June Lotto Results

The lotto has always been a fair and transparent system, and is to be saluted for as a great fundraiser for the club. 

This month, we see H-Bomb claim top spot, 2nd place wishes to remain anonymous, but has put down his alias and is perhaps one of the finest players Mayfield has ever produced. In 3rd spot is Danny Scott.

Well done to the winners in this honest, totally undodgy lotto!

£100    Sandy Hutchison

El Kegarino takes 2nd Place

£50      El Kegarino

£30      Danny Scott

 PS   Have you all changed your Standing Orders to the new Account?

If you fancy another hundy in your hippie, why not join the Mayfield Lotto.

Oh Captain My Captain

New Season and a new captain at Mayfield. Allow us to introduce you to our new skip.
Name: Duncan Leese
Position: Fly Half, Centre, Utility Back
DOB – 13/05/96
Started playing rugby for High School of Dundee aged 10, before going on to play for the Eagle’s
DR: What does it mean to be club captain and what are your aspirations?
DL:  It is a huge honour and I am incredibly thankful to be given this opportunity to be captain of Dundee. Having been born and bred Dundee I am determined to give back to the club what it has given to me and will therefore, give this role my whole hearted commitment and energy. I hope to lead a team that can inspire rugby throughout Dundee and would love to do this with Dundee playing flowing exciting rugby at the highest level possible – Prem 1. Therefore, my ambition along with the players and all at the club is to get us there playing flowing and attractive rugby. Winning national 1 is a priority.
Yet again, I am delighted to be given the opportunity to lead Dundee and can’t wait for the season to begin.
DR Who is your favourite Dundee Player of All time?
This I find a difficult one to answer but Stuart Barlow must be up there. He was inspirational in teaching me what to do and more importantly, what not to do in life. It is now a sight to see a player of such crown pedigree thriving amongst the world’s best in NZ.

The Gifted Jonesy

Other mentions must go to the cultured left boot of Barry Jones, the leadership of Neil Dymock
and the incredible talent of Andy Dymock highlighted by his lid during his Scotland 7s days

We wish Duncan all the best for the new season and look forward to his leadership on and off the field.

May Lotto Winners

Here are May’s lucky winners

£100      G G Tosh

£50        M Scott

£30        M B Lawson

An absolute mockery of a sham again. Gerry, the club Secretary and Del Boy’s mum! What a shocker. Can we have a live feed to the draw or would that be too similar to Sir Rod Stewart in the Scottish Cup?

 #rodstewart #scottishcup GIF

Let’s get some new participants to break up this cartel!

Remember we’ve changed our bank, so keep up here

Lotto ch-ch-ch changes

We all love bankers, don’t we. They are forever making life that bit easier……..

For reasons known only to the Royal Bank of Scotland, to maintain a cheque facility, it has become necessary to change the Lotto bank account from a Club Savings account to a Club Business account.  The reason given was “new regulations”.  Unfortunately this means that all members Standing Orders will have to use the new account details.  I know it is a real pain-in-the-backside but I hope you will stay with us as this is an important fundraiser for the club, as well as a bit of fun.

To make things as painless as possible we have prepared Amend a Standing Order form  that the Bank assures me is accepted by all banks (this is for £10 per month, so should be changed if you are paying a different amount at the moment).  I have completed sections 2 and 3 that apply to your Standing Order.  You should complete section 1 and sign and date section 4 and then deliver the form to your bank.  The change to a Standing Order can also be done online for members who use this facility.

£10 per month (1)

Both accounts will remain open until the changeover is complete and monthly draws will continue as normal.

The new bank address is  Royal Bank of Scotland, 288 Brook Street, Broughty Ferry, DUNDEE, DD5 2AP

We hope that you get your changes made and this encourages club members not involved to try it out.

So if you fancy an extra hundie in your hippie why not give it a shot.



AGM Review

Well it’s another year done and a new one in the planning.

And the general message from club this year was one of thanks for the previous year to all of the many volunteers that make our club work.


Club President GT, as well as praising our volunteers, was keen to highlight two players retiring through injury Daz Lindsey & Ian Robertson and thank them for their service. Daz goes on to be S&C Coach, Ian hasn’t got a role yet, so we’re thinking club’s communications officer………

Also high on the agenda was acknowledgement of two club stalwarts from the coaching side, who will be stepping aside or onto new pastures, J J Van der Esch and Dougie Gray. Both with over 20 years service and commitment, as players, coaches and committee, we owe them a huge debt of gratitude and the loss of both (although JJ will still be around!) will be felt keenly by the club.

Gerry was also proud of the Eagles and Dundee rugby’s continued progression (including Dundee Rugby reaching tier 3 status) and thanked all involved including the two conveners Iain Landsburgh and Ben Dunn.

Andy Dymock’s captains report was positive and praised the support from the coaches, players, medical staff and volunteers. As well as this he felt that the introduction of youth to the side this year was a key aspect of our success on the field and something that we should be rightly proud of. The future looks bright! Andy said that being captain was a source of great pride, something that he had been building towards and passed on his gratitude for all the support he received in the last year.

Matt Scott reported that the club was in a stronger financial position that it has been in over the last few years. This due to continued efforts of club members and committee with fundraising and the vital support of our sponsors. We can be proud of the efforts in this area and we are in good health. Well done Matt!

One thing that needs to be highlighted is that the Mayfield Lotto has had to set up a new bank account, more to follow on this but we need to ensure that all current enrolled change their standing orders! And what’s more, we could do with a few new members. Get that extra Hundie in your Hippie. This is a crucial initiative which has brought in almost £3K to the club this year! Well done, but lets keep it going.

Minuets of the AGM will be circulated in due course, but the other item highlighted for change is to limit our personal liability by making the club a limited company. This author is an idiot and can’t explain it better, but for any questions speak to your favourite committee member.

The office bearers on the whole remain unchanged, however there are some new introductions. Ben Dunn is Dundee Rugby convener and joins the general committee. Well done Ben.

Lynda McKay becomes the AU Vice Chair. Well done Lynda, that’s our favourite appointment

Phil Godman is appointed 1st XV back’s coach and Clinton Davie takes the Titan’s tiller, with Sangster staying on as 1st XV head coach and forward’s coach.

It is also with great pride that we announce the newest 1st XV captain, Duncan Leese. Duncan is a former pupil and an ever present player. Congratulations Duncan.

Most importantly of all though, a new social convener has been appointed, he is also keen to get involved at committee level. The man to put the party back into the clubby, Mayfield’s new Pary Liaison Ronan “Greenhorn” Joy.

The club was in absolute raptures with this appointment, so in the words of Delia Smith “let’s be ‘avin you”.





Van Wilder Party Liason, DHSFP

The social secretary is a position coveted by many, and performed well by few.

He who controls the social side, controls the mood of the club.

Last year Owen Dyer was about as much use as his adored Arsene Wenger and apparently a plane has been chartered displaying a “crog out” banner to fly over Mayfield during the AGM.

Who will rise from the ashes like a Van Wilder Pheonix from the flames and lead the social calendar back to glory!?

Look no further for a new appointment is on the horizon, working tirelessly in the background (apparently with a great sand guy for a beach party). This club member is hungry for recognition and keen to take on a bigger role at the club and is really looking forward to working in close proximity to Homer.

We should salute this brave young buck. Let’s see who it is at the AGM.


Rugby Club AGM 30th May 2017, Mayfield, 7.30pm

All club members are invited to attend the Rugby Club AGM on Tuesday 30th May 2017 at Mayfield, 7.30pm.

In order to make this a productive meeting, a high attendance is appreciated.

Last year’s meeting brought up some key points like “why are we still selling Belhaven Best?, My friends don’t like it!” . For this and more important issues to be discussed, including the office bearers for the coming season, be there or be square!

For those of you who would like to study the agenda before arrival, please look here AGM Documents

Here’ a review of last time AGM Round Up, A New Pres!

International Tickets Season 2017-2018 – Season Passes Available

International Tickets Season 2017-2018 – Season Passes Available

Season Passes to see all of Scotland’s Autumn Tests at BT Murrayfield and the Six Nations Home Matches against England and France are now available through the club.

The match details are


Scotland v Samoa                             Saturday 11 November 2017       KO TBC

Scotland v New Zealand                Saturday 18 November 2017       KO TBC


Scotland v Australia                         Saturday 25 November 2017       KO TBC

Scotland v England                          Date and KO to be confirmed

Scotland v France                      Date and KO to be confirmed

Season Passes are priced as follows:


Gold Sections                     Adult £310           Under 18 N/A

Silver Sections                   Adult £222           Under 18 £137

Bronze Sections                Adult £155           Under 18 £110


Any member wishing to purchase season passes through the club should contact the Ticket Secretary, Harvie Findlay (harvie.findlay@btinternet.com) no later than 22 May 2017 when payment will also be due. The club receives commission for all season passes sold.

Forms for individual Autumn Tests and for individual Six Nations matches will be issued to members in due course, probably in August 2017.


Coaching Announcements for Season 17/18

Dundee High Rugby Club would like to confirm our commitment to the Titans in light of the departure of coach Doug Gray who leaves the club after 25 years of great service.

Dougie in action for the 1st XV 2003

We wish Doug well. The Club is focused on the future and continuous improvement of the coaching side.

New S&C Coach

In this regard the Club have pleasure in announcing our new S&C coach Darrel Russel for next season.

We are also delighted and proud to announce our new backs coach, Phil Godman. We are sure his 23 caps for Scotland will, along with his widely recognised coaching skills will bring a new dynamic to Dundee this coming season. Dundee High Rugby are widely acknowledged to be among the best organised and structured clubs anywhere and are determined to make it even better. If you would like to be part of this exciting expansion and improvement please get in touch with head coach

Coach Sangster

Colin Sangster rugbydundee727@gmail.com  or

President Tosh

President Gerry Tosh gerry@ppinvest.co.uk