Presidents New Year’s day Party

HOT Breaking news…..Breaking News…..Breaking News…..Breaking News. ITS HOT…….

This year’s RUGBY CLUB New Year’s day party CONFIRMED for Tuesday the 1st of January 2019. Yes confirmed! There will be live traditional music served up by actual musicians! Fowk wi guitars, singers, possibly fiddles and maybe a harp but no trumpets. Deffo one ‘o these drum things. Bring yer own moothie! So come along and join in with Babs (local folk superstar and recording artist aka Barbara Dymock) and a band of several well-known artistes from the local folk scene. There will as usual be some hot food but your normal expensive contributions will be welcome. Please no Golden Eagle this year as it took 3 weeks to get rid of the feathers last time! Bring a sharing offering to the music gods. There will as usual be a FREE drink to welcome the New Year and feel free to first foot the Rugby Club from 1.30pm. All members, players, supporters and friends of the Crown are invited especially our two junior sections the HIGH flying Eagles and Dundee Rugby Juniors. In fact if you have ever seen a rugby game (or not) you are welcome.  Timings are as usual 1.30pm onwards. Please come along and help us welcome in the New Year at the Presidents New Year’s Day party. If you have one, bring a friend! Or even a few chums!  Look forward to welcoming you to family friendly Mayfield.

Gerry Tosh

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