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November Lotto Winners

November Lotto Winners £100        W G Clark £50          I T Rankin £30          K McGowan Ian Rankin has won second prize (he’s used to that from his cup runs) and he has decided to donate it to Neil Dymock again.  In other news, no committee members have won this time! Expect a clean sweep from the […]

October Lotto Winners

October Lotto Winners £100        S Fraser £50          J Eadie £30          J Mussen   This months winners include Jon Mussen aka The Wolf, claiming third prize in the draw. He is said to be investing in equipment to help blow down the three little pigs’ house. The lotto runs every month, So if you fancy an […]

Lotto Winners for September

  September Lotto Winners £100 J H R Wright   £50 R McHoul £30 A W Stiven Now I’m not one to complain about a man of the caliber of former SRU presifent Harvey, winning. And Ron is in charge of Lunch on a Saturday, and everyone knows I like Lunch, so I can’t give […]

August Lotto Winners

Here are August’s lucky winners, featuring Kimbo Slice, Crazy Mason and a deranged dentist…… All clubhouse favourites, so we’re especially happy with this result. Also no committee members won, they must have been on their Holidays during August?   £100    –    K Barclay £50     –    D Mason £30     –    D Ogilvie   The lotto runs […]

July Mayfield Lotto Winners

Here are July’s lucky winners £100       W G Clark £50         J R Wallace £30         A W Stiven The Lotto has change bank details! To make things as painless as possible we have prepared Amend a Standing Order form  that the Bank assures me is accepted by all banks (this is for £10 per month, so should be changed if you […]

June Lotto Results

The lotto has always been a fair and transparent system, and is to be saluted for as a great fundraiser for the club.  This month, we see H-Bomb claim top spot, 2nd place wishes to remain anonymous, but has put down his alias and is perhaps one of the finest players Mayfield has ever produced. […]

May Lotto Winners

Here are May’s lucky winners £100      G G Tosh £50        M Scott £30        M B Lawson An absolute mockery of a sham again. Gerry, the club Secretary and Del Boy’s mum! What a shocker. Can we have a live feed to the draw or would that be too similar to Sir Rod Stewart in […]

Lotto ch-ch-ch changes

We all love bankers, don’t we. They are forever making life that bit easier…….. For reasons known only to the Royal Bank of Scotland, to maintain a cheque facility, it has become necessary to change the Lotto bank account from a Club Savings account to a Club Business account.  The reason given was “new regulations”.  […]

April Lotto Winners

Here are the lucky winners for April: Top Prize £100 Davie Mason 2nd Prize £50 Sandy Stiven 3rd Prize £30 Ron McHoul Ron gets the customary committee diddle, nice work Ron. But the big winner this month is everyone’s favourite aviation mechanic the godfather, Davie Mason. Here’s a picture of Davie, clearly delighted with his […]

March Lotto Winners

Here are the lucky winners for March: Top Prize  £100     I C Taylor 2nd Prize  £50       D Mair 3rd Prize   £30        G Robertson I C Taylor scoops the top prize, but I C Clearly that there is something afoot with the 3rd Place winner! One half of Dundee’s […]