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May Lotto Winners

May 18 Lotto Winners £100        D Scott £50          J H R Wright £30          A W Stiven Here’s the scores on the doors from George Dawes! The lotto runs every month, So if you fancy an extra hundie in your hippie why not give it […]

April Lotto Winners

April 18 Lotto Winners £100        J Robertson £50          G Robertson £30          T Dymock Someone called Roberston has finally won something at Mayfield….. And they’ve kept it in the family at spots 1 & 2, a team manager fiddling the finances again I hear you […]

March Lotto Winners

February Lotto Winners £100        R T Leslie £50          G F Ritchie £30          D A Smith Congratulations to the winners, remember I drink Jack…. Just leave it behind the bar and we’ll post a selfie on the website after collection. The lotto runs every month, […]

February Lotto Winners

February Lotto Winners £100        G Armstrong £50          S Roger £30          A Meek Some sequels are shockers, like Jaws 2 or Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo….  But some are cracking like T2: Judgement Day or the Empire Strikes Back. We have our own sequel, Benny 2, […]

January Lotto Winners

January Lotto Winners £100        A McP Nicol £70          A F McDonald £50          P A Arbuckle Second Prize smells like the Tsukiji market in July! The biggest crook with the second name McDonald since this guy: When will the committee streak end, you decide! Third place […]

December Lotto Winners

December Lotto Winners £100        I G Dickinson £70          A C Barber £50          M Scott The 2nd & 3rd Place winners got a wee extra £20 in December as a Christmas Bonus, so well done to them. No surprise that a committee member benefits from […]

November Lotto Winners

November Lotto Winners £100        W G Clark £50          I T Rankin £30          K McGowan Ian Rankin has won second prize (he’s used to that from his cup runs) and he has decided to donate it to Neil Dymock again.  In other news, no committee members have won this time! Expect a clean sweep from the […]

October Lotto Winners

October Lotto Winners £100        S Fraser £50          J Eadie £30          J Mussen   This months winners include Jon Mussen aka The Wolf, claiming third prize in the draw. He is said to be investing in equipment to help blow down the three little pigs’ house. The lotto runs every month, So if you fancy an […]

Lotto Winners for September

  September Lotto Winners £100 J H R Wright   £50 R McHoul £30 A W Stiven Now I’m not one to complain about a man of the caliber of former SRU presifent Harvey, winning. And Ron is in charge of Lunch on a Saturday, and everyone knows I like Lunch, so I can’t give […]

August Lotto Winners

Here are August’s lucky winners, featuring Kimbo Slice, Crazy Mason and a deranged dentist…… All clubhouse favourites, so we’re especially happy with this result. Also no committee members won, they must have been on their Holidays during August?   £100    –    K Barclay £50     –    D Mason £30     –    D Ogilvie   The lotto runs […]