It’s goodbye and good luck from me and its cheerio from him!

Dear all,

I chaired my last general committee meeting tonight with mixed emotions after 11 years or so as President and a bit longer as a committee member. I pass the baton as President on to Derek Black who has all the experience and wisdom needed to take our great club forward into a crucial phase which will be dealing with the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic and hopefully the recovery phase of reintroducing club rugby to our members and players. It will be a challenge and we need to give all the support possible to the new committee.

I wrote in my Presidents report to our AGM that it had been a pleasure most of the time and a privilege all the time to serve this great Rugby Club. The support from the vast majority of the club has been heart-warming to me personally and for that I thank you sincerely.  Of course some things didn’t go as well as they might have! We all make mistakes!

The support from a few people need special thanks.

Sandy MacDonald


Sandy MacDonald has served this Rugby Club well as player, committee member, President and Vice President.

Ken Andrew

Ken Andrew has served the Club magnificently in the same capacities as Sandy.

I thank them both for their endless great work ethic and their friendship and wise council over many years. Quite simply put I could not have fulfilled my President role without them both. I also thank all the ex Presidents who are still involved in running this great Club. They still do a fantastic job as volunteers.  Sandy, Ken and myself would like to continue our involvement going forward in a number of ways.

Rob Lunn

I must also make mention of Rob Lunn’s great stint as secretary. He has done a really good job so many thanks Rob. Two specific areas we will help with going forward.  One we will form a new offline committee chaired by Billy Gartley.  This will be called the hospitality group and will look after all the lunches and dinners that the Club organises for the next 2 years and most of the fundraising.  The other main task will be to establish a Charitable arm that raises money for Rugby in Dundee.  This is intended to put our Club in a more sustainable financial position in years to come. More details on this as we move forward but please keep in mind this needs support of all of us including the much wider community and business.  If you think you can help in this endeavour, please get in touch. On another personal note I have been elected to the SRU Council as the rep for Nat 1 which is another challenge in difficult times.

The support of our Club sponsors has been amazing over all the years that I have been involved and for that I thank them all. I must single out Thorntons for special thanks.  Thorntons who are a real local success story have supported us superbly. Many, many thanks to them.  Thanks though must go to all our regular sponsors, members, friends of the Club and supporting members who support the many functions the club organise.  It’s a great wider community and the Club has worked very hard over the years to foster that good will.  The successful appointment of our Business development manager Bill Campbell has been phenomenally successful and will continue to build a new commercial dept at the Club. One of Bills initiatives is the Foundation Membership which has the prospect of funding the Club for many years.  Please support this great initiative when given the opportunity!

The new committee will have its challenges so please offer your support in any way you can.  That might be through volunteering and if you can that is an amazing, rewarding way to be involved.  You might find other ways to help such as supporting club events and initiatives.  You could also pay your sub timeously and that would be much appreciated.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the next lunch club and on the touch line as we give the referees the benefit of our combined knowledge. Until then many thanks.


Gerry Tosh


Dundee High Rugby.

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