TFI Friday™ 14th Oct 2016

TFI Friday™ 14th Oct 2016

Last week’s winner of the “guess the wine competition©” was a whisky sauce expert from the Ferry (you may Ken him?) and will no doubt provide a complex wine for this week’s offering. Yes the weeks fairly fly by in between TFI Fridays™.

Ken McKay, Pub Landlord
Ken McKay, Pub Landlord

This week a new time for opening will be 5.31pm» as Neebs is getting the hang of things!

The Ladies Lunch® is on Sat so please make sure you get your nails done, your hair done, lippy and make up and remember to floss, because the ladies most certainly will. Please make an effort. It’s only fair!
Rugby. Last week’s defeat at the hands of Jed-Forrest was difficult to take and this week’s visit by Musselburgh will be another test in light of continued injuries. Titans are also at home to Musselburgh. Good luck guys!


Social things at the Club. Too many to list but look out for the Vinyl night announcement soon! Halloween always a blast with loads of frightening sights!
This day in history. The Boer war begins in 1889 only 9 years after the Rugby Club formed and as a result Clinton missed a few games and the Club saved a fortune in tape. In 1792 the cornerstone of the White House was laid and scarily might soon be known as the Trump House! (Keep out of politics ED) He will build the wall and they will pay for it. (I have told you once! ED) In 1912 more presidential news as Theo Roosevelt who was a presidential candidate was shot. MMm… (Don’t even think about it! ED)
We royally hope you have a great rugby weekend!
Presidentially yours.
Gerry Tosh

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