The Revolution WILL be Televised


I know we said it wouldn’t be televised, but it is now!

Everyone is getting a bit fed up of not having rugby and we’re no different.

But what is starting to emerge from the lock down, is one example of how the rugby vision is starting to shape up.

Every Tuesday and Thursday via some flawless use of technology……. Backs coach Andrew “Hammy” Hamilton has been holding virtual training sessions.

These sessions have been well attended by members of all our different factions, Morgan, DHSFP & Dundee Women’s Rugby.


This revolution is available on your telly box and although some wear lycra better than others it has to be said; by far the best sight is the collaboration. Hopefully, this is one small step of Hammy and one giant leap for rugby in Dundee.

It’s all part of a push to keep everyone fit and healthy and ready to resume our sport when conditions allow. Other initiatives include Brown’s Broncos and the great activity track via some gps apps.


When we do resume hopefully there will be one big shindig with all the clubs in one place and a few beverages…. One can dream.

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