Gerry is an Ambassador………..

SRU U20’s Ambassador role.  An interview with Neil Dymock

The Rugby Club is proud to note that Dundee ex Pres Gerry Tosh has been elected to the Scottish Rugby Council as a member representing National 1 league.

ND:What was he looking forward to achieving in his new role?

GT:, “Scottish Rugby and grassroot sport in particular must be promoted more widely in the community and anything I can do to foster that ambition on a national scale will be rewarding.”

ND: How are things at BT Murrayfield?

GT: “there is a lot of great work going on at HQ and there are some excellent staff all working towards supporting grass root rugby.  The commercial side of the business is also progressing well attracting sponsorship and new TV money.”

ND: Covid 19 effectively closed down Rugby how are the plans shaping up regarding the return to play protocols?

GT: “there is a huge effort from BTM and almost daily meetings of the Threat Management Group (TMG) and they are working their way through the minutia of rules and communicating effectively with the Clubs on a weekly basis. It’s a great sight and you have implemented this really well at Mayfield in your role as the Club Covid 19 officer.”

ND: I hear you have been appointed as Ambassador to the Scotland U20 side.  What’s that all about and what are you looking forward to?

GT:“Well it’s a huge honour and I am delighted with the responsibility which is not that onerous.  It is largely a diplomatic role and I cant think of anyone more suited to diplomacy than me!”  “The answer to your other question is a large Gin and Tonic. Seriously I think it mostly involves representing the SRU at games and events.  Shaking lots of hands, when we eventually get back to that, but in the meantime bumping plenty of elbows!

ND: One last question, are you missing being President at Dundee and how are the guys doing who took over?

GT: “Well I am still involved with the new hospitality group and in a new initiative establishing a charitable arm of the Club along with two other ex-presidents, Sandy Macdonald and Ken Andrew. This will be a great initiative for Dundee and I am delighted to still be involved.   The new regime under the leadership of Derek Black (Pres) and Billy Gartley (VP) are exactly what the Club needs now along with some new younger blood and will do well going into this new chapter of Rugby in Dundee.

Rugby is changing in Dundee and I will be a part of that for as long as I can contribute to its development. I was delighted to be involved in bringing Alan Brown back to Dundee.


There is a great team involved including yourself as Rugby Convenor and Colin Sangster as DOR.  I really believe Dundee can get back up to the Premiership and look forward very much to seeing that.”

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