvie Findlay ( no later than 22 May 2017 when payment will also be due. The club receives commission for all season passes sold.

Forms for individual Autumn Tests and for individual Six Nations matches will be issued to members in due course, probably in August 2017.