The Last Supper

Ok, it wasn’t the last supper, but it was the last training session before Chrimbo.

And we took part in a loser’s sport, that’s right we played soccer ball.

The few faithful squad members made the pilgrimage to soccerworld Dundee. A move that would have the likes of David Leslie, Dallas Allardyce and Sandy Hutch incandescent. But, all things considered, it was actually good fun.

George Arnott, Kev Franco & Clinton Davie should never be allowed on a football pitch again and Ceillem needs to stop the reverse Jacko with one football boot and one trainer, but it was a run around.

Special mention to #sampsonclause who reiterated his desire to quench the thirsty at the first home game next season.


The victors on the night was a side that included Addie Weir, who has been annonymous when it comes to rugby training, but as soon as kiss ball was mentioned; was like a rat up a drain pipe. Shades of Neville Southall too.

Merry Christmas to All.




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