TFI™ Friday 17th and 24th Nov

TFI™ Friday 17th and 24th Nov

The next TFI™ Friday will be the 1st Dec prior to our home game v Cartha on 2nd Dec. This due to selfishness of globetrotting volunteers. We cant name them for legal reasons but lets just call them Len and Kindla J (not their real names!) Other volunteers are also away at this time (Tennis, Golf in Spain and Portugal cited as reasons!!) So the next two TFI ™Fridays are on hold. We encourage our refined guests with equally refined palates to keep up their tasting skills until we meet again. NO FREE nibbles shock for two weeks screams the Courier headlines! Bar NOT to open at 5.30 ish.

RUGBY stuff. Next Sat 18th Nov we host Marr RFC in the Cup here at Mayfield with a 1.30 KO. The Mighty Titans have their next game scheduled as Thursday 30th Nov at Strathmore under lights with a 7pm KO. – Subsequent to this notice we have had to withdraw due to a front row crisis

This week in history. In 1882 only two years after the rugby club was formed one of the Eagles Billy the Kid met an unfortunate end. He never donned the Crown after that. Good kid that Billy.

In 1956 Elvis makes film Love me Tender. (Next Text deleted by Ed) There is much more history to report on but time and space forbids more here until next time.

Plan for the Presidents New Years Party this year on the 1st January starting at 1.30pm. Come and first foot the Rugby Club in the traditional way. Bring a few nibbles to share!

We hope you have an enjoyable Rugby experience this week and next.

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