TFI Friday 2nd Sept 2016

TFI Friday 2nd Sept 2016

An excellent turnout last Friday for TFI Friday© with two Canadians a load o’ locals a plethora of players and a “burd fae” Argentina! There was a bit of a stooshie over the eventual winner of the “Guess the wine competition™” but Neebs of budgie smuggling  and dodgy moustache fame begrudgingly accepted the prize and the plaudits as this week’s champion.

Rab Pullar (Right) Unlucky to miss out having correctly named both the wine and the cheese

Rab Pullar (why do they call you that??) your time will come again! All puns intended! The wine was from Puglia Italy and the cheese a mature Gouda (Holland) and a nutty Compte from France despite the Burkini ban. There was also a 20 year old  Grand Cru St-Estephe to be tasted which was very drinkable! What surprise of a vinicultural variety will there be this week? Come along and see! All contributions gratefully accepted. TFI Friday™ is an institution like the Bank of England, the UN or Stovies. You can’t ban an institution!

The best nibble on offer, best described by a TFIer as "Scottish Poppadoms"
The best nibble on offer, best described by a TFIer
as “Scottish Poppadoms”

This week the FREE nibbles® will be just as good or even better and scattered about the bar in gay abandon. (“scattered ad hoc” for the benefit of Neebs!) The new opening time of 5.31pmproved very popular and will be repeated this week again.

There is a FREE for all cleaning group this Sunday at 1pm at the Clubhouse and you are very welcome to mop, brush, hoover and wipe with fellow vols! Auntie Lynda is in charge!

Rugby. Last Sat Cup game at RHC Cougars 12-71 Dundee High Rugby shows we are in a good place on the playing side with about 8 or so players still to come back from injury or holiday. This week the Club takes the road to Hamilton for our first league game. All support will be appreciated by the players. KO is 3pm. The Titans travel to Aberdeenshire for their first outing. All the best to all our players and coaches.

Events. Sportsman’s dinner is 14th Sept. Ladies Lunch is 15th Oct. The famed Xmas lunch is 10th Dec on the day Hamilton visit. Get booking through your favourite channels.

Jack The Reavley, oops Ripper
Jack The Reavley, oops Ripper

This week in history. Jack the Ripper claimed his first victim in 1888 just 8 years after the rugby club was inaugurated.  The game that day was poorly attended and a regular player was missing! No names of course but a local Bobby was seen in Nesbitt St asking questions! Just sayin’! This day in 1939 Britain and France declare war on Germany. France was quite keen on us in these days before Brexit, Calais and Burkinis!


In 1886 the last American Indian surrendered after only 6 years of the rugby club. Geronimo a promising open side never played again for us said then President JC Scott, “he was a real loss to my game”. Adding his sub remains unpaid from that season. Matt still has this as an agenda item!

Hope you have a great rugby weekend.

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