Clash of the Clans

Winter is coming…. or preseason is!

5 Noble houses go head to head in their own game of thrones. Dundee & Dundee Morgan split their players into their own “houses” for an inter district reps challenge.

The stakes are always high when it comes to bragging rights and this Saturday morning these teams went head to head.


North ⬆️🏔🐒
(Montrose/Forfar/ Arbroath/up proper mad north)
Fraz/Alston/Keeks/Tom/Connor S/Stu Kirk/Rory C/

Dundee Group 1 🏗🏭
Hammy/Doc/Matty C/Thumb/Reidy/Danny/Gus T

Dundee Group 2 🌉🍯
Tay-Tay/Lemmon/Bagga/Dan/Struan /Ceillem/Ryan Gibb/ Dave Mel/ Ian lockhart/

Just outsiders (Fife/Over bridge/Blair/Clacks/Just down road)
Group 1
Addie/Julz/Vadeir/Fish/Fraz/Blair/John McLaren/Gav Ross/

Group 2🌅⚓️
Carl/Nicholl/Dougie/Calum/Liam/Goldy/Connor C/swan/Matt W

The students/exiles 👨🏼‍🎓👲🏼🏴‍☠️
Try to make 2 groups of over 8 in a group.
Rhu/Rory M/Scott B/
Dosi /Seb/Hoffie/Daisy/Connor lane/Harrison Fry/Elton/Tommy


Coach Hammy Hamilton said:

“Lads worked together in small groups on zoom. In an inter district battle of as many reps as possible for 30 minutes!

With the north sector coming out on top this morning!
The students came 4th in a very close fight and now need to drag themselves for a mile run/jog”

Just like the students to bring up the rear, hit the road lads! Until next week.


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