Discovery Challenge 2021

Well what a journey! We made it from Dundee to Antarctica and back again, a total of 20246.74 miles.
In doing so, so far we have raised an incredible £15,246, and more is still coming in as we will leave the go fund me account live for a few days yet. So if you want to get in a last minute donation, we would be thrilled.
We set out to just get to Antartica, but pretty soon we realised we had underestimated our fantastic participants and decided to do the return journey too.

Accross all sections of the club,

Dundee Eagles Rugby Club, Dundee Rugby, Morgan Rugby Club, Dundee High Rugby, and Dundee Valkyrie

We absolutely smashed the required milage and have gathered a phenomenal amount of money.

The generosity we have seen from our athletes supporters has been nothing short of remarkable. We can’t begin to express how grateful we truly are.
To the athletes, what can we say.
You have done your club proud.
You have walked, run, swim, rowed, cycled, roller skated, skate boarded, snow boarded, walked on your hands, gone outside in the snow, rain, frost, wind and dark. We have had incidents and accidents and some incredible team spirit. We had marathons, 4x4x48 hour challenges, we had Addie Weir exercising. What a time to be involved in Dundee Rugby.
Perhaps the most heartening thing of all is how everyone has worked together for this total, which even caught the attention of Murrayfield who passed on their message of congratulations.
Once the fund is finally closed, we will be using the funds to go towards our planned newly formed rugby club and importantly 20% of everything raised goes to Togs for Tots.
Togs do work in the area that really makes a difference and we are so proud to be supporting them in this manner. We plan to follow up with them to show how this will help their organisation.

Time for a period of reflection and to put the feet up for a well deserved rest, Captain Scott would no doubt approve.

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