TFI – Friday 21st December

This is NOT a TFI Friday™ notice. The last TFI Friday of the year was last week! So if you missed it that’s tough! You missed the most extravagant FREE Nibbles© provided by our favourite Hultoon hooswifey. Chipolatas done 9 ways will not be surpassed any time soon. Nobody won the guess the wine competition©. The bar opened at 5.36 and there was a rush of bar staff enjoying their Xmas night oot. “OOT of it” is a more accurate description. What is the collective noun for bar staff on their nite oot? The best was a “hooligan” of bar staff with a “BLOOTER of bar staff”  coming a close 2nd but a prize remains for a description that more accurately describes them? We will need to buy a new pole as the old one is bent. We did get some new interesting ways to ask for your P45. This week do NOT turn up. Its “aff”. CCTV footage is for sale on B/Ferry Gumtree. Cash only NO refunds. Viewer discretion deffo advised!

Rugby. Last Sat we travelled to Hamilton and won in atrocious conditions. Great result and great travelling support helped spur the lads on to victory then helped them relax on the way home on a reflective bus. This win ends our account this year in 9th place and our next home game is v Cartha Rfc on the 12th Jan 2019. Please get down to Mayfield to support our brave young men. There is also a game planned for 5th Jan v Dunfermline so please keep an eye on the website for details.

Please support live traditional music at the Presidents New Years Day party in the Clubhouse at Mayfield. It starts from 1.30 on the 1st Jan 2019 and please click here for more details. PS. Bring some chums!

The new Club vision for the next five years is being worked upon and we welcome any and all contributions from 3 strands of the club. The HIGH-Flying Eagles P1-P7) and Dundee Rugby Juniors S1 – U18’s) This is about improving Rugby in Dundee so please if you haven’t expressed already your interest to contribute do so by emailing me or any other committee sort. Be a part of the future.

All that remains is to wish all our members, sponsors, players, parents of players and especially our 120 or so volunteers, spread out across the 3 strands of our great club, a very merry Xmas and a happy and healthy New Year. This of course includes our friends and great supporters at Abertay University.

Gerry Tosh

TFI – Friday 14th December

Well here we are again as we approach the festive season and the thought of a New Year. What will it bring? New slippers? Brexit? Xmas cheer? Bacardi and diet coke with a slice of orange? Harry Redknapp to win a reality show? A win against Hamilton? Well maybe some of these but be careful what you wish for.

Last week’s TFI Friday’s wine tasting (world famous guess the wine competition) was inconclusive so no complete winner was adjudged, so the provider of this week’s donation is up for grabs. It could be you! If not…it will be me but please let me know to avoid double wine trouble. The bar will open at 5.34pm due to the traffic lights at Forfar Rd now been fixed.  FREE nibbles will again feature. Last week’s were really good provided by our favourite (sorry Neebs) Hulltoon resident. HOT hot hot and so were the nibbles! Boom boom!

This is the last TFI Friday of the year so it would be great to see as many as possible.

Rugby. Last Sat we hosted Gala and ran them close losing eventually by a single point. This week we travel to Hamilton needing a win to sign off for 2018.

The President’s New Years Day Party is Tuesday 1st Jan 2019 in the Clubhouse from 1.30 pm. This year we have a strong traditional music theme to look forward to. All the details here, Bring some chums, bring a few nibbles and bring a moothie. Celebrate the new year with a FREE drink at the bar and join in a song or three with yer pals.

Many thanks for all your support over the year for TFI Friday and all the events run by the Club. We take this opportunity to wish you a merry Xmas and a happy, healthy New Year.

TFI – Friday 7th December

Have you started your Xmas shopping yet? Did you participate in Red Friday, Black Monday and Cyber Tuesday? No? Me either! Just as well we have the distraction of another TFI Friday to keep us grounded. This week we have yet another TFI Friday™, as we do most weeks. There will be another belter of a wine to taste, a beautifully crafted and paired cheese to tickle your taste buds and of course some FREE nibbles© to enjoy at the bar. The aforesaid bar will open at 5.35pm a bit later than last week due to the snarl up caused by the Xmas shopping mayhem on Dock St.

Rugby. Last week we travelled to GHA who now are 2nd top of the league and although playing well at times eventually lost only for the 2nd time in 10 years there. Sat sees the visit of Gala RFC with the largest committee in Scottish Rugby keen to prove you can get more in a Gala committee man than an Asda trolley! Note to self….check the beer stock! The Titans are back in action at home this week and face Premier outfit B/Muir’s 3rd string the Bears. Dundee Morgan have a free week but are now back on top of their league. They have a full lunch club as we do on Saturday so there is plenty support for Rugby in Dundee.

The High School of Dundee U16’s played at Murrayfield on Wed night and narrowly lost to a stronger Watsons side. A great crowd mostly of Dundee supporters cheered the boys on. They must be very proud of their achievement as we are. Well done lads. Crown is the Crown.

Presidents New Years day Party is perhaps uncontroversially on New Years day (Tuesday 1st Jan) from 1.30pm and this year has a traditional music theme and loads ‘o singers, guitarists, fiddlers (musical), harpist (unconfirmed) and you will be delighted to know that the trombonist has a prior engagement elsewhere. Usual (a) FREE drink to welcome in the new year and some food provided but please bring a wee food parcel (times are tough) to share with your chums. Click here for more info

The Clubs vision meeting was held last Monday and we had a good attendance. If you would like to be involved and we hope you do, please get in touch as we want to get 5 or so task and finish groups established to explore in depth some of the important themes emanating from that meeting. Just pop me an email to

Hope you have a great Rugby weekend.

TFI – Friday 30th November

TFI Friday celebrates St. Andrews Night at Mayfield. We will be tasting an unusual Irn-Bru or whisky or wine. There will be a fantastic cheese paired with due care and attention. Last weeks from Switzerland had me yodelling for most of the week. It was also a belter of a wine! This week the bar opens at 5.33. Car parking will be at a premium but if you send me a £10 note I can fix it! Appropriate St. Andrews night nibbles will be shared so please bring your own donation. Listen out for the appropriate musical donation from a Hulltoon Hoosewife!

RUGBY. We travel to Glesga to play GHA with a 2pm KO. Please check the website before travel as the weather might claim the points due to incessant rain in the west. The Titans don’t have a game but Morgan host Arbroath another 2pm KO.

The Club Vision evening is on at Mayfield in the glasshouse on Monday 3rd Dec at 7pm and all are invited to be there. Come and be part of the Clubs Vision for the future. If you need a bribe to come we might have some tea or coffee. Irresistible I know!

Have a great weekend.

TFI – Friday 23rd November

How is your moustache growing for Movember? I hope it is not interfering with your ability to taste wine and nibbles? Of course, we hope you can do that unfettered by a huge facial hair growth! This TFI Friday™ the bar opens at 5.38 due to the traffic at Dura St. Horrendous I agree! There will be FREE nibbles©, there will be a wine to taste paired magnificently with a cheddar cheese!

Rugby. Breaking news the Cup game v Ayr has been cancelled. The Titans don’t have a game this week and Dundee Morgan have a trip to Grangemouth which has a KO at 2pm.

Scotland v the Argies will be shown in the Clubhouse on the multi screened multi media surround sound experience. The game KO is 2.30 and the bar opens at 2pm.

Remember and trim that moustache!

TFI – Friday 9th November

Sure like me you are glad Halloween and Guy Fawkes is over and done and looking forward to other events. Important events like this weeks TFI Friday! This week the bar opens at 5.34pm as the Tay Bridge has speed restrictions and some high sided vehicles are banned. If coming from Forfar its not our problem. There will be FREE nibbles© for everyone’s enjoyment. Last weeks wine supplied by the Clubs Sherry connoisseur was a belter of a Cote du Rhone paired magnificently with a Swiss Gruyere cheese. Very clever! The adjudged winner was our Ecclesiastical representative of Broughty Ferry who will no doubt supply a divine wine and holy cheese this week perhaps Emmental? We must wait and see.

Rugby. Kelso last week, we went we saw we didn’t conquer but this week we have a chance to put things right when we play against Aberdeen Grammar. The game will be played at Morgan RFC ground at Alloway Place and the early KO is 12 o’clock midday. The points are important but we also compete for the Dallas Allardice Trophy again. Dundee are the current holders. The Titans game v Currie Chieftains 2’s is also at Morgan and similarly the KO is at the same time (12 midday) on a different pitch! Dundee High Rugby famed lunch Club is also at Morgan this week and unusually the lunch is post the match so the Scorecast should be won by everybody! Don’t worry we will think of something!

Mid term elections causing a bit of a Stormy this week. What will it mean to US? Answers on a £10 note to King St. See what I did there? (ED not really!)

Mayfield Rugby Club House will be open after the game and you will be able to watch Scotland v Fiji on the multi screened dynamic sound system. The International KO is 2.30pm. It’s a sell out at Murrayfield so come along to the Club and watch it there.

Hope you have a great Rugby weekend.

TFI – Friday 2nd November

Bit later than usual but the message is clear. TFI Friday™ is on at the Clubhouse which is open from 5.29pm because my heating in the house is dodgy. FREE nibbles shall once again feature, as will the world-famed “Guess the Wine Competition©” this week’s wine provided by a club elder statesman and SherryJ expert from the Ferry. There will be cheese.

Rugby. Last week Kirkcaldy visited and we came out on top eventually. Great result but another tough opportunity this week as we travel to Kelso with both teams. KO at Kelso is 1pm. Dundee Morgan v Waid RFC KO 2pm at Alloway Place. Good luck to all our players. Dundee Rugby Juniors Quiz night is on at Morgan Clubhouse on Friday 7pm for 7.30pm and a strong Dundee High team will be there. Still room for some more.

Wherever you enjoy your Rugby this weekend….have a good one!

TFI – Friday 26th October

It’s fright night, a scary Halloween TFI Friday special with many surprises! You will need to come along and find out what they are but trust me! (Did you actually say trust you? ED) Could be a red wine from Transylvania or Bulls Blood from Bulgaria but whatever it is be prepared for a real right fricht! The cheese will also be a surprise…….if its not a Cheddar from Scotland! But it will be scary that’s for sure. FREE frightening nibbles© on the bar…might be unusual….only saying! Bar opens at 5.34pm.

Rugby. Last Sat we came second at Musselburgh in both games. This week we host Kirkcaldy at home and the Titans don’t have a game. Dundee Morgan are away to Angus Development.

Dates for your diary. The annual Burns Night is on Friday 1st Feb. The Dundee Rugby Junior dinner is Friday 8th March 2019 at the Invercarse Hotel as is the Dundee High Rugby inaugural Hall of fame Dinner is Fri 24th May. The Irish Lunch in the Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh is on Sat 9th Feb. For all bookings or enquiries please contact, Bill Campbell, Derek Lawson or Gerry Tosh.

Volunteers always wanted. Come and join in with the Merry Men of Mayfield. Loads to do! Contact your favourite committee person or if in doubt get in touch with me.

This week in history. In 1962 JFK offered Nikita Khrushchev a square go. The Cuban missile crisis was a worrying time for the world. Good job that’s all sorted then! Enter stage right The Donald…….. what could possibly go Pete Tong? In 1881 Pablo Picasso was born after his father made a short trip to Dundee to attend the inaugural dinner of the newly formed DHSFPRFC. We have no more details but Mr Picasso who spoke at the event was a very good dancer and attended the old Palais as it was and made “friends” with a few locals! Also in 1881 the shoot out at the OK coral took place. Wyatt Earp a promising open side had promised to join the High School side. Doc Halliday played a major part in this episode and has continued so to do.

Have a great weekend and a scary Halloween.

TFI – Friday 19th October

Another week another wine winding its weary way to Mayfield con queso obviously. The bar opens at the later time of 5.33 pm due to Stobswell roadworks. When will it end? Good question number 3. FREE nibbles as usual on the bar. If you feel you can contribute please don’t fight against your instincts.

There is a Gin tasting starting at 7.30pm in the Glasshouse organised by the “Rev” Ken and there might still be space. It includes a musical element by the famed Vintage Girls and of course Gin. Contact Ken for details at Ken Andrew –

Rugby. Last week saw the Firsts outgunned by table toppers Jed Forest but the Titans beat a plucky Biggar side. Dundee Morgan also came up short against Rosyth. This week Firsts and Titans have a trip to Musselburgh who are going well this season. Dundee Morgan host Crieff. So another tough day in prospect but lets hope the injury gods are on our side this week.

Lets hope for 3 great victories and a splendid weekends Rugby.

TFI – Friday 5th October

This Friday at the clubhouse is, after last week’s break, TFI Friday! We look forward to welcoming you there. There will Free nibbles on the bar. An indifferent wine to taste and of course a nicely paired cheese. If you want to contribute some nibbles please feel free. Doors open at 5.30 watch out for traffic lights on Forfar Rd.

Rugby. Last week we traveled to Cartha and brought back a bonus point win. This week we host Selkirk with also the Titans in action v Selkirk. Dundee Morgan play Aberfeldy away, all games KO at 3 pm.

Have a great weekend.

Gerry Tosh