The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

Dundee hit the road to face Selkirk at Philiphaugh on a pleasant winters morning. The result didn’t go to plan with both sides going down to the home sides, in two highly competitive matches.

But not to be denied a good time, Dundee spread their Xmas Cheer throughout the Borders and the capital, before more merriment in the city of discovery.

9 Former Eagles represented the club this weekend, with young Angus Fraser making his run on debut, at the unfamiliar position of open side flanker.

Angus came away with Dundee’s man of the match, after an outstanding performance. But due to his tender age, he had to pass on the award of a pint of beer, to George Arnott (Santa’s little Helper) to finish off.

George continued to celebrate in Angus’ stead, well into the early hours.

Dundee Titan’s MoM was Cabbie, who nailed his beer, in a similar fashion to how opposing attackers were dealt with.

Sainsburys visit

After some questionable experiences lately on the infamous “Skite Bus” a mini tour of the grass market was embarked upon after a quick stop at Sainsbury’s local in Selkirk. H.Simpson put his foot down, after taking a cream puff about a potential visit to Asda Galashields.

The small kerry oot, sustained Santa and his many elfs and one Shepherd/Arab Shaikh until they arrived in the Grass market for a few festive libations.

Captain Burt kicking off the initiations

Initiations took place, to introduce the young eagles into the heard of buffalo. Some ran well with the heard and others were trampled underfoot. A well performed version of living on a prayer, helped a straggler get back into the pack.

Arrival in the Grass Market

The team managers attempt to get Santa and his Elves into the first few public houses fell on deaf ears. Then again, it is difficult to understand someone who tries to put together a sentence without any vowels.

Unperturbed by a series of bouncer knock backs, the players found themselves in familiar territory of the  3 Sisters.

A local pictured enjoying Dundee’s festive cheer. (Where is Yousif’s hand?)

A few locals sat on Santa’s knee, and talked about the first thing that came up and all the late night revelers were captivated by Dundee’s festive cheer. All, except Miss Tennessee, who was most upset at the Earlston courting technique.

Marshall discussing the administration of the King’s credit card

The king very generously offered to buy a round of drinks for everyone, which was even more kindly administrated by one Marshall MacLeod.

Such was the draw of the festive cheer, that Dougie McGovern & Rab the Crab couldn’t resist a trip back to Dundee. Like a seventieth minute substitute, they brought a fresh injection of pace to the proceedings, which was all too much for some of the young calves.

George with one of his many fans

A Fijian olympian was similarly impressed that Dundee were in town. Like a moth to a flame, he came all the way to the three sisters, to get his picture taken with the one and only George Arnott.

All too soon was the Edinburgh adventure brought to a close.

A fair well to the capital city

Back onto the bus, which was described by an irritated bufty “This place reminds me of Santa’s Workshop! Except it smells like mushrooms and everyone looks like they want to hurt me.” The bufty wished to remain anonymous, Brian Helmore. Miraculously no one was left behind this time!

Back on the bus

Of course no, Christmas night is complete without  some clubhouse wrestling. A few interesting tactics were employed during the festive bouts. Marshall did his best to put off the fantastic Mr Fox, by wrestling the way nature intended. This seemed to be a popular tactic and will no doubt not be the last time this will be implemented at Mayfield.

The awards for the evening:

Best costume: The Xmas present, Danny McG

Wost costume: The boxing day bin bag, Shaun

Angriest Elf: The Cube

D*ck of the Day: Dougie Gray, no cube Douglas, we had to listen to Broonie rap again!

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