Bruce the Pug

There have been some rumblings of discontent among the great and good members of the rugby club this festive season.

Cries of discrimination and cold heartedness concerning a much loved pooch, Bruce the Pug.

He has been quashed by committee men, snubbed by office bearers and ignored by officials. Comments include, “he doesn’t deserve to be a member”and rumors flying thick and fast about how Bruce “only wants to take advantage of 2 meals for a tenner at the West House” ringing loud and clear!

In response to these rumors and his maltreatment Bruce has issued the following statement to our President:


Dear President Dundee High Rugby (Mr Fraser Clarkson)


I write on a subject that I believe is very serious. It is that of discrimination. I am sure that this is a subject no one should put up with. I realise it is a bone of contention. I am under 18 so I get in to all rugby games free. However my membership has been refused on the basis there is no category for the likes of me and it is this I bring to your attention. It feels sometimes as if I am chasing my tail and being hounded out. I have a letter penned ready to be sent to the Court at Strasbourg dependant on your answer. I believe neither of us courts adverse publicity. I have collared around 50 names so far that support my membership but I know there are many more pending. I think all the players including the captain Alan (Dawg) Brown would support my application and many of the members. I am told you may refer to them as “bufties”.

I earnestly hope that you consider my letter and assure you I will be dogged in my determination for justice. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Yours in Rugby




This message has been penned by a responsible person as I have some complex learning difficulties. I confirm it is ex-President Gerry Tosh, (I feel Gerry was the best President the club ever had until you), who always welcomes me and makes a fuss of me every time he sees me at Mayfield and at all the away games. I ask you to use him as my principle communication. I am told there is a campaign soon to be mounted.

For those of you who wish to support Bruce, please leave you comments below with #justice4bruce, alternatively like or share on Facebook

An official webpage is to follow and a highly anticipated promo video from Allan “Spielberg” Thomson.

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