Dundee HSFP v Selkirk, Mayfield , 16th September 2017

Match Report

Dundee HSFP v Selkirk, Mayfield , 16th September 2017


President Tosh’s witty and exceptionally funny address, delivered in his inimitable style , to the Lunch Club guests in the Mayfield clubhouse got the pre match entertainment off to a splendid start . There were several well kent faces at the Lunch Club, none more welcome that Campbell Cunningham, the Dundee flanker who suffered a broken ankle in the previous home match . Your reporter is delighted to confirm that Campbell is in good spirits and looking to get fit again as soon as possible. They make them tough in the Marines……..

The prematch chat amongst the Mayfield faithful was the need for Dundee to get a home victory against Selkirk, following the close defeat at Gala the previous week. However, it was noted that Selkirk had enjoyed a good start to the season , with 2 wins out of 2 against Musselburgh and Aberdeen Grammar.

The Dundee starting line-up showed a number of changes from the team that played Gala.  Ronan was out with a back injury, young Cammie Mathieson replaced Chris Cartnell at hooker and there were welcome returns for George Arnot  and Danny Levison . Big bad Broonie was also a late call off, with Lewis McLean replacing him and Neil Dymock taking Lewis’s place on the bench.

Unfortunately –  in fact , more than unfortunately –  certainly sadly and even bordering on the tragically  – came the news that  the fans favourite and potential match winner Ice would be missing from the Dundee line up for the next 3 months as his latest Army assignment takes him to Cyprus. Whilst it is recognised that Defence of the Realm is important, surely with United Kingdom’s official terror threat alert having been raised to critical this week, a role could have been found for Ice within these shores………………

There were audible gasps from the crowd as Dundee took the field , for the first time resplendent in their new change strip , a bright orange/tangerine/old gold (more of which later). It was certainly distinctive and certainly could not be confused with Selkirk’s comparatively dowdy blue strip.

Once again, the Mayfield crowd got 2 games for the price of one, with Dundee Titans facing Selkirk on the bottom pitch. The return of the University students had resulted in a healthy turn out at training, with coaching and management team of Clinton Davey, Ian Robertson and Jimmy Michie having a strong team out.

The Ist XV match got under way, with the play concentrated in midfield for the opening exchanges. It was noted that Selkirk had some big units in their team and they looked very comfortable in possession. Early on, it became apparent that this was going to be no repetition of Dundee’s 60 point win the last time Selkirk came to Mayfield.

However, it was Dundee who took the lead after 10 minutes. Following a ruck outside their 22, the Selkirk 10 did the wrong thing –  he aimed his clearing kick in the direction of Danny Levison. Danny took the ball on the run , bounced one Selkirk player out of the way , sidestepped another and the gave a well timed pass for Danny McGinn to sprint for the line. Danny was caught, but the ball was recycled for Neil Turnbull to rumble over the line.

Fraser McKay added the conversion. 7-0 to Dundee 10 mins.

Following the restart , Selkirk enjoyed a period of sustained pressure , retaining possession admirably. However a loose pass on the Dundee 22 was intercepted by Fraser McKay who set off for the long sprint to the Selkirk line. As he made it past the Selkirk 22 , it seemed likely that he would be caught by the Selkirk winger , but remarkably Fraser got there to score between the posts.

He then dusted himself down and made a successful conversion. 14-0 Dundee 15 mins.

While 2 converted tries in the first 15 minutes is a good start in any match, there was still an uneasy feeling amongst the Dundee support on the touchline as Selklrk had by far more possession, and , as in previous weeks , the penalty count against Dundee was mounting.

The Dundee defence was impressive, but after 25 minutes the inevitable happened when hooker Forrest scored in the corner . This was converted by Banks . 14-7 Dundee.

At this point, Danny McGinn limped off to be replaced by Jack Paladini , son of well known Broughty Ferryite Sandro. Jack is an ex captain of the Dundee High school team and Dundee Eagles and he received a warm welcome from the crowd –  it is always good when one of “your ain” return.

Selkirk continued to dominate, spreading the ball wide to their wingers, who then brought the ball back in to be moved again, with newcomers Dama and Wagner  –  unlikely to have been of pure Borders stock but certainly giving their all for the Selkirk jersey  –  to the fore.

This tactic was stretching the Dundee defence as it was no surprise when centre McColm scored a try for Selkirk.  The conversion was missed . 14-12 Dundee.

2 minutes later, Selkirk scored again, with a couple of missed tackles enabling winger Hendrie to score in the corner.  17-14 Selkirk, 35 minutes gone.

The Dundee support at this stage had turned grumpy, having witnessed the match go pear-shaped, and the earlier 14-0 lead being wiped out

However, smiles were soon back in evidence , as in what seemed like their first attack for around half an hour , Dundee retained their lead with a try by Dundee flanker Paddy Hamilton. The conversion was missed, followed by the half time whistle.

Half Time – Dundee 19 Selkirk 17.

The new Dundee strip was the talk of the steamie at half time , with differing views as  to the both the attractiveness of the top and also what actual colour it was . In general , there was a  positive response to the colour , although  Gavin Garden –  never one to toe the party line or indeed to hold back his views  –  though that the top was awful. Well , his actual comments were more explicit than that and are certainly not for publication , but thanks Gavin –  your views are noted.

As regards the colour , the popular choices seemed to be orange , tangerine or old gold and in order to test the views of the Mayfield faithful , your reporter carried out a straw poll amongst the crowd at half time.

Old gold was understandably favoured by the traditionalists.

There was general opposition to the word  “orange” as it was feared that there were connotations with this word ie it could be pre-fixed by the world “Loyal”  and  there was no great desire amongst the troops on the touchline and in the stand to see the Dundee team marched onto the pitch by a flute band  with “The Sash” being belted out on the PA system.

The proposal that the strip was tangerine also provoked seriously strong reactions.

Those misguided enough to be of a Dens Park persuasion were not keen at all on this idea, with Gary Stewart , father of hooker Cammie , declaring the views of many that  he never could and never would support an team in tangerine .

Conversely the Arabs in the Mayfield crowd thought that Dundee High Rugby playing in tangerine was a jolly splendid idea as it would give them the opportunity to watch a team in tangerine that were entertaining to watch , as opposed to the turgid fare being served up by the lot currently wearing tangerine at Tannadice.

Overall, the support for each colour was roughly the same, so your reporter took the responsibility of making the casting vote.

As a long standing Arab , there was a no brainer.

And the winner is…………………… TANGERINE .

So, for the rest of the season , in your reporter’s match report, the change strip will be referred to as tangerine.

One supporter pointed out that regardless whether it was called orange , tangerine or old gold , the top clashed with the red and blue socks. The supporter was female. Not gender neutral. Female.

Whilst this may be a valid point , it was unlikely that this was uppermost in coach Sangster’s thoughts as he addressed his team at half time. The message was –  get the ball, keep it , get some rhythm going and cut down on the penalties.

Unfortunately, the second half started in the same manner as the first half –  Selkirk securing the ball and retaining possession. A couple of quickfire penalties to Selkirk confirmed the fear that the second half would be more of the same and from one of these penalties , fly half Banks scored to put Selkirk back in the lead. 20-19 to Selkirk.

Following this score , Dundee at last got some rhythm going –  the tangerine machine eventually clicking into gear –  and following strong forward play , number 8 Ally Mackie barged over near the touchline.

Fraser made a great conversion. 26-20 to Dundee.

The game then continued in the familiar pattern  –  Selkirk retaining possession , being very comfortable in possession , but strong Dundee defence keeping them out. Worryingly , Dundee continued to give away penalties.

However , there were occasional flashes of the high tempo running rugby that Dundee can play and one of these patches of play took Dundee into the Selkirk 22 . The ball came out along the backs and Fraser , displaying a keen rugby brain as well as excellent football skills , smashed over  a drop goal.

29-20 Dundee.

As the match entered the last 10 minutes, the hope was that Dundee could hold on against constant Selkirk pressure. Another penalty was conceded and this time Paddy Hamilton was shown a yellow card by the referee.

Selkirk kept up the pressure , and after moving the ball along the line , winger Wagman scored in the corner.

The conversion was missed. 29-25 Dundee.

Stress levels and blood pressure levels were now rising amongst the Dundee support as Selkirk were continuing to dominate and looking dangerous each time they had the ball . The Mayfield supporters fears were justified as in the last minute some tired tackling allowed replacement Anderson to score a try which was converted to put Selkirk 32-29 ahead.

As the game entered stoppage time , Dundee forced play into the Selkirk 22 and following frantic pressure , Selkirk encroached offside and a penalty was awarded to Dundee in front of the posts.

Decision time !!!!!!

Take the points and claim an honourable draw  –  Fraser could have kicked it with his flip-flops on –  or go for glory , take a scrum , and back yourself to go for a winning score.

This is a Dundee team with self-belief so it was not a huge surprise that the team went for the win and opted for a scrum.

Fortune favours the brave ?

Well , not this time as a knock on meant no score , end of match and a Selkirk victory.



Overall , naturally a disappointing result. The players were keen to win all the matches at Mayfield this season and this aspiration has been scuppered after only 2 matches.

Although never hitting the heights that they are capable of , Dundee had chances to win this match and as coach Sangster said , they should not have lost from a position of being 9 points up with 5 minutes to play.

However , from an unbiased perspective –  not mine  , as I am unashamedly and proudly  biased and as long as I prepare these match reports I will adhere to my journalistic principles of being biased –  Selkirk had far more possession , played an attractive style of rugby , took their chances and probably deserved their win.

Another high penalty count did not help Dundee and there is no doubt that this continues to frustrate Colin Sangster  .

It should be noted that the Dundee Titans had a convincing victory over Selkirk and with good numbers at training , it will make for interesting team selections for the matches v Kelso (1st XV) and Boroughmuir (Titans) next weekend.

TFI Friday 15th September 2017

TFI Friday 15th September 2017

The guess the wine competition last week was won by an overseas member from our Danish supportersclub and as tradition demands she will supply this week’s offering which I suspect will be memorable!

News update to save some Euros our winner has returned to Copenhagen. No fears wine will be

Pictured above is the official Danish Supporters Club

The bar successfully opened almost on time last week and therefore the target time this week
stays at 5.32pm. FREE nibbles remain an attraction strewn along the bar for your delectation. Not lost a
customer yet so here’s hoping!😊

Rugby 😊 Last Sat the guys came close at Gala (who couldn’t raise a seconds!!) due to a great second half.
This young squad are getting better and better and with a couple of tough training sessions under their
belt this week will be a really good team!

This week we have Selkirk visiting Mayfield with both teams in action. All the best to our coaches and players.

Dundee Rugby (S1-U18) continue to improve in their Tier 3 conference. Good update in Saturday’s
match program. The High flying Eagles (P1-P7) also continue to flourish! Volunteers are always welcome
to both junior sections and of course in the senior club!

Hopalong Cassidy actor William Boyd died this week 1972. Hoppy as we knew him was one of our first
celebrity supporters, winning the three legged race at the school sports day. Not so good in the egg and

In 1890 ten years after the Rugby club was formed, Agatha Christie was born. She never became
involved with the club but might have been useful on the PR side.

Image result for gandhi cartoon

1932 Ghandi started his fast but by 8.30 needed a carrot badgi. Ghanders was never really good at
Rugby but could keep a lunch club enthralled for hours!

Mayflower set sail for the New world in 1620 leading ultimately to Donald Trump! So that didn’t end

A new competition to get celebrity endorsements for the Rugby Club has been launched with a very
prestigious prize for the winning introducer. You will need the celebs permission for us to use their names.,…or at least a sort of permission! Nigela has almost offered to bake cakes for Dundee Rugby and
the Eagles becoming one of our first celebs. Her puddings are legendary!

Hope you have a great Rugby weekend.

Celebrity Fan for the Crown?

In any case we should have a Celebrity Fan, lets start the campaign. Who should we approach, this author is a massive fan of Nigella Lawson, and I think she’s achievable?

August Lotto Winners

Here are August’s lucky winners, featuring

Kimbo Slice, Crazy Mason and a deranged dentist…… All clubhouse favourites, so we’re especially happy with this result. Also no committee members won, they must have been on their Holidays during August?


£100    –    K Barclay

£50     –    D Mason

A young David Ogilvie?

£30     –    D Ogilvie


The lotto runs every month, So if you fancy an extra hundie in your hippie why not give it a shot? Visit the lotto page here for details on how to enter

TFI Friday 8th September 2017

Tfi Friday is on as usual with an estimated bar opening time of 5.32pm.  Wine this Friday comes from south facing slopes of the Hulltoon courtesy of a local resident. free nibbles will also feature.
Rugby. So why don’t you go where everybody knows your name!?

Only one team is away to Gala by bus thanks to a Thursday night call off from GALA “A” best of luck guys from your supporters in Spain.

Heres some action from the last time Dundee faced Gala at Netherdale, where we went down 17-16. Lets hope for a better result this time.

Big Lew enjoying a “successful” night

Successful Saturday last week as the firsts opened their account in National 1 with a comprehensive 33-0  5 try win V Falkirk , Unfortunately the Titans were squeezed out by Biggar 27-28 thanks to missing a last kick conversion that would have won the game. All 4 sides then enjoyed a player led BBQ followed by a social event in the clubbie that was a great success both financially  and for engendering a great club feel More please ‘ED’


Dundee Rugby have multiple fixtures against Gordonstoun at Morgan for the stay at home supporters. Kick off start at 11 am onwards.
Hope you have a great Rugby weekend.
Gerry Tosh

Beer Pong Round Up

New Season and New Social Calendar!

Ronan at last night’s event

This year we have a new social sec, the sultan of skite, the master of disaster and the sergeant of sesh, our own little Marcus Rojo.

The festivities started with the age old tradition of debutants lungs, for Hammy and the Fairweather twins (now old enough to have a drink). This was to have a profound effect on young Ryan later on in the evening.

Hard to explain

Then onto our beach themed beer pong championship. It’s fair to say that this was a bit more like Arbroath Beach than Miami, but hey you can’t have it all.

An array of hopeful challengers stepped up to the ochey, in teams of two, facing off for the right to compete in the final, for the coveted inaugural beer pong trophy.

The Championship table, no health and safety concerns here………

The 30 enthusiastic competitors whittled down to two teams who fought out a grueling final match.

Monsieur Clarkson communicating with his fellow competitors


Redmayne unable to participate in the afternoon, but full of vigor in the evening.

Christy & Shaun, (Team Snape &  Weasley), faced

Geo & Tony (The Brains Trust) in a full cup final. This went down to the final cup each with Snape & Weasley emerging victorious.


Remember Tony & Geo, L is for Love

The winners with their trophy

Here’s more snaps from the championship.



Match Report Dundee HSFP v Falkirk , Mayfield , 2nd September 2017

Glorious sunshine over Mayfield greeted supporters turning up for the first match of season 2017/18, with pitch looking in super condition. Huge credit to Dave Connor and his groundstaff for this.
A quick glance at the Dundee team in the programme revealed the usual close season player turnovers, with stalwarts such as Andy Dymock and Ewan Fox moving to Division 1 clubs , whereas Jonny Gibson , Jack Anderson and Blair Cochrane had left Dundee after completing their University courses. In addition, new captain Duncan Leese had injured his shoulder and was out for the first 2 months of the season.

New faces in the Dundee starting line-up included Evan Fairweather and James Forrester from Perthshire, Campbell Cunningham from Grangemouth , Andrew Hamilton from Falkirk and Rory McGinn , straight out of school and about to start at Dundee University wearing the number 10 shirt.

Rory McGinn debuted at 10

In addition, there was a hugely welcome return for centre Neil Herron, back for his first match in almost 2 years, following a serious injury sustained against Marr.
The crowd at Mayfield got 2 games for the price of one , with the Dundee Titans facing Biggar on the bottom pitch. At the start of another season , it is worth noting that the Titans teamsheet once again contained the name Davie Mason , giving it , in his own words “one more season , but this will be the last”. Good on you , Davie – we look forward to watching you again next season.
Dundee entered the match v Falkirk in confident mood – according to Coach Colin Sangster , pre-season had gone well and the players were keen to get to get the season off to a positive start.
The match got under way and the initial stages were fought in midfield, with Falkirk being awarded 3 penalties, a trait that was to continue throughout the match.

Following Dundee’s first period of pressure after 5 minutes, new flanker Campbell Cunningham went down as he attempted to cross the try line in the corner and it was immediately apparent that he had suffered a very serious injury, having broken his left ankle.

The medical and physio staff attended to him, with an ambulance being immediately called for.
The match was held up as Campbell – 5 minutes into his Dundee career – was attended to and he was stretchered off awaiting the arrival of the ambulance.


The match restarted with a penalty to Dundee and a yellow card for Falkirk’s lock Calum McPherson. Dundee – for whom Tony Franco had replaced Campbell Cunningham – opted for a scrum and after driving the Falkirk pack back , number 8 Ally Mackie dived over for a try.

This try was significant as it was the first points scored to be recorded on the new Mayfield electronic scoreboard (a generous and very welcome donation from Charles Sharp , the recently retired bursar at the High School of Dundee and a loyal supporter of Dundee rugby.)

A cheer went round Mayfield as the correct number of 5 points was flashed up on the scoreboard – well done Harvie Findlay , who displayed the techy skills of a 14 year old in operating his new toy.

Fraser McKay converted . 7-0 to Dundee after 10 minutes.
5 minutes later , Dundee doubled their advantage . Neil broke in midfield , Josh and Danny kept possession with Danny’s scoring pass letting Ronan in for a try.

Fraser again converted. 14-0 Dundee after 15 minutes.
Dundee were now beginning to click into gear and went further ahead when Josh and Rory combined to enable Neil Herron to accelerate through a gap and romp in between the posts for a hugely popular try. Welcome back Neil – we have missed you.

Neil Herron dots down

Fraser again converted – 21-0 to Dundee.

As Neil raced towards the post , the Mayfield crowd enjoyed one of those special moments when the First XV and the Titans each score a try at the same time – when Neil was touching down , Bretton Bekker was diving in at the corner for the Titans.

It was noted that the ambulance called for had still not arrived and Campbell was still on a stretcher by the side of the pitch.

For the first time in the match , Falkirk were increasing their possession , partly due to the number of penalties conceded by Dundee which were racking up. The inevitable then happened . Another penalty to Falkirk and this time a yellow card for Dundee , with Broonie being the unfortunate recipient. Off he stomped , obviously nae happy.
Half time approached and still no ambulance , 45 minutes after it was called.

Half time – Dundee 21 Falkirk 0
The word from coach Sangster at half time was to keep the intensity for longer periods ,cut out any errors , time the final pass and cut down on the penalties.
As the second half got under way , the welcome sight of a blue flashing lights and an ambulance heading down Old Craigie Road. It was 4.10pm , one hour after the ambulance had been called.
The word in the clubhouse after the match was that the ambulance service have a priority system where call outs are prioritised with life-threatening injuries first. Granted , this makes sense but while your reporter has no desire to seemingly add to the Scottish Government’s woes in a week when NHS waiting times in Scotland have come under severe criticism , surely it cannot be right that a seriously injured rugby player has to lie on a stretcher for a full hour after calling an ambulance.
Anyway , rant over and back to the rugby.

The first period of the second half was played out in midfield , with Falkirk enjoying their best period in the match. Every so often , Dundee upped the ante and got some high tempo rugby going but “first game of the season” mistakes ie knock ons, dropped passes , crept in.

Dundee then got back on top with Ally Mackie’s forceful runs prominent and following a kick to corner penalty , a secured line out and forward drive , prop James Forrester rumbled over for a debut try and a bonus point.
Fraser missed the conversion – 26-0 to Dundee.

James Forrester forces himself over the whitewash

Young Rory McGinn , after a very accomplished display , was then replaced by Henry Sampson , with Josh moving to 10 , illustrating the selection options that the coaching team have available to them in the midfield area.
A break in play for an injury to a Falkirk player afforded the Mayfield crowd the chance to briefly take in the Titans match on the bottom pitch- the match v Biggar was a close encounter – in time to see Titans number 8 Andy Clarkson display some of the genes of his hugely talented and enviably skilled father by diving over for a try.
Talking about hugely talented and enviably skilled Dundee rugby personnel , the scoring in the Dundee v Falkirk game was rounded off by Man of the Match Danny Levison , with a superb solo try .

MotM Daniel Levison


Danny won the ball at a line out in midfield , burst through the Falkirk lineout , then outpaced the backs to score near the posts.
Fraser converted to make the final score 33-0.
Final Score – Dundee High 33 Falkirk 0.

5 tries , 33 points , a bonus point and a clean sheet all made for a pretty damn good and satisfying afternoon for Dundee High Rugby . And the new scoreboard worked . And the pitch looked great.
However , the coaching staff will point to unforced errors and an exceptionally high penalty count of 17 against as areas to be worked on ahead of next week’s difficult away trip to Gala.
Overall , a very encouraging start although it has to be said that the whole afternoon was over-shadowed by the injury to Campbell Cunningham , sadly just 5 minutes in his Dundee High career. All at Mayfield wish Campbell very best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.