March Lotto Winners

Here are the lucky winners for March:
Top Prize  £100     I C Taylor
2nd Prize  £50       D Mair
3rd Prize   £30        G Robertson
I C Taylor scoops the top prize, but I C Clearly that there is something afoot with the 3rd Place winner!

Guv (L) Yan (R)

One half of Dundee’s version of the Cheeky Girls, retired player and full time team manager Gav Robertson pockets 30 Squid.  I wonder if he’s making a profit off they bobble hats an a’?
Some of the playing squad have indicated that it might help him fund a date for the ball, the author of this post couldn’t possibly comment, but on yersel Guvan!
Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it. If you fancy an extra hundy in your hippie, get involved in the Mayfield Lotto. Please follow this link for your standing order form 

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