gbrUnited Kingdom
Current Team
Dundee Valkyries
Past Teams
Dundee Eagles, Dundee Morgan, Whitfield High School

Coaching Profile

Name: Gary Mathieson

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Email Address:

Playing History:

I only played for Whitfield High School 1st year – 6th Year. I was selected for North and Midlands but couldn’t attend due to illness then went back to play football.

Coaching Experience:

I coached at Dundee Eagles for 10 / 11 years then moved up to coach Dundee Morgan for 2 years then onto the ladies where I have been for the past 2 years.

What do you enjoy about coaching:

I enjoy developing players and continually trying to keep progressing the players and our style of play to the next level.

Why should people come and get involved at Dundee Rugby:

People should come and get involved as we have built a great environment where everyone is made to feel welcome they are looked after and can develop at their own pace.

What ambitions do you have for Dundee Rugby:

My ambitions are that D.R. become an integral part of the community in Dundee and we become a super 6 or 8 club with the ladies in the premiership with a successful junior and youth section constantly developing players to feed into the senior teams.