Dundee Rugby included in Edinburgh’s Blitz event


Each season Edinburgh Rugby run a number of BLITZ events which consist of their full squad going out into the community and engaging with junior clubs through player appearances at youth and mini training sessions. Their next BLITZ event, on Wednesday the 14th March will see their squad spread across the Fife and Dundee region and Dundee Rugby have been selected to be a part of this day.

As well as having the opportunity to have a selection of the Edinburgh squad assist with our training session we will also receive a club commission discount form which can be used at Edinburgh’s following home game against Ulster the weekend of the 6th April.

We have been warned – the Edinburgh players will come ready to really get stuck in to assisting with a training session! These events can be a great way to spark a new love for the game amongst youngsters or consolidate a lifelong passion for the game by creating lasting memories, and here’s hoping as many as possible of our Dundee Rugby Juniors get a chance to take part with the Edinburgh stars

– including possibly our very own Alasdair Dickinson..

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