Club Rugby League Structure Season 2019/20

Your questions answered

Following the MacColl Governance Report, the SRU SGM on 22 March, and our win at Kirkcaldy last week, which guarantees we will not be relegated, a few members and supporters have been asking about the league structure for club rugby next season, and in  particular Dundee High Rugby’s place in it.

Q. How many teams will be in the top leagues?

The Premiership remains as a 10 team league, and National One as a 12 team league.


Q. Who will be in these leagues next season?

The Premiership next season will consist of the four non-Super 6 Premiership Clubs (Currie, Hawks, Hawick and Edinburgh Accies), plus the top 6 clubs in National 1, currently Marr, Jed, GHA, Selkirk, Aberdeen Grammar and Gala.

National One will consist of the “club” sides of the six Super 6 clubs (Ayr, Melrose, Heriots, Watsonians, Boroughmuir and Stirling), plus those clubs in positions 7 – 10 in National 1 this season (currently Musselburgh, Kelso, Dundee High Rugby and Cartha), plus 2 clubs promoted from National 2 (currently Biggar & Highland). The clubs in 11th  and 12th place in National 1 go down to National 2 (currently Kirkcaldy and Hamilton). So we get to play the club sides of the likes of Melrose, Ayr etc next season!


Q. What about promotion and relegation?

From next season onwards, only 1 club will be promoted from National 1 to the Premiership, with no 2nd place play off. 2 teams will be relegated from National One.


Q. What about the Cup?

It looks like we may be in a slightly expanded Scottish Cup again next season (i.e. the top Scottish competition) but that is not yet finalised.


Q. What else?

A lot of thought is now being given to any player movement between the S6 semi pro teams, and club sides. Playing down from S6 in the Premier League/National 1 seems out meantime, playing up is still being considered.  “Amateurism” for players below the Super 6 level has meantime been postponed for a season until 2020/21, and a lot of debate around that issue is sure to happen over the next 12 months.


Q. And the Titans?

At Reserve team level, consultation is ongoing about structure for next season, including possibly greater regionalisation of Reserve Leagues etc. At present, our Titans are 1 point above relegation, but with the team below us, Selkirk A, having one game left to play.


Q. What about Dundee Morgan?

They finished second in Caledonia 3, and will play in that League again next season.


Q. And our 2 junior sections?

Dundee Rugby Juniors (S1 – U18) will once more play in Tier 3 of the SRU Conferences next season, and girls rugby there is also beginning to take root. And Dundee Eagles (P1 – P7) will once more be starting our future 1st XV players out on their rugby journey, on their usual Sunday morning slot!

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