Dundee Womens Rugby Big announcement

Over the past few months Dundee Womens Rugby have, like others, faced many hardships. We have not let this destroy us, instead we have used this time to come together as a team, showing unity and strength. Our team wants our brand to be recognised not only in Dundee but across the rugby community. We are so pleased to finally announce our official rebranding of the Dundee Womens Rugby to Dundee Rugby Valkyries.

We wanted a name that emphasised the strength of our team. The term Valkyrie comes from Norse Mythology and translates so “chooser of the slain”, they are a group of women who were sent to the battlefields by Odin to choose the warriors who were worthy of a place in Valhalla. And we think this type of badassery describes our team completely.

Please welcome the Dundee Valkyries!!!

Last but certainly not least, each and every one of us would like to give a HUGE thank you to Katy Wood who is the very talented artist who designed our logo. This wouldn’t ever have been possibility without her!

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