TFI Friday 19th Dec 2014

What a week that was! Are days passing more quickly than normal? Last week’s TFI Friday© was inconclusive with the nearest guess the wine® just about getting the colour correct. This is not good enough and I would plea for those participating to try harder. There will be wine and cheese Merlot and Cheddar this week. Who will be closest? MMmm. FREE nibbles™ will be on the bar.

The bar (Dod willing) will open at 5.07» this week due to frost on the steps last week. Clubhouse looking very festive and thanks to all Santa’s little helpers. There might (will) even be Xmas mince pies on Friday for some reason.

Rugby. We marched up to the top of the hill and we marched them down again and must do it all again on Feb 7th. Jed-Forrest game at St. Andrews cancelled at the last minute. This week we visit top of the table Selkirk and that won’t be easy KO 3pm! No game for the Titans. The Mighty Eagles U16’s lifted the Midlands U16 Cup last Sunday moving now into the National Cup. Well done the guys. Great game!

In the news Sony cancel “the Interview” as it wasn’t very funny according to Kim (big) Dong Eel the uncle less North Korean leader. Actually he has a point I saw the trailer! Club would like to make clear that we didn’t cancel last week’s game for any politically motivated reason.

Cuba to get loads of MacDonald’s Restaurants after 50 years of bliss. Obesity set to rise! Diabetes alert! Young people made to wear funny looking hats.

Top financial tip this week. Don’t buy Roubles….unless you are going to Russia of course. Dimitriov on the corner of Lenin Square…..just say Toshcoff sent you!!!

If you use shopping as a reason for missing the Xmas TFI you will face a punishment.

Have a great weekend.

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