75 Years Old

The Royal Hotel, Dundee hosted the clubs 75th birthday bash on Friday, October 14, 1955 chaired by the now club president, George Ritchie and attended by the SRU president Mr R Marr Meldrum. The day after the dinner the Courier noted, ‘Dundee HSFP have an honourable record of rugby sportsmanship and performance’ and the club managed to field 16 hardy souls to face Aberdeen Wanderers at Dalnacraig.

From October 25, 1955, the club was able to train under floodlights for the first time, unfortunately the benefits were not immediately noticeable as a couple of months later, Panmure made a successful raid at Dalnacraig, winning 22 – 3.

Bill McHugh returned from Sweden where he had introduced the game of rugby to locals in Malmo while engaged in dental research. Bill went on to become club president and is one of the founders of the annual Laurie-McHugh Kicking Cup.

1956/57, Back ( L to R) – Dewar, Singer, Kelly, Murchie, Laurie, Lyle, Byer
Middle – Stewart, Milne (VC), Cuthill (C), Robertson, Anderson
Front – Donald, McLean

In 1959, six-times capped, W Dallas Allardice joined DHS as sports master and became a great friend of the FP’s eventually rising to the position of Club President. In the same year the school bought Monymusk Playing Fields which became the FP’s home ground, the first game being against Glenalmond on October 13, 1959.

Into the swinging 60’s and the team photo’s have a few weel kent faces from the current club membership amongst them, including a young Chris Rea who went on to debut for Scotland in 1968 against Australia and play in the two games against England in 1971 (the second celebrating the centenary of that particular fixture)

1963-64 Back (L – R) – D M Nicol, V A Barron, D Hardie, R T Leslie, T A C Winton, B D McLeod, N G Stewart
Middle – R Sellars, R D Byer, G G Burnett, D K Wright, J H R Wright (C), I C A Reoch (VC), K H Wood, N G Byer, J Colleta
Front – E C Reoch, J C Scott, J W Anderson, R I Adamson, C W W Rea, D M Small

During the sixties (and into the nineties), Dundee Rugby Club fielded city selects against strong opposition with a view to furthering the standard of rugby played by clubs in the city. Opposition came from some of the top Scottish club sides of the time but also included home and away matches against Dundee’s twin city of Orleans in France. Dundee HSFP provided many players for the select sides of this time, with Gordy Low being the captain of the last Dundee Select which played in the early 1990s. The FP’s were also well represented in several successful Dundee Seven’s squads.