No doubt inspired by Abertay’s Louis Auldjo, Dundee’s first international footballer,Dundee High School Former Pupils’ Rugby Football Club was formed in 1880 by a group of schoolfriends and rugby afficioandos , David Hynd, David Hutchison and Tom Ferguson, the principals of the affectionately monikered ‘Maryfield Gangafter the scrap of wasteland on which they would play after school’. With no sport on the school curriculum in the 19th century, the boys passionately followed local teams Abertay and Red Cross and upon leaving school met in ‘The Victoria‘ coffee house and decided to form their own team.

That meeting produced the first office bearers of the club:

1st XV

Captain: David M Hutchison
Sub-Captain and Secretary: Thomas C Ferguson
Treasurer: David Hynd
Committee: Herbert Bell, James Martin, David Robertson

2nd XV

Captain: Alexander Hynd
Sub-Captain: G. Stevenson
Secretary: William Ross

This part of the website will try to navigate the club’s timeline using memorable moments, characters and events, of which there a great many, as historic stepping stones. Hopefully we will provide a colourful series of snapshots to give you a flavour of all that has been achieved since messrs Hynd, Hutchison and Ferguson held their historic meeting in ‘The Victoria‘ coffee house, November 23, 1880.

Inevitably there will be people and memories we miss, so the club welcomes any contributions from players and members (past and present) who have any information we can use.