TFI Friday™ 19th Jan 2018

TFI Friday™ 19th Jan 2018

Another cold week has seemingly zipped past seamlessly. Snow, frost and icy conditions effect the whole country apart from Dundee (Broughty Ferry actually!) would appear to have missed the worst of it. I can confirm my grapes growth has slowed this last week. Orchids are fine and got the grass cut. Why are we talking about the weather you well may ask? The reason is I don’t have to recall the 2nd half of the Kelso game!

TFI™ this week will feature its usual features plus the new feature that of a quiz! It proved very popular and will feature again (again ED?) this week. The wine to be tasted© this week is still to be sourced but will be a belter under the new rules of engagement. FREE nibblesJ will be outstanding and the bar will open at 5.34pm. Traffic at Loch Earn……. Don’t ask!

RUGBY. This week our Sat visit to unbeaten Edinburgh Accies (who have won all their games), on paper should be the most difficult of the season. BUT after last weeks surprise performance it would be great to get something from this game and we may well get a better performance. Lets hope so. The Titans have a scheduled game at Biggar and both games KO at 2pm weather permitting. Summer Rugby anyone?

The British and Irish Cup reunion went well with dancing karaoke and games in the Clubhouse. Just another Sat night actually! Roll on the next anniversary. Good times.

Souper Sat in the Clubhouse is scheduled for Sat 17th March and is filling up nicely due in part because of the low £20 price tag for a 3 course meal a glass of wine and 3 International Rugby games to behold on the award winning multi screen experience. Book very soon for the usual reasons!

This week in history. In 1950 the Brinks robbery took place in Boston. It the biggest in USA history and for 6 years was a bit of a mystery and almost the perfect crime. There is no clear connection between the robbery and the new development at Howe of Fife. In 1778 the headlines were Cook discovers Hawaii. What was it called before that?

Hope we all have a good Rugby weekend.

Gerry Tosh

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