The Big Player’s BBQ

The players have been training hard and shedding pounds in preparation for the new season. We don’t know when big Nicola will give us the green light for the season, but after all that hard work they need to let their hair down.

This see’s an extension on the times the bar will be open this Saturday from 3pm – 8pm, that’s an extra two hours. Imagine what you can do in two extra hours, so much time for activities!


There is an Ibiza/Hawaiian beach themed fancy dress and Addie has even arranged to cook some burgers. Get your ticket for an Ayrton Senna (tenner/£10) via this link below on Eventbright.

Click this Bit for Tickets, Right Here, Go on Click it

We can’t wait, imagine a budget Ocean Beach club with Gav Garden…… What a treat.

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