TFI Friday™ 20th Oct 2017

TFI Friday™ 20th Oct 2017

Last Friday the 13th (fright night) went off relatively peacefully….which is good. The only real fright was for a B/Ferry property magnate (Senor T) being conned into winning the world famous guess the wine competition© by selecting his favourite grape a subtle Pinot Noir which was cold. Sorry it was Chilly oops Chile another homophone! The return of the Chillie (another one!)

bacon slices were a welcome addition to our gastronomy and counts towards the FREE nibbles quotient. So this week we do it all over again! Bar opens at 5.32pm FREE nibbles of a Michelin nature, no that doesn’t mean they taste like rubber, will be there for your pleasure.

Rugby last week saw us winning against Stew Mel scoring over 60 points and the consensus in the Club afterwards was winning is much better than not winning. The Titans gave away too many points in the first 30 mins but came back strong in the 2nd half. This week we are all on the road.


Titans go the distance to Hawick which is near Yorkshire and the 1sts travel to Jed who won at Aberdeen last Sat. Both these games KO at 3pm so all the best guys!

Caley Reds v The South game is at Stirling RFC ground on Tuesday 7th Nov KO 7.30. There is a carvery meal at 6pm prior to the game priced at only £20 which includes entry to the game. All proceeds are going to the Doddie Weir Trust. Please support this. Contact for details.

This week in history. Alaska is only 13 years older than the Rugby Club being formally taken over by the USA in 1867. Donald Trump said he would have taken it over much earlier as it is a really nice place and that Obama made a mess of it.

Trump added he would have done “something about the cold as well as its cold up there really cold believe me”.

In 1947 anybody that shared their sandwiches was a “commy” the Red witch hunt began. It was a rather turbulent time with careers ruined and a real anti Russian feeling permeated politics and the film industry in particular. The Russians had nothing to do with it said the Donald and he insisted that he had no involvement with any of the Russian Banks he had loans from. Trump Towers Moscow is fake news….but coming on really well!

Lets hope we have a great Rugby weekend.

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