Georgia on my mind……

Georgia is located in the Cuacasus region of Eurasia and it boasts vehicles, ferro-alloys, fertilizers, nuts, scrap metal, gold, copper ores as their main exports. But the experts have it all wrong.

Their biggest and best export is without doubt Shotkina Tskobrabashvili.

Shota, was part of the successful Dundee team of Season 2008/2009 where Dundee achieved promotion to Premier One, coming straight back up after relegation in the 2007/2008 Season. He was also the first Georgian to play for Dundee.

We thought we’d catch up with the Georgian Bear to reflect on his time in Dundee and see what he is doing now.

DR: First of all how are you, and where are you now?

ST: I’m great, I’m back home in Tbilisi having recently moved from France.

DR: Brilliant, are you still playing rugby now?

ST: Yes I’m still playing for Junkers RC, and I think this will be my final club. Having moved around a bit and played professionally.

DR: What is your proudest rugby moment

ST: Playing for Georgia will always be the best for me.

DR:  What about your time in Dundee, did you enjoy that and who was your favourite player?

ST: For me it was so friendly situation and I remember everything from that year. It was very important in my rugby career. I learned lot of from Dundee club and this experience helped me very much to move onto the next stage in my rugby career and I’m very grateful for the opportunity. I was very grateful  for the friendly acceptance and encouragement I received and  which I will never forget.


My two favourite players were Alan Brown and Andy Dymock.

DR: Well it’s clear you have absolutely no taste what so ever, what about Clark’s bakery what was your order of choice?

ST: I can’t remember to be honest, but I loved the pasta we got after training.

DR: And do any nights out live long in your memory?

ST: I loved every night out with my team mates, but one just before Christmas when we were surprised with Santa’s helpers was the best!


Although not making a living from Rugby anymore Shota, 30 years old, is now a PR manager for a local company in Tibilisi. He is also now a family man with a wife and two young boys, Nugo-Tarash and Teiumuraz.

He’s come a long way from hitting the D Floor in Newcastle with Big Red and chewing Garlic, to remedy his cold, on the sofa of Alcatraz.

It’s great to hear from Shota, and to hear he has fond memories of his time in the city of Discovery and who knows hopefully he’s not the last Georgian to play for the crown.


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