TFI™ Friday 8th Dec 2017

TFI™ Friday 8th Dec 2017

Last Friday although almost a year ago was great fun. The guess the wine competition© was a decent Rioja and once warmed up a bit (breathed) was an excellent choice. Somebody got it correct with only 5/6 guesses! I cant remember who but anyway this weeks will be a belter. FREE nibbles were fantastic with a home-cooked ham cut into cubes of loveliness by a Broughty Ferry Property magnate. Nice!

This week some more surprises of a culinary bent. Bar opens at 5.32pm.

Rugby saw us beat Cartha QP convincingly without a few key players. Great to see the return of captain Duncan Leese. The Titans didn’t quite make it against a stuffy Marr side.

This week we travel to Falkirk and the Titans to Biggar. It would be ideal to bring back all available points to Dundee to Dundee as the famous song goes. We will let you know! All the best lads.

Well done to Angus Fraser who won the McPhaill Scholarship to SA. We will be watching your progress.

Presidents New Years Day party to get its furthest ever first foot as Shannan (AKA Leopard) Wilson arrives from New Zealand on a kangaroo sleigh. He is to be our guest of honour. Bar open from 1.30 so come and say G’Day and happy new year to Shannon’s family and your chums. Bring a few nibbles with you to share!

This day in history. In 1871 nine years before the rugby club was formed Wild Bill Hickock was born. Of course he wasn’t wild then but when he arrived in Dundee he went totally mental. He was one of the original Eagles but was banned for use of a horse at Mayfield. Dogs are discouraged but horses……. A whole new level of disruption. Mind Jim Scott’s roses never looked better!

In 1941 the Mayor of Pearl Harbour was quotes as saying, “ oh dear what on earth was that” or something similar. In 1916 David Lloyd George became Prime Minister before retiring to Monifeith and his tennis centre.


Hope you enjoy a great Rugby weekend.

Gerry Tosh

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