December Lotto Winners

December Lotto Winners

£100        I G Dickinson
£70          A C Barber
£50          M Scott

The 2nd & 3rd Place winners got a wee extra £20 in December as a Christmas Bonus, so well done to them. No surprise that a committee member benefits from this little boost again. We’re onto you Matt Scott! Alec Barber gets no thrills from Champagne but perhaps this will have him in a good mood.

Well done to long time supporter Ian Dickinson in scooping top prize. No doubt this will go towards some fishing tackle or some libations to enjoy on the next fishing trip!

This is our favourite fisherman

The lotto runs every month, So if you fancy an extra hundie in your hippie why not give it a shot? Visit the lotto page here for details on how to enter

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