Thorntons Solicitors Double Down


Dundee Rugby are delighted to announce the continuation of Thorntons Solicitors as our main sponsor for this year.

Thorntons were keen to double down on their support this year to help preserve our sports club, that shares their own values and to give back to the rugby community.

Thornton’s unwavering support will allow us to keep offering the same opportunities and training schedule that our members have become accustomed to, despite having no competitive rugby in season 20/21.

Without our sponsors we simply wouldn’t be here.

Colin Graham

Thorntons have supported Dundee Rugby for over 20 years and have been integral in our club’s growth in this period. Some of the Thorntons team have even donned the shirt on occasion, including their illustrious current chairman and currently the famous Danny McGinn.


Danny McGinn crosses the whitewash

Thorntons “we do what’s right” has never felt more appropriate.

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