Discovery Challenge

Starting 8th February 2021

It is now 2021 and 120 years since Captain Robert Falcon Scott, accompanied by, among others, that other famous explorer Ernest Shackleton, sailed aboard the Discovery for the 1901 to 1904 Discovery Antarctic Expedition. As many will know the Discovery, was built especially for this expedition in Dundee and sailed from there to the Antarctic for this expedition, the precursor to the more famous Terra Nova Expedition.

To mark this occasion and in recognition of his achievements a delegation from Dundee rugby in Association with Local charity Togs for Tots are taking on their own Discovery Challenge.

The occasion is being marked by those that have stepped up collectively covering the 10,123.37 miles (being the distance from Dundee to the South Pole) either by running, walking, cycling, rowing, skating or indeed using many other novel and original modes of transport all between the 8th of February and the 10th of March 2021.

The challenge has already garnered support from a full cross-section of the Dundee rugby community with participants from Dundee High School FP, Morgan RFC, the Dundee Valkyries, Dundee Rugby (Juniors), and the Dundee Eagles with players, coaches, committee, sponsors and members alike all threatening to don the Lycra and rack up some miles for the cause.

The funds raised will be applied to support rugby at all levels across the participating elements of the clubs and of all the money raised 20% will be passed over to our Charity Partner Togs for Tots.

Togs for Tots is a local charity which provides aid to families and community groups in and around the city of Dundee. Togs runs similarly to the foodbank concept, receiving donations from the public and distributing them to children suffering from the effects of poverty. Requests (or referrals) are submitted to them through an online form by a professional who can vouch for the child’s level of need and after a request for help is received and approved a package is tailored to the needs of the child.

After the Annus Horribilis that was 2020 we wanted as a group to use the start of 2021 as a springboard to raise spirits and it is hoped that the fun element which the athletes will bring to their miles, and with your support , the rewards of giving to our charity partner and indeed the tots who need it most, will carry us through what has already been a trickier start to the year than we had anticipated.

The club has set up a go fund me page and every individual participating will be reaching out to their friends, family, colleagues and social network to back them through this challenge. Regular updates will be posted on social media and we hope that you will enjoy tracking our trip to the South Pole with interest.




Q: I want to take part how do I do that?

A: Contact Head Coach Alan Brown and he will allocate you to a team

Alan Brown
Mobile: 07521 598373    Email:


Q: What a great initiative. Where do I donate?

A:  You can donate here,  remember to select who referred you to our fundraising effort as there will be rewards for participants who raise the most money.


Q: I’m having trouble joining the go fund me team, what do I do?

A: See this helpful guide. GoFundMe page guidance

Q: How do I log my miles?

A: Join Strava,, create a profile and join one both our running club and cycling club:

Running Club

Cycling Club

When ever you do an activity track it with strava or upload it after. This will add to your club and update your monthly total.


Q: What if I can’t use Strava?

A: Keep a note of your milage and update your team captain weekly


Q: Can I log other activities other than Cycling or Running on Strava

A: Yes but you will have to manually input the milage and log it as running or cycling, if in doubt tell your team captain.


Q: Should I share my own story on milage etc on Social Media?

A: Yes, we love that. Spread it far and wide, but remember to tag our clubs and togs, also use the following hashtags if you can


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Q: Am I supposed to have fun?

A: Yes! go out and smash it!