TFI Friday 12th Dec 2014

Last week’s TFI Tenerife™ did have FREE nibbles® but were restricted to olives and tapas on the beach at Costa Adeje next to the Palace. The wine was correctly guessed by a Senor Toshito but as he had chosen the wine he was banned from winning the prize. It was a pretentious white a bit like himself said Neebs! No sign of Dod btw! But loads of TFI regulars did make the trip.

This TFI Friday™ will not be so warm perhaps as the 20+ deg and it will be pitch dark outside with no para gliders or sky divers to watch. But there will be FREE nibbles® on the bar. Dod will ensure the bar opens about 5.06» for your planning purposes. I have no idea who is doing the guess the wine© this week but it will be great anyway.

Rugby. We entertain Jed-Forest here with a 2pm KO and also the Titans look forward to Currie at home (is that like a take away?) ( No…ridiculous. ED) The Eagles U16’s have a cup semi-final with a 2pm KO at Mayfield on Sunday.

In the news. Winter arrives with an unexpected bang so that’s ok then….it is mid-Dec BTW! The SA judiciary again in the spotlight with another acquittal in a high profile case. Not a great place for WAGS apparently!

This week in history. Buffalo Bill Cody in 1872 made his first stage appearance not including the Deadwood one of course. In 1904 Buffalo Bill visited Dundee but never joined the rugby club. He brought more than 200 horses and 100 Indians with him. The pitch at Dalnacraig never really recovered but the roses in nearby Nesbitt St are a testimony to the event said eye witness and local rose expert J.C.Scott.

King Edward 8th resigned 1936 after ruling for 1 year. He found it impossible to continue without the woman he loved bla de bla yadda yadda etc. Eddy get over it! Its not all about you!!! (It was then though ED)

Hope you have a great rugby weekend.

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