TFI Friday® 24th Oct 2014

No clear winner in last week’s “guess the wine”© and the treasured prize nearly went to a resident of Nesbitt St but…a committee of experts decided that “red” was not a good enough answer! Bit worrying he was adjudged nearest in the first place! Better luck next time “Mij.” FREE nibbles™ will again be in evidence on the bar which will open at approximately 5.06. We are confident Dod’s will, will see to that. Will this week’s TFI Friday be the best dressed ever?

Rugby. Last weekend at Peebles did not go to plan is a bit if an understatement. Though the report card saying “could try harder” might be a bit harsh. Not a great day at the office and we have to get back to form quickly to get a result against Watsons this week. Selkirk 2’s also visit to play the Titans who won at Mussleburgh last Sat. Both KO at 3pm for the last time this year! NB Clocks go back on Sunday!

Diary check. Players Halloween party Sat Nov 1st usually very scary but an extra hour in bed should help. St Andrews Tapas night Friday 21st Nov. Xmas Lunch 13th Dec. Presidents new year’s day Party changed to 1st Jan. Burns Night 30th Jan. Ladies Lunch 31st Jan. Leprechaun Lunch in Edinburgh Sat 21st March featuring Nigel Carr the famous Ireland internationalist. The equally Famous International Carvery Lunch is 14th March prior to England v Scotland in a re-run of the referendum.

This week in history 1945 the UN was established. Well that worked well then!

In the news this week. US decide to even up the fight and drop some arms to help IS in Syria. Oscar with the Oscar avoids speculation of community service and will definitely be in prison for almost a whole year. IRB take 7’s away from inventors of the shortened game. Personally gutted! Ah well every cloud etc.

English Doctors to get £55 to diagnose dementia, £30 for spotting a missing limb £20 for Blindness (Labradors/white stick clues allowed) and £10 for a daft politician. Even BMA a bit stunned!

Hope you have a great rugby weekend.

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