gbrUnited Kingdom
Current Team
Dundee Valkyries
Past Teams
Dundee Valkyries, Howe of Fife, The Community School of Auchterarder, University of Dundee Women’s Rugby Club

Coaching Profile

Name: Catherine Stokes

Playing History:

I played U18s for TCSoA, then went on and played senior rugby for about 5 years for the University of Dundee, Howe of Fife then Dundee Valkyries before retiring in 2020.

Coaching Experience:

I coached Dundee Rugby Girls team for about 2.5 years whilst at university and started coaching Dundee Valkyries about 1 year ago.

What do you enjoy about coaching:

It’s so rewarding to see our players grow and develop especially with the successes we have had so far this season. It’s also amazing to be involved with a team with so many brand new to the sport and see so many women fall in love with the game.

Why should people come and get involved at Dundee Rugby:

The Valkyries are the most inclusive and positive team I have been involved with. Everyone is there for each other and players are welcome and catered for no matter what they want to get out of rugby.

What ambitions do you have for Dundee Rugby:

I want to see the Valkyries 1XV promoted into the national league this year and eventually work their way up to prem, and the 2XV to continue to grow and start working their way up the leagues.